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The global candle market has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a market value of approximately $8.33 billion in 2023 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.7 percent from 2024 to 2030, projected to reach $10.03 billion by 2032. This upward trend is driven by an increased focus on personal wellness, mindfulness practices, and the desire to improve air quality and personalize living spaces to create a welcoming environment. Social media trends have also contributed to the rise in popularity of candles, particularly as symbolic objects of relaxation and decor. The candle industry has adapted to technological advances with innovations such as Candle Touch, which blends historical functionality with modern technology.

In Italy, the market saw an impressive 84.3 percent increase from 2011 to 2022 in production sold, with the trend supported by international trade, where exports grew 49.3 percent, outpacing import growth of 33 percent over the same period. Demand is influenced by therapeutic uses such as aromatherapy, home care, and religious settings, with projected growth of 12.4 percent through 2030. The geographic distribution of demand in Italy is highest in regions such as Basilicata and Veneto.

Evolving trends in the candle market

In the changing landscape of the Italian candle market, there has been significant growth in recent years, supported by multiple demand determinants that shape consumer behavior.

Seasonal peaks in demand are evident, with a particular focus on the winter holidays, as evidenced by Google Trends data indicating a substantial increase in candle-related searches in the November-December period. Beyond seasonal trends, the candle market has surged due to their use in medical, therapeutic, religious, and personal care settings.

The inherently aromatherapy market has been valued at between $2 billion and $2.5 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. Scented candles play a key role in this growth, with demand increasingly linked to the therapeutic and relaxation benefits they offer.

The home care industry is another significant factor, with a global market valued at over $100 billion in 2023 and expected to grow further. Scented candles have found their niche despite the proliferation of electric scenters.

In addition, we see the influence of social media trends propagating candles as elements of wellness and self-care alongside the traditional functions they perform.

Some of the key players studied

  • Lac Waxworks Cereria L.A.C.: founded in 1973, specialized in the production of decorative and ornamental candles. Over the years, the company has made a name for itself not only in the European market, but also overseas in the United States, thanks to its focus on creating hand-decorated artistic candles of unquestionable quality. The company operates in a state-of-the-art facility, capable of satisfying both large retailers and individual customers, with a wide range of prestigious products subjected to rigorous quality control.
  • Cereria Ronca: With roots dating back to 1855, Cereria Ronca's heritage is deeply intertwined with the production of lighting and ecclesiastical candles. Today, the company has expanded its repertoire to include a mix of products such as citronella candles and decorative candles for a variety of applications, from festive occasions to home care. Based in Trento, Italy, Cereria Ronca is committed to making high-quality candles with certified raw materials and to producing alcohol solution stick room diffusers, marrying tradition with modern aromatic experiences.
  • Nappi Carlo Cereria: Having begun its journey in 1948, Nappi Carlo Cereria s.r.l. continues to expand and innovate within its 15,000-square-foot facility, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. The company specializes in a wide range of candles, including citronella flashlights, tealights and scented candles for various environments. It also produces eco-friendly firelighters, marketed under the brand name Fiammelle.
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1 Market Overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

A candle is a lighting device composed of a wick wrapped in wax. Its purpose has transformed over time and today candles essentially have a dual function: aesthetic and decorative, both generating a source of light and giving off an odor. The candle market is seeing the emergence of electric candles but also digital candles to the detriment of traditional historical candles. However, there are other types of candles such as tealights, birthday candles, cartridge candles, etc.

Over the past few years, the global candle market has shown remarkable and sustained growth, standing at about $8.33 billion in 2023. Recent projections indicate that we are on course for steady growth, with a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 2.7 percent projected over the period 2024-2030, culminating in a market value of $10.03 billion by 2032. This expansion is fueled by a multitude of factors, including a renewed interest in mindfulness practices, the search for solutions to improve home air quality, and a growing desire to personalize living spaces with elements that convey warmth and coziness.

Candles, once simple lighting tools, are now considered true statements of personal style and well-being, thanks in part to their increasingly central role in medical, therapeutic, religious, and personal and home care contexts. The candle market has benefited significantly from a rising trend on social networks, where they are celebrated as symbols of relaxation and self-care, as well as decor elements capable of creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

In an era dominated by technology and the relentless pursuit of connectivity and intelligence in every everyday object, an innovative product emerges that reinvents one of the oldest and most traditional lighting tools: the candle. Since the time of the ancient Romans, candles have played a fundamental role in human life, serving as reliable and accessible sources of light before the advent of electricity. Today, thanks to pioneering initiatives like Candle Touch, the traditional candle is being transformed into a smart object, combining historic functionality with the latest technology.

1.2 The global candle market

he global candle market has emerged as a dynamic and evolving segment within the consumer goods industry, combining tradition and innovation amid growing interest in personal well-being and home décor. Originally conceived as primary sources of lighting, candles have spanned centuries of history, transforming from simple practical tools to true ...

1.3 The Italian candle market

The Italian candle market has undergone a profound transformation in the last decade, going from being a stable and unpopular sector to an opportunity in which high-fashion companies, startups, and investors have bet with great success. The graph below reports this radical change in market value by going to analyze the ...

1.4 Imports and exports

Candle market trends during ****-**** reveal interesting dynamics in terms of international trade. Although the value of imports is higher than that of exports, a more pronounced growth of exports is observed, with an increase of **.* percent against ** percent for imports. This figure suggests a strengthening of the productive and competitive ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Overview of demand

Besides being a product with many therapeutic and relaxing functions, candles are also a perfect gift. Given the general appreciation of candles, they are a perfect solution for occasions and holidays. The graph below represents the proportion of searches for a given term in a given region over a given period ...

2.2 Determinants of demand

There are multiple determinants of demand, such as medical and therapeutic uses, home care, personal care, but also the use of the product in specific contexts (***). In addition, it is interesting to note that the market has been greatly boosted by the creation of a real candle trend rooted in social ...

2.3 Geographical distribution of demand

To visualize the distribution of regions' interest at the geographic level, an overview of the search performed through Google Trends by search item is proposed. Values are calculated on a scale of * to ***, where *** indicates the location with the highest search frequency as a proportion of total searches for that location, ...

2.4 New demand trends: the candle massage

Candle Massage represents an innovative and particularly popular technique in holistic therapies and wellness treatments. This method makes use of specific candles, specially formulated for massage, which, once lit, transform into a warm, fragrant oil. The particularity of these candles lies in their composition, rich in natural butters and essential oils, ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market structure

To visualize the market size of the candle industry in Italy, consider Ateco Code **.**.**, comprising:

manufacture of globes; manufacture of lighters; manufacture of articles for personal use: pipes, combs, hair clips, toilet sprayers, thermos and other isothermal containers for personal or household use; manufacture of miscellaneous articles: candles, lanterns and the ...

3.2 Value Chain

The process of candle production and distribution has several stages; first, new product design and experimentation with different types of cra (***), fragrances, dyes, and wicks are carried out.

Raw material supply: main raw materials include various types of wax, wicks, containers (***), fragrances and dyes. Sustainable sourcing and supply chain ethics are ...

3.3 Main players in the industry

Italy also has a long history of manufacturing excellence in the field of candles: some of today's leading wax factories producing design and furniture products were established more than two centuries ago to supply the population and churches with candles for religious services and home lighting. These artisans have managed to ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 Overview of the offer

The types of candles are manyfold, as are their uses.


4.2 Prices

The following is an indicative overview of prices by product taken under analysis:

The trend of candles as a decorative object has also involved major high-fashion brands, giving rise to a new segment in the candle market. This segment, characterized by extremely refined products, has emerged in recent years and has ...

4.3 Candle Touch: industry innovation

In the age of technology, where the goal seems to be to make "smart" and connected all objects of daily life, from shoes to a wide variety of accessories, a surprising innovation has emerged that reinvents one of the oldest lighting tools: the candle. For centuries, candles have been a fundamental ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulation

European context

The candle market requires consideration of various regulations designed to ensure the safety, quality and sustainability of the products offered to consumers. These laws and regulations may relate to the composition of candles, labels, chemicals used, and safety standards.

REACH Regulation (***) Regulation is a European Union regulation that aims ...

6 Positioning of players

6.1 Segmentation

  • IKEA Italia
  • Gucci
  • Gianni Versace
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Yankee Candle
  • Cereria Di Giorgio
  • Cereria Pernici
  • Cereria S. Alessandro
  • Cereria Carlo Nappi
  • Cereria Ronca
  • Cereria L.A.C.

List of charts presented in this market study

  • The size of the candle market
  • Production of candles
  • Consumption of candles
  • Per capita consumption of candles
  • Sold production of candles
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Latest news

Kering tackles crucial Gucci relaunch - 23/09/2023
  • Gucci is the main contributor to the revenues and profits of the Kering luxury group.
  • Between 2015 and 2022, Gucci sales almost tripled
  • Gucci's operating margin increased by 10 percentage points to 41% in 2019.
  • Gucci's goal is to break through the €15 billion sales barrier.
  • Gucci is forecast to achieve sales of just over €10 billion in 2023, up 3%.
  • The Chinese market accounts for a large share of Gucci's sales.
Dolce & Gabbana launches its perfumes and cosmetics offensive - 31/03/2023
  • Dolce & Gabbana inaugurates a space dedicated to its fragrance and make-up ranges at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris.
  • Dolce & Gabbana will create its own beauty subsidiary in 2022, following the end of its licensing agreement with Shiseido.
  • The retail sales volume of this activity is 1.2 billion euros.
  • Beauty accounts for 20% of the Group's sales volume
  • The fragrance sector has seen average annual growth of 4% since 2016, and has forecast growth of 17% by 2022.
  • Dolce & Gabbana has invested 400 million euros in its beauty business and built a dedicated headquarters in Milan that employs 120 people in Milan and another 50 in Miami
  • Dolce & Gabbana Beauty plans to revamp its make-up ranges and launch its first skincare products in 2025.
  • The brand's global network of points of sale will be reduced from 25,000 to 15,000 retailers.
  • The brand plans to open around 100 department store spaces by 2025
  • Dolce & Gabbana expects to triple sales of its beauty subsidiary to €3 billion over the next five years.

Companies quoted in this study

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IKEA Italia
Gianni Versace
Salvatore Ferragamo
Giorgio Armani
Dolce & Gabbana
Yankee Candle
Cereria Di Giorgio
Cereria Pernici
Cereria S. Alessandro
Cereria Carlo Nappi
Cereria Ronca

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