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The global ship repair and maintenancemarket, estimated at $23.5 billion in 2021, is set to grow at an average annual rate of 6.5% over the decade, reaching $44.3 billion in 2031.

In France, with a significant military component driven by the French Navy, whose operational maintenance budget amounts to some 1.5 billion euros, the ship repair sector is proving resilient despite economic fluctuations.

Demand for ship repair and maintenance services comprises a mix of military vessels, merchant navy ships and pleasure craft, with varying requirements.

Pleasure boat production in France remains robust, with 3,538 sailboats and 9,745 motorboats in 2021, fuelling future repair needs.

Aging fishing fleets are fuelling potential repair demand.

The French ship-repair sector includes the shipbuilders who carry out the major renovation work, and a multitude of small businesses present in the ports, as evidenced by the dominant presence of some 360 companies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Regulations and subsidies shape the market, as EU approval is required for major transactions and French subsidies are available for innovative repair processes. Fincantieri's deal in China underlines the importance of international partnerships and EU state control in the shipbuilding market.

The main shipbuilders operate in both the civil and military segments.

The changing landscape of the French ship repair and maintenance market

The French ship repair and maintenance market is an important segment of the broader shipbuilding industry, with stable growth driven by private and military naval demand.

The French ship repair and maintenance market has seen moderate growth, with a peak in 2020 and a marginal decline in 2021. Early figures for 2022 indicate that the market should continue to grow.

The French navy accounts for a large proportion of this demand, with the military repair segment representing over 90% of the market. France's commitment to increase its national defense budget to around 2% of GDP by 2025 points to accelerating growth in this segment.

The repair and maintenance of civilian vessels, including the merchant marine and pleasure fleets, also contribute to market demand, although they represent a smaller fraction compared to military requirements. Merchant navy fleet numbers are stable, with fluctuations largely due to registrations of foreign-flagged vessels. Service vessels show a downward trend, while figures for France's fishing fleet reflect thousands of boats, many of which are aging and due for replacement in the coming years.

The yachting industry, in particular, has seen a sharp increase in infrastructure for this market. Yacht building has been robust, with a significant percentage of production destined for export.

There is a slight upward trend in the number of ship renovation and maintenance companies

Market rates are not very flexible. The Port of Concarneau, for example, has detailed its pricing structure, with the raising and lowering of ships in dry dock billed according to volume, starting at a minimum of 1.200 per maneuver, with daily dry dock rates adjusted accordingly.

Key players in the ship repair and maintenance market

  • Naval Group: Naval defense and civil ship services giant Naval Group operates in both the civil and military spheres, and is a full-service provider for navies worldwide.
  • Piriou: Piriou is renowned for its flexibility in meeting both civil and military needs. Its services range from the construction of new ships to their repair and modernization.
  • CMN: Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie illustrates the breadth of ship repair capabilities thanks to its rich history in shipbuilding and repair.
  • Damen: Dutch conglomerate Damen is a global player, focusing primarily on the civil marine sector.
  • OCEA: OCEA is a specialist in custom shipbuilding.
  • Monaco Marine France: a player in yacht maintenance and refit for civil and military applications.
  • SOCARENAM: Expertise in a wide range of ship types
  • Compositeworks France stands out for its specialization in the world of marine composite materials and the meticulous art of ship repair and maintenance.
  • Navtis: Maintenance and conversion wholesalers.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Ship repair encompasses all industrial activities involved in repairing a vessel following technical damage or damage caused by an accident (collision, grounding, etc.). The sector also encompasses maintenance activities, which are necessary on boats that have become too worn. This wear and tear is generally natural, due to corrosion, friction with water or the accumulation of molluscs on the hull.

The ship repair and maintenance sector is closely linked to the shipbuilding industry, whose economic activity has seen many ups and downs in recent years. at the end of the 1990s and before the 2008 crisis, orders were at their peak. However, successive crises have taken their toll on the sector. Nevertheless, orders rebounded in 2013, as GICAN explains. This augurs well for future growth in the sector.

In this study, we'll look at ship repair and maintenance, both for private and military vessels, but we'll leave out shipbuilding and other activities - such as equipment and consultancy.

1.2 Repair and maintenance play an important role in the shipbuilding industry

on a global scale, the ship repair and maintenance industry is estimated by future market insights to be a $**.* billion market in ****. This same market is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% over the ****-**** decade, to reach $**.* billion . this activity is part of the larger naval industry family, which ...

1.3 A fairly stable domestic market, driven by the French Navy

It is possible to represent the evolution of sales in the repair and maintenance sector between **** and ****, using data from theINSEE. As we can see from the graph below, sales have been rising slightly since ****, with a more substantial increase in **** (***), before picking up again in ****. The year **** looks set to ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Type of boat

The demand for naval repairs is divided between the defense needs of the French Navy and those of the civilian navy.

Military vessels

There are several categories of vessels owned by the French Navy. Based on data provided by the French Navyit is also possible to count vessels by category.

Combat ...

2.2 Demand that evolves over time

ageing fishing vessels

We can draw on an article from Point to provide some information about the fishing fleet. According to the article, the fleet is "aging". Vessels are ** years old on average, and two-thirds of them will have to be replaced in the coming years.

Source: ****

We are also witnessing ...

2.4 Pleasure boat repair demand and capacity

The profile of private customers

Individuals: yacht repair company customers are mainly retired people, blue-collar workers and individuals with no professional activity.

Socio-professional categories of boat buyers (***) France, % of total Source: ****

Marina facilities and services depend on size and geographical location

In a **** report, Ecologie.gouv provides information on the equipment ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market organization and dynamics

The ship repair market is divided into several segments, according to the end use of the boats.

The market is structured as follows:

The ship repair and maintenance market is not the result of a production process. It is a sector in which there is only one point of contact between ...

3.2 Aspects of ship repair and maintenance

Shipowners choose between different shipyards according to their needs:

If it's an urgent request to deal with damage, the shipowner will be obliged to use a local shipyard. If it's a classic five-yearly technical shutdown in dry dock (***) or the recommissioning or sale of a second-hand vessel, the shipowner's choice of ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Non-construction shipyard departments


If damage occurs to a vessel - collision, fire or grounding - or if wear and tear degrades the quality of the vessel's equipment or envelope, it is necessary to have the damaged parts repaired. Whatever the equipment - hull, belts, engines, pipes or electrical systems - the ship repair ...

4.2 Prices based on boat volume

Prices are often based on the volume of the vessel. This is calculated as follows:

V=L × l × Te

Given :

L, overall length of the vessel l, maximum beam of the vessel Te, maximum draught of the vessel

Knowing that prices vary widely from one port to another, we propose to ...

4.3 Cooperation agreements keep the sector moving

Cooperation agreements between repair facilities

In addition to the partnerships signed between shipowners and shipyards, other cooperation agreements have been signed between repair facilities. Fincantieri, for example, has signed an agreement with Huarun Dadong Dockyard in Shanghai to bring its technical expertise to the cruise ship segment in China. In exchange, ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Current control

In addition to the traditional rules concerning safety at work and respect for the environment, it may be interesting to look at a European rule concerning subsidies for the shipbuilding sector .

In ****, the European Commission validated the French bill to provide subsidies for innovation:

Ship repair yards repairing or refitting self-propelled ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Port de la Rochelle
  • Port de Concarneau
  • Normandie Refit
  • Atlantic Refit Center
  • Damen Shipyard
  • MB92
  • Navtis Groupe
  • Chantier naval de Marseille
  • Piriou
  • Chantier naval de Socoa
  • Vertica
  • Nautilia Groupe

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Breakdown of shipbuilding industry activities
  • European shipbuilding and ship repair market
  • Domestic and export markets - Ship repair and maintenance
  • Number of French-flagged transport vessels by type of use
  • Number of French-flagged service vessels by type of use
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Latest news

Piriou shipyard recruits by "simulation" in Lanester and Concarneau | Recruitment by simulation at Piriou - 13/11/2023
  • Piriou is France's leading player in the naval industry, with 1,400 employees and sales of 290 million euros by 2022.
The Port of La Rochelle aims to make its mark in offshore wind energy - 23/03/2023
  • La Rochelle to host Shipping Days, France's first conventional shipping trade fair
  • Breton maritime stevedore Kuhn, with sales of 165 million euros, operates six of the eight terminals in La Rochelle, and is bidding with Belgian installer Deme for the logistics of the next wind farm project off the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier, in 2024.
  • 90 hectares dedicated to floating wind turbines

Companies quoted in this study

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Port de la Rochelle
Port de Concarneau
Normandie Refit
Atlantic Refit Center
Damen Shipyard
Navtis Groupe
Chantier naval de Marseille
Chantier naval de Socoa
Nautilia Groupe

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