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1.1 Market definition

Wallpaper is a material used to cover and decorate interior walls or partitions of a dwelling or a building. It appeared in France in the 17th century è century and then developed strongly in the 18th century è and then see how it is produced industrialize strongly in the 19th century è ( National Heritage Institute ).

A distinction is generally made between 3 types of wallpaper

  • The wallpaper traditional printed on paper;
  • The "non-woven" wallpaper, composed not of paper but of polyester and cellulose fibres;
  • Vinyl wallpaper printed on a layer of PVC.

In addition to these relatively common products, there is a variety of wallpapers made of original materials including metallic wallpaper, flocked velvet wallpaper, wallpaper, etc.

The years 1970-1980 are perceived as the golden age of wallpaper. It was sold in France 100 million rolls of wallpaper per year before the massification of supply finally wearies consumers and the market begins to decline with a consumption in volume terms structurally lower . This decrease has led to the closure of several companies such as Abelia ( in 2005 ) or Essef ( in 2006 ).



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