The global candle market, valued at approximately $10.08 billion in 2020, has been experiencing a growth trend, with expectations to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% from 2018 to 2026, according to Zion Market Research. The Asia Pacific region is predicted to be the fastest-growing market, potentially growing at a CAGR of 6.4% during the same period, largely due to prevalent festival celebrations such as Diwali. In contrast, the US market, representing a significant segment, was valued at $3.54 billion in 2019 with projections to reach $6.64 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.18%. The US candle industry encounters cyclical sales with about 35% occurring during Christmas/holidays, driven primarily by demand for fragranced candles. Distribution through e-commerce has been particularly influential on market growth. The candle market encounters shifts towards increased home decoration and relaxation uses, but the COVID-19 pandemic has had a mixed impact, initially spurring demand due to consumers seeking a cozy home atmosphere but later encountering challenges with scent detection among those with the virus. Regulations and standards such as 16 CFR Part 1500.17 address product safety, focusing on substance restrictions and labeling requirements for metal-cored wicks..### Trends and Dynamics in the Candle Market The candle market in the United States reflects a blend of traditional demands and modern consumer preferences. Candles, once a mere source of light, have found renewed interest as versatile items serving decoration, aromatherapy, and air freshening purposes. This can largely be attributed to a shift in lifestyles and increased disposable incomes, making room for consumers to indulge in luxury candles with various shapes and exotic aromas. Predominantly, the US market sees a surge in candle sales during the Christmas holiday season, accounting for approximately 35% of total annual sales. Birthdays follow suit as another significant segment, owing to their integral role in celebrations. Not to be overlooked are special occasions like Diwali and Hanukkah, amplified by the growing Asian Indian and Jewish populations, respectively, which considerably contribute to the demand for traditional and ceremonial candles. In terms of market preferences, consumers lean heavily towards scented candles, with fragrance recognized as the crucial selling point. Four out of ten candle users place them in living rooms, highlighting a trend towards creating a cozy ambiance in common areas. Moreover, nearly one-fifth utilize candles to enhance outdoor settings, revealing a versatile use beyond the indoors. E-commerce has emerged as a formidable force, exacerbating the decline of physical specialty, gift, and department stores. Digital sales of home goods, which include decorative and scented candles, saw a substantial 10% year-on-year increase, reaching the territory between 85 and 90 billion dollars. On the production front, technological advancements have shaped the industry landscape. Methods such as immersion, molding, extrusion, and filling are employed, varying with the type of candles—ranging from the intricately scented to the simply decorative, and the materials utilized, such as soy wax, paraffin, and beeswax. Amidst growth and transformation, the candle market is not without its challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic served as a double-edged sword by increasing homely candle usage, while simultaneously impacting consumers' olfactory senses, crucial for the scented candle market. Nonetheless, manufacturers and retailers adapt, signified by a sprawling landscape of candle-making businesses. In regulatory terms, the US market is bound by safety and quality standards. Lead content limits and compliance with ASTM standards are definitive for market entry. Pricing in this market is diverse and has room to accommodate all—from the thriftiest at approximately two dollars for a votive to the premium end reaching about two hundred dollars and beyond for designer candles. Overall, the.### Illuminating the Market: Spotlight on Major Candle Industry Contenders The candle market is a vibrant space with a host of notable players, each contributing its unique scents, designs, and innovations to appeal to a diverse consumer base. Among these key participants are California Exotic Novelties, PandG (Procter & Gamble), LELO, Reckitt Benckiser, Gellite Gel Candles, Himalayan Trading Post, Bath and Body Works, and TATINE. These companies exemplify the dynamics within the candle industry, from the craft of traditional wax candles to the modern allure of electric spark plugs. **California Exotic Novelties** stands apart as an interesting player in the market, diversifying into candles used not just for lighting or aromatic therapy but as part of a wider range of lifestyle products that embellish living spaces and inspire personal experiences. **Procter & Gamble**, widely recognized for its extensive range of household products, has ventured into the candle segment under its well-established brand banners. The company's entry into the candle market exemplifies its adaptive strategy to meet the ever-evolving preferences of consumers seeking both comfort and luxury in their homes. **LELO** is a unique entrant, primarily known for being a leading brand in the personal and intimate wellness industry. Their foray into the sensory delights of candles showcases an expansion into creating a holistic ambiance that complements their core product offerings. **Reckitt Benckiser** is no stranger to the home care segment, and their presence in the candle market underscores their commitment to providing consumers with products that are essential for creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere in the home. **Gellite Gel Candles** introduces an innovative twist to the traditional candle concept with its gel-based candles. Their products offer a distinctive aesthetic appeal and burn behavior that positions them favorably among consumers looking for something a cut above the typical wax candle. **Himalayan Trading Post** crafts candles that are as exotic as the company's name suggests. Known for their use of traditional craftsmanship techniques, they produce candles that double as decorative art pieces with rich scents that speak to a niche market of candle aficionados. **Bath and Body Works** is a titan in the world of home fragrances and body care. Their range of scented candles is a testament to the brand's deep understanding of creating olfactory experiences that captivate the senses and transform the ambiance of spaces. **TATINE** is a testament to the artisanal and bespoke aspects of the candle-making craft. Their candles
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

The candle is a light fixture composed of a wick wrapped in wax which is intended to decorate accomodation by generating a light source or to deodorize a room. The market can be segmented by candle type: besides traditional candles, the candle market is witnessing the emergence of electric spark plugs. However, there are other types of candles such as tea lights, birthday candles, cartridge candles, etc. The market can also be segmented depending on the raw material used to form the base of the candle: beeswax, stearin, paraffin wax, canola wax, palm wax, etc.

Consumers are buying more and more candles for home decoration, stress reduction and relaxation through aromatherapy. Moreover, the increasing disposable incomes and changing lifestyles of consumers have enabled them to spend more money on candles with better shapes and exotic aroma, which is also boosting this global market. [globenewswire]

The US candle market has contracted over the last years due to external competition which has pressured prices. Candle sales in the US are highly cyclical; 35% of sales occur during Christmas/holidays. [candles] Moreover, fragrance remains the most important attribute for US consumers.

The distribution of candles occur in specialized decoration stores which are seeing the growth of supermarkets and hypermarkets, which are benefiting from reduced prices and varied offers that are attracting more and more buyers, while the e-commerce has also contributed to the increase in candle sales. The market is fragmented, and include players such as California Exotic Novelties, PandG, LELO, Reckitt Benckiser, Gellite Gel Candles, Himalayan Trading Post, Bath and Body Works and TATINE.

1.2 Global market

According to a study conducted by Zion Market Research, the global candle market was valued at US$ **.** billion in ****. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% between **** and ****. 

Candles Market Size World, ****-****, US$ billion Source: ****

The fastest growing market during the period is expected to be Asia, which ...

1.3 The US market

In ****, the candle industry was valued at ​$*.** billion​ and was projected to grow to ​$*.** billion​ by ****, with a CAGR of *.**%. With various candles available on the market, from major suppliers to independent creators, candle market trends have shown no signs of slowing down.

Candle market value USA, ****-****, billlions of dollars Source: ...

1.4 Import and Export

The data regarding the imports and exports of candles in the USA are taken from the UN Comtrade website, using the HS Code ****** "Candles, tapers and the like". 

The imports of candles are growing by   in * years, from a value of *** millions to over a billion value worth. On the contrary, ...

1.5 Covid impact

The pandemic caused a double effect on the candle market. 

On one side, as people were forced to stay home, the pandemic had a positive impact on the sector. Americans wanted to create a more cozy atmosphere at home due to the long time spent there. Candles have become especially popular ...

2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Occasion

There are different kinds of candles that are used in different situations. Despite the lack of statistical data, it is possible to draw up a typology of supply according to these different demands

The supply is thus segmented into candles used for birthdays, candles intended as gifts, candles whose main function ...

2.2 Special celebration


 Also called the Festival of Lights, Diwali is Hinduism’s biggest holiday, drawing in huge crowds of happy revelers every fall. It is the celebration of the triumph of light over darkness and of good over evil. On the third night of the five-day celebration, participants dress to the ...

2.3 Consumer preferences

According to the National Candle Association (***), Americans the most popular types of candles are container and jar candles and they are mainly bought by women, **% of the custumers. 

Candle industry research indicates that the most important factors affecting candle sales are scent, color, cost and shape. Fragrance is by far the ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Production chain

Candles are all composed of the same raw materials, in different proportions (***) make it possible to give the melting candle a pleasant odor. These must have a flash point higher than ** degrees.

3.2 Candle manufacturing

There are **** candles candle Manufacturing Businesses in the US in ****, this number has increased by *.*% between **** and **** but it has decreased by -*.*% from **** and -**.*% from ****. 

Number of candles manufacturing USA, ****-****, units Source: ****

California (***) are the States with the most number of Candle Manufacturing businesses in the US.

States ...

3.3 Distribution

Candles are distributed mainly :

Speciality or gift shops Department and home décor stores; mass merchandisers (***)

The number of gift shops in the U.S. has been decreased since ****, going from ***** stores to ***** in ****, - **.*%. The stores are located mainly in California (***).

Number of Gift Shops & Card Stores in the US USA, ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Types of candles and techniques

There are two main families of candles.

First of all, scented candles allow to introduce a subdued atmosphere in a space while giving it a particular smell. They are often broken down into three levels. The surface level is composed of the first aromas to be felt when the candle is ...

4.2 Prices

The price of candles depends on multiple factors such as  their function, if they smell or not, if they are for decor with particular shapes or just for lighting use, if they are from a famous brand, if they are industrial or artesanal made etc...

According to the National Candles Association ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulation

There are multiple rules to follow for the production of candles in the USA:

** CFR Part ****.** – Banned Hazardous Substances

The Federal Hazardous Substances Act (***) lists candles made with metal-cored wicks, and metal-cored candlewicks, as two of the products might be banned due to them having a component that is considered ...

6 Positioning of the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Yankee Candles
  • Boy Smells
  • Jo Malone
  • Newbell Brands
  • SC Johnson & Sons
  • Empire Candle & Co
  • The White Company

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  • Sales for the Walmart US division reached $393.2 billion.

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