The global real estate diagnostics market has exhibited robust growth, with its value surging from $11.35 billion in 2021 to $12.82 billion in 2022. This upward trend is set to continue, with projections indicating a market size of $14.29 billion in 2023, and further expansion to $17.73 billion by 2025, ultimately reaching $19.75 billion in 2026. Despite the strong presence of multinational companies, the market remains segmented due to various country-specific regulations, a factor that has enabled major French firms to rank highly on a global scale.

However, within the French domestic market, there is a disparity between different types of real estate diagnostics firms: franchises reported a median sales growth of +11% in 2022, outpacing solo practitioners who reported a median growth of +3.5%. The industry also faces challenges, including a shortage of skilled labor, with a need to recruit 10,000 new employees within five years to address the demand for energy-efficient building renovations and to cope with the high turnover rates within the profession. Additionally, regulations require operators to maintain certain standards, including initial and ongoing training, certification, and professional liability insurance, with non-compliance posing legal and financial risks.

Real Estate Diagnostic Market Trends and Analysis in France

The real estate diagnostics market in France has demonstrated a sustained pattern of growth, marked by the ascending trajectory of the domestic sector's performance. In recent years, particularly from 2019 to 2021, this market has seen a significant rise in activity with an annual growth rate between 8 and 9 percent for solo operators, reflective of a vibrant sector. This trend continued into 2022, though at a tempered median growth rate of about 5 percent for all companies, showcasing the resilience and steady expansion of the industry amidst varying economic conditions. The rise in demand for real estate diagnostics in France is attributed to a multitude of factors, one of which is the burgeoning number of firms in the domain. As we step into 2023, the market maintains a strong pulse with between 800 and 850 fresh companies joining the fray since the beginning of the year, despite a slight decline compared to the previous year. This influx of new enterprises brings the total count to between 6,500 and 7,000, contributing to the competitive landscape of this sector.

Moreover, the real estate diagnostics industry is coping with a crucial hurdle - an acute labor shortage. The need to execute energy renovation work and the reform in the Diagnostic Performance Énergétique (DPE) has heightened the demand for qualified professionals. Although there is a weekly completion of around 35,000 energy performance diagnostics, a surge in capacity by about 20 percent is imperative to fulfil the soaring demand. The industry intends to double its workforce within the next half-decade, aspiring to incorporate between 9,000 and 11,000 new employees to alleviate the workforce deficit substantially. In terms of pricing, there is considerable variation aligned with the type and size of the property. For instance, the Lead Exposure Risk Report (CREP) costs between 100 and 250 euros depending on the number of rooms, while other diagnostics like asbestos, gas, and electrical assessments fluctuate similarly.

The real estate diagnostics market in France is predominantly composed of various professional services including asbestos diagnosis, energy audits, lead exposure risk report, and electricity and gas diagnostics. These services are essential components of the Technical Diagnostic File (DDT), which must be provided to potential buyers or tenants, showcasing the intertwined nature of this market with property transactions. The market is not just confined to traditional practices; it is also characterized by an emerging digital dimension. For instance, digital real estate diagnostics software, an essential tool for operators, leads to an efficient.

Leading Companies Shaping the Real Estate Diagnostics Industry

The real estate diagnostics market has continued to evolve and expand, with various companies making a significant impact through their contributions and innovations. Among the noteworthy players, several have earned their spot at the forefront of the industry.

Liciel stands out as the market leader, particularly in the realm of diagnostic software. With a commanding market share that surpasses 50%, it has become the go-to solution for a wide range of real estate professionals in France. The success of Liciel can be attributed to its comprehensive software offerings that streamline the diagnostic process, ensure regulatory compliance, and allow for customizable reports.

Another key player is Analysimmo, holding the second position with 11% market share. Analysimmo has distinguished itself through its robust analytical tools that empower real estate operators to make informed decisions. The company's products focus on providing detailed insights into the property's condition, which is critical for both the operators and their clients.

Windiagnsotics follows closely with an 8% share of the market. What sets Windiagnsotics apart is its commitment to integrating the latest technologies into its diagnostic solutions. As a company that places a premium on innovation, Windiagnsotics has been instrumental in bringing forward-thinking approaches to the fore, such as the incorporation of digital modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) into real estate diagnostics.

The quintet of smaller yet competitive companies that share the remaining 35% of the market each play crucial roles in diversifying and enriching the services available in the sector. These firms collectively contribute to a vibrant market ecosystem, ensuring that there is a solution for every need in real estate diagnostics, ranging from lead exposure risk assessments to energy audits and beyond.

Additionally, Mon Immeuble and Ideal Conseils, although not directly involved in the production of diagnostics software, provide essential support and consultancy services that help to navigate the growing complexities and professional requirements of the real estate diagnostics field.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

Property diagnostics consist of having a technical inspection carried out on your property before it is sold or rented out, the results of which are recorded in the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique (DDT). To achieve this, 9 criteria are assessed: energy performance, risk of exposure to lead, presence or absence of asbestos, condition of gas and electricity installations -if they are more than 15 years old, the risk status, the presence or absence of termites, and exposure to noise from airfields.

There is no real constant across the various world markets, due to the sometimes radically different regulations from one country to another. As far as the French market is concerned, it is a relatively solid one, growing at a rapid rate of +5% in sales per year. It is, however, undergoing fairly rapid and frequent change, due to changes in legislation that determine the core business of real estate diagnostics. It's also a market that's subject to variations in real estate transactions, and to changes in the danger posed by assessed risks. It's a sector characterized by multifaceted demand, and business drivers that are constantly changing in importance.

To carry out diagnoses, operator companies, of which there are many in France, rely on the presence of suppliers of diagnostic equipment, testing laboratories and other service providers.diagnostic equipment, analysis laboratories (particularly for asbestos diagnostics) and certification and training bodies, as this is a highly regulated profession.

It's also a market where demand is often high, and which struggles to meet it due to a shortage of manpower, who in this case have to undergo a lengthy training process.

The sector is also subject to external pressures, such as the rising price of diesel, which has a direct impact on the activity of diagnosticians who use their vehicles to travel from one home to another.

1.2 Global market

Trends in the size of the global property diagnostics market World, ****, in $ billions Source: ****

The global real estate diagnostics market has grown significantly, from $**.** billion in **** to an observed size of $**.** billion in ****. Projections indicate continued expansion, with an expected size reaching $**.** billion in ****, $**.** billion in ****, and an estimated increase to ...

1.3 Domestic market

According to the results of a Diagactu survey, real estate diagnostics firms have seen a median growth of around *% in ****, indicating an overall positive performance. Some **.*% of firms responding recorded an increase in sales compared to ****. Franchises appear to be performing particularly well, with almost **% reporting an increase in sales, reaching ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 How important is property diagnosis to consumers?

Poll: Which of these services offered by real estate experts are among the * most important? France, ****, in Source: ****

Real estate diagnostics, a key player in the real estate sector, is an essential ally for owners and buyers. By offering a reliable estimate of property prices, this service provides much-appreciated transparency, promoting ...

2.2 A market driven by demand for energy-efficient renovation

The energy performance diagnosis business is one of the most important in the real estate diagnostics sector, with the *nd highest number of certifications among experts in the field, behind asbestos diagnosis (***). This activity is benefiting from a boost caused by the law of July *, ****, which makes the DPE enforceable and ...

2.3 A market fueled by the widespread risk of asbestos-related illnesses

The asbestos removal business is one of the most important in the real estate diagnostics sector, with the highest number of certifications among experts in the field (***). This business still seems to be doing well, with sustained demand, as shown in the graph below.

Asbestos removal market France, ****-****, in millions ...

2.4 Other hazards increasingly decisive for demand

The continuing high risk of termite contamination

Termite diagnosis is one of the * mandatory diagnoses to be included in the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique.

Source: ****

Termites are currently present in ** French départements. The worst-affected regions include the South-West, Atlantic and Mediterranean coastal departments, those bordering the Rhône, Garonne and ...

2.5 Business threatened by falling sales of new and existing properties

At the start of ****, despite a positive ****, diagnosticians were expressing reservations about the prospect of a prolonged downturn in the real estate market. A survey designed to assess the impact of the real estate situation on their business revealed that **% of their sales depended on DDT sales and rental assignments. The ...

2.6 Demand cyclicality

Evolution of interest in the "Diagnostic immobilier" search France, April **** - March **** Source: ****

A closer look at the cyclicality of Google search trends for the topic"Diagnostic immobilier" over the past few years highlights distinct seasonal fluctuations and search motives.

During the summer months, specifically July and August, there is a ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Value chain

3.2 A steadily growing business base suffering from a labor shortage

Growth in the number of companies France, **** Source: ****

According to Ideal Conseils data from the Observatoire du Diagnostic Immobilier, *** new structures have emerged since the start of ****. Although these creations have seen a slight drop of *% compared to the same period in ****, the sector maintains significant activity, bringing the total number ...

3.3 Focus on salaries and employment: a dynamic recruitment sector

With a view to stimulating business growth, **.*% of managers of companies specializing in real estate diagnostics express their intention to hire certified technicians over the next six months. This significant percentage underlines the persistent challenges facing the industry, which continues to face a labor shortage. This dynamic trend on the job ...

3.4 Measurement-diagnosis equipment suppliers omnipresent in real estate diagnostics

Real estate diagnosticians rely heavily on suppliers to provide them with the tools, equipment and materials they need to carry out accurate diagnoses that comply with regulatory standards.

The equipment used by diagnosticians, such as measuring devices for energy diagnostics, instruments for electrical and gas diagnostics, and devices for acoustic diagnostics, ...

3.5 Laboratories: trusted partners in a competitive market

Poll: Which laboratory(***) do you use for your real estate diagnostics? France, ****, as % of total Source: ****

According to ananalysis of the survey results, the undisputed market leaders in the analysis of Asbestos Materials and Construction Products (***), followed by Lepbi, SGS and Flashlab, all around *%.

The data also show that **% of respondents ...

3.6 Certification/training bodies

Since April *, ****, and in accordance with the provisions of the Decree of December **, **** establishing the certification criteria for technical diagnostic operators and training organizations, as well as the procedure for the accreditation of certification organizations, training organizations must obtain certification to provide training for diagnosticians in all or part of their ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Offer typology

The French real estate diagnostics market encompasses many different disciplines, practiced or not by the **,*** technicians who often hold several different certifications among those described below.

Distribution of professions among real estate diagnostics experts France, ****, as % of total Source: ****

Asbestos diagnosis

Carried out by a certified professional, this diagnosis aims to ...

4.2 Service pricing

Rates for apartment diagnostics

Source: ****

Rates for home diagnosis

Source: ****

Source: ****

4.3 Rising oil prices weigh on the real estate diagnostics market

Average price per quarter for diesel and unleaded ** in France France, ****Q*-****Q*, € Source: ****

The trend in average diesel prices in France, from ****Q* to ****Q*, has a direct impact on the property diagnostics market in several ways.

Firstly, diagnosticians use diesel-powered vehicles to carry out their diagnostic missions. The ...

4.4 Digital as an ever-increasing opportunity

Operators often need to invest in hardware, including one or more real estate diagnostics software programs. Although the use of software is not compulsory, it offers several advantages for real estate diagnostics operators, including:

Time-saving Compliance with current regulations Customization of reports

Breakdown of the diagnostics software market in France France, ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Operator regulations

To be able to operate, an operator must meet a number of requirements, particularly in terms of:

Training (***) Certification (***) Documentary surveillance (***) Certificate of professional liability insurance (***) to meet legal obligations Independence and impartiality Adequate material resources

If the diagnostician fails to comply with regulations when carrying out the diagnosis (***), the buyer ...

5.2 Legislation for the 9 mandatory diagnostics

Below are the standard criteria for the technical inspection of your property.

Asbestos diagnosis

An asbestos report is required to certify the presence or absence of asbestos in a dwelling built before July ****. Mandatory when selling a property, this diagnosis must be included in the technical diagnosis file given to the ...

5.3 Focus on ECD


Created in ****, the Diagnostic de Performance Energétique (***). It informs buyers and tenants of the "green value", recommends improvements and estimates energy costs. Since ****, the DPE has been reformed in ****, and again on July *, ****, moving from simple information to enforceable status. This overhaul, focused on "housing" DPEs, is part of ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Positioning the players

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  • Trends in the size of the global property diagnostics market
  • Growth in the number of real estate diagnostics companies
  • Breakdown of the diagnostic software market in France
  • Distribution of certifications among the 13,614 real estate diagnostics experts
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Inspection, certification: Apave changes category - 16/03/2023
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  • - Sales growth in 2022: 9%
  • - Percentage of business generated outside France: 24
  • - In two years, 12 acquisitions (€150 million in additional sales and 2,000 experts)
  • - 400 million budget for acquisitions between 2021 and 2025
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  • - Acquisition of a professional training player
  • - Exclusive negotiations with American ABS for its technical inspection activities
  • - Apave workforce in 2022: 13,000 people

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