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1.1 Presentation and definition of the paint market

The market for paints, varnishes and coatings can be divided into different segments, according to their different outlets. A distinction can be made between:

  • The construction and architecture sector (included in the study)
    • building paints
    • consumer and decorative paints
  • The industrial sector (not included in the study)
    • industrial paints
    • anti-corrosion paints
    • marine paints
    • bodywork paints
  • Varnishes and miscellaneous coatings

This study only takes into account building paints and decorative paints. A Businesscoot study on industrial paint is available here.

The paint, varnish and coatings market is closely linked to the economic health of these different sectors and outlets. That is why activity levels in the building and decorative paints segments are closely linked to the real estate and construction sector, while the economic performance of the automotive sector directly affects the demand for industrial paints.

The global paint market is growing, driven in particular by the dynamism of the Asian region. This growth can also be explained by the global increase in construction spending or the growth of the automotive sector. Socio-economic factors must also be included, such as the continuing increase in the world's urban population, consumer spending on housing or, more generally, rising living standards.

In the French market, paint sales have been declining for the past 3 years. In a highly competitive market, paint manufacturers were struggling to expand. However, driven by the Covid-19 epidemic, the paint market would have seen a growth in sales of around 22% in 2020.

Paint manufacturers regularly innovate in the composition of their paints, and offer new uses to the simple function of coating. For example, there are fire-resistant paints, chalk paints and insulating paints on the market. And, due to a growing environmental awareness, the manufacturers of the market have to develop new products more respectful of the environment, or without volatile organic compounds such as lead, prohibited in 2004 in the composition of paints.

1.2 A growing global market

The global paint market

The global paint and coatings market is growing worldwide. In ****, the market was valued at $***.* billion and is expected to reach approximately $*** billion by ****. These forecasts by a Grandview Research study were made before the global pandemic, which may have impacted the sector. That said, demand from ...

1.3 The French market: a new momentum

In an article published in January **** by LSA Conso, the paint market in France achieved €*** million in sales over the year ****.The article testifies to a decline of *.*% in value and *.*% in volume.

After * years of erosion of its sales, the epidemic of Covid-** has however benefited the paint sector and ...

1.4 Covid-19 impact and reaction to the crisis

The positive impact on large DIY stores

A Businesscoot study entirely dedicated to DIY and more detailed is available here. It seems that the sector, which suffered from the months without activity due to the lockdown, has however made up for it in the summer months, which was confirmed with an ...

1.5 The international paint trade

Trade in paint is recorded in the French Customs register under code ****: Paints, varnishes and similar coatings.

Between October **** and October ****, France imported slightly less than it exported. Its international trade intensified following the Covid-** epidemic. In ****, its exports and imports had indeed decreased by *.*% and *.*% respectively.

Foreign trade in paint France, ...


2.1 Demand by product type: white paints in the lead

Demand for paint differs depending on the type of product. The French seem to be more fond of white paints since they accounted for a third of the sector's sales in ****. They are followed by colors and exterior paints.

Breakdown of paint market sales by product type France, ****, in millions of ...

2.2 Renovation and maintenance: business volume and household spending

Business volume

The Fédération Française du Bâtiment reports annual variations in the volume of maintenance and renovation activity. While activity has been relatively stable in recent years, there have been significant variations in **** and ****. While the volume of activity fell by *.*% in ****, estimates point to growth of ...

2.3 Demand in the construction market

Demand for housing

According to Les Echos, the main desires of residential buyers are to live in an individual home, with more space, close to shops, transport, living areas and work, to be able to respect their budgetary constraints, to acquire an energy-efficient home, and to have support services for their ...


3.1 Paint Industry Structure

Paint manufacturing

Paint manufacturers are relatively few in number (***) and have been experiencing a strengthening of this concentration for several years. For example, in ****, the sector had *** firms and over **,*** employees compared to *** firms and **,*** employees in ****, an average of about ** employees per firm.

Number of companies and employees registered under ...

3.2 Paint in the DIY market

In ****, the French DIY market was estimated to be worth nearly €** billion. [***] The DIY market has been growing slowly for several years, but **** proved particularly positive, with a growth rate of *.*% compared to ****, and **** confirmed this momentum. Size of the French DIY market France, ****-****, in billions of euros Source: Sdp ...

3.3 Focus on DIY stores

Do-it-yourself superstores capture three quarters of the revenue from sales of do-it-yourself items and their hold on the market continues to grow, with their market share in value reaching **% in ****.

Breakdown of DIY sales by distribution channel France, ****, in % Source:Federation of DIY stores It should be noted that the methodology ...

3.4 Main actors

Manufacturing actors

Among the main paint manufacturers are AzkoNobel (***), Luxens, V**, Farrow&Ball, Unikalo and Guittet. The Dulux Valentine brand has a **% market share in the DIY superstore channel. [***]

Distribution actors

Decoration products distribution, among which paint occupies a significant place, is mainly carried out by decoration product wholesalers and DIY ...

3.5 Interview with Nicolas Dujardin, Director of Operations at Océinde

Marine: Welcome to the Niche, the podcast that analyzes the niche market with the entrepreneurs who are shaking things up. I'm Marine and I work at Businesscoot, the startup that's dusting off market researches. Before we start, subscribe to our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast. And now, let's get to ...


4.1 Paint production and dependence on suppliers

The five components in paint

Building and decorative paints are always composed of the same components:

The binder, a polymer that allows the paint to become solid as it dries, The solvent, which makes the paint fluid enough to facilitate its application, The pigments, natural or synthetic, giving the paint its ...

4.2 Average prices per square meter

According to the site, craftsmen painters can invoice their services by hour or by surface. The hourly rate for a painter is between ** and ** euros before tax, and between ** and ** euros before tax per square meter. Depending on the type of housing (***), a VAT of **% or **% must also be ...

4.3 Output price indices

The chart below illustrates the evolution of production prices for paint manufacturers. While production prices remained relatively stable for several months, they increased exponentially starting in March ****.

Output price index for paints, varnishes and other coatings France, ****-****, base *** in **** Source: ****

This sharp rise is explained by a sudden increase in ...

4.4 New ranges and digital innovations

In May ****, ONIP, a French high-end paint manufacturer, released a line of Clean'R paint that destroys up to **% of formaldehydes in an interior room.[***]. In ****, nearly **% of ONIP's sales came from this range.

The paint group AkzoNobel, owner among others of the brand Dulux Valentine, wants to revitalize sales of color ...


5.1 French Nomenclature of Activities

The Nomenclature des Activités Françaises (***) is the classification of economic activities established by INSEE, which was last updated in ****. In order to allow a better comparison between countries and harmonization, this classification is consistent with the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, or NACE.

For this ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Cromology
  • Akzo Nobel sas
  • Axalta Coating Systems
  • Beckers
  • ONIP Omnium National Industriel des peintures
  • Théolaur peintures
  • Bonglet
  • Groupe EGR
  • Leroy Merlin France
  • Castorama France

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