the Modular Construction Market


1.1 Presentation and market definition

The market for modular construction refers to the construction of prefabricated buildings or containers (or modules) directly designed in the factory and assembled at the construction site. Assembly makes it possible to create buildings capable of meeting specific or permanent needs: construction site containers, offices containers but also new forms of housing such as container homes. The modules or containers are generally made of steel, equipped with plumbing, heating and electrical currents. The interior finishes are specified when leaving the production workshop.

Long thought mainly for the construction industry - for the site personnel in particular - modular construction has over time become a credible alternative to the construction of individual housing and offices. The modular construction market is divided into sales and rental activities.

Often, the modular construction enables to meet economic needs, to install buildings on a temporary basis when an edifice is under reconstruction or in rehabilitation, but also when a need for extension of offices or shops appears in the tertiary sector.

The modular construction is, therefore, present in the construction sector, in the public sector (emergency accommodation, sports changing rooms, school premises, etc.), and in the private tertiary sector (offices, shops and kiosks, events, health, etc.)

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