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French aromatherapy market estimated at 248 million euros in 2022

The global aromatherapy market has grown substantially, forecast to reach $16.51 billion by 2030, with an average annual growth rate of 9.5%.

In France, a key player in the European aromatherapy market, the sector has seen significant growth, particularly in the pharmacy, parapharmacies and organic stores segment, with sales of 248 million euros in 2022.

Sales of essential oils in pharmacies and parapharmacies alone amounted to 207 million euros in 2020, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 3.1%.

France's essential oil imports in 2022 totaled $473 million, with a majority of citrus oils coming from countries such as India and China, while its exports amounted to $439 million to key destinations such as the USA and Germany.

National leader Puressentiel performed strongly, with sales of 110 million euros in 2023.

The popularity of aromatherapy is supported by the growing number of French people turning to natural treatments. Despite this optimistic outlook, consumer concerns about product efficacy and safety persist, necessitating strict regulation and transparent labelling to protect users.

Aromatherapy demand trends: A natural health revolution in France

France is at the forefront of the burgeoning aromatherapy market, a boom fueled by the French public's growing desire for natural health remedies.

Sales of essential oils have almost doubled in twelve years

Aromatherapy is based on the therapeutic use of plant-based essential oils. The French market is Europe's largest.

The demand for natural herbal medicinal treatments such as aromatherapy has not only attracted the attention of consumers, but also that of healthcare professionals, with almost 75% of general practitioners acknowledging that they use or support alternative medicine.

Surveys suggest that around 41% of the French population use natural treatments, with aromatherapy favored by 19% of them.

Women account for 85% of essential oil users.

Consumers seek to use essential oils primarily for natural self-treatment, as shown by around 82% of those questioned in a survey. 83% refrain for fear of incorrect use.

Despite some skepticism about the efficacy of treatments, demand continues to grow. Health, paramedical and wellness professionals are increasingly interested in integrating essential oils into their practices.

The trend is towards a diversification of uses, with consumers seeking essential oils for preventive measures, well-being and cosmetic purposes, albeit to a lesser extent than for medical use.

Main players

  • Puressentiel is the heavyweight of the French aromatherapy landscape.
  • Omega Pharma, now part of the Perrigo Company
  • Pranarôm is another name that has become synonymous with quality.
  • Aroma Zone offers a wide selection of natural beauty, well-being and health products
  • Argeville, Biolandes and Nactis: small French manufacturers
  • Givaudan Although better known for its perfumes and aromas, Givaudan's contribution to the essential oils and aromatherapy market is significant
  • Firmenich, a global aroma and fragrance creation group, with essential oils being an important component of their product lines.
  • Symrise offers creative solutions to fragrance, cosmetics and food manufacturers.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

Aromatherapy is theuse of essential and aromatic oils for medicinal purposes. This market is at the intersection of the essential oils market and phytotherapy, the discipline of practicing medicine using natural plant active ingredients.

Certain essential oils, for example, are used for sleep deprivation, digestive problems or respiratory disorders.

Undoubtedly fashionable, the global aromatherapy market is booming and is set to remain so between now and 2030, with an estimated average annual growth rate of 9.5% .

Since 2012, the French market has seen significant growth in sales of essential oils, mainly distributed through pharmacies, parapharmacies and specialist stores, making France a European leader in this market.

Phytotherapeutic treatments are gradually gaining ground with professionals and patients alike, and the market is dynamic, driven also by the development of online sales and theexpansion of major players in the sector such as Puressentiel.

1.2 Strong growth forecasts for the global market

According to a new report from Market Research Futurethe global aromatherapy market is expected to reach $**.** billion by ****, with a CAGR of *.*% during the forecast period. Global market analyst Market Research Future estimates the worldwide market at $*.** billion in ****. This growth can be attributed to increased awareness of the therapeutic benefits ...

1.3 Key figures for the national market

The aromatherapy market in pharmacies, parapharmacies and organic stores France, ****-*****, in millions of euros Source: ****

According to France Agrimer, sales of essential oils in pharmacies and parapharmacy outlets reached *** million euros in ****, an increase of almost **% on ****.

Sales of the main essential oils in pharmacies and parapharmacies France, ****, in millions ...

1.4 Foreign trade in aromatherapy products

France's trade balance for essential oils: France's trade balance has been in surplus in recent years, but will be in deficit by ****, with a coverage rate of **%.

French trade balance for essential oils France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

French imports of essential oils in ****:

In ****, the main supplierssuppliers areindiaitaly, ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Natural medicine and alternative therapies

At institutional level, more than *,*** practitioners acknowledge that they use or support the practice of alternative medicines; among them, **% are general practitioners. The expansion of phytotherapy is part of a wider recognition of alternative medicines by the French Public Health Code, which recognizes four of them: phytotherapy, acupuncture, mesotherapy and ...

2.2 Typology of essential oil users

Which French people use essential oils? France, X, as % of total Source: ****

Men are more likely to use aromatherapy, as they represent **% of French people who use essential oils.

Why do you use essential oils? France, ****, in % Source: ****

Another interesting fact is that for **% of respondents, the primary reason for using ...

2.3 Perception of natural treatments (aromatherapy, phytotherapy, etc.)

French people's perception of alternative healthcare therapies France, ****, % of Source: ****

In ****, the French have a rather good image of alternative therapies, and the figures above confirm this trend. Indeed, the majority of respondents (***) say they have a fairly good image of alternative therapies. And **% say they have a very good image. ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Sector organization

The aromatherapy sector is part of the essential oils sector, and more specifically the health sector. Most aromatherapy products are then sold wholesale to traders, who pass them on to distributors before they reach end-users.

Upstream from the aromatherapy industry

The actions taken by the FranceAgriMer association, in application of the ...

3.2 Focus on the essential oils manufacturing sector

In ****, there were more than *** flavour and essential oil manufacturing companies in France, employing an average of almost *,*** people[***]. The essential oil manufacturing market in France varies widely from region to region.

Number of essential oil manufacturing establishments in France France, ****-****, in number of establishments Source: ****

Looking at the data ...

3.3 Trends in pharmacies, parapharmacy and organic stores

Growth in sales of essential oils in pharmacies, parapharmacy and organic stores France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

Sales of essential oils are much higher in pharmacies and par apharmacy outlets, with sales of *** million euros, representing **% of total sales of essential oils. Sales in organic stores are expected to ...

3.4 Puressentiel: French leader and major global player

According to the founders of this company created in ****, Puressentiel has a **.*% market share in pharmacies and parapharmacies [***]. The company generates **% of its sales in the " natural health" sector, ahead of essential oils (***).

Breakdown of X sales France, x Source: ****

For the year ****, Puressentiel achieved sales of *** million euros, up nearly ...

3.5 Focus on aromatherapists

An aromatherapist is a practitioner who uses essential oils for therapeutic purposes. The aromatherapist possesses expertise in the wide variety of essential oils available (***) and passes this on to his or her client. Essential oils are highly concentrated and, if misused, can act like a poison, causing symptoms ranging from skin ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Sales trends by bottle

Manufacturers of aromatherapy products generally present their concentrates in liquid form, in bottles of varying sizes. According to a France AgriMer based on OpenHealth data, by far the best-selling flakes are **mL containers (***) bottles.

Top-selling aromatherapy bottles France, ****, % of sales Source: ****

4.2 Prices vary widely from one essential oil to another

The expert website Ooreka has analyzed the average price of essential oils on the market:

Source: ****

We are interested in the average prices of the most popular essential oils sold in pharmacies, in order to highlight the wide disparities. Prices vary widely from one EO to another, depending on the concentration ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Current control

A essential oil is defined as a "volatile odorant substance produced by certain plants and extractable in liquid form" obtained by distillation. As such, it contains no fatty substances.

All essential oils must have a specific function. Distributors are obliged to be transparent, and to inform consumers about directions for use ...

5.2 Oils reserved for sale in pharmacies

Essential oils dispensed only in pharmacies must comply with national or European pharmaceutical quality standards. These standards specify the exact names of the essential oils.

These fifteen essential oils are identified as having a negative benefit/risk ratio. They are only available in the pharmaceutical circuit because of their neurotoxic, irritant, ...

5.3 Essential oils are subject to REACH and CLP regulations

According to the European Chemicals Agency (***) regulations, and are considered as substances. In application of article *.* of the REACH regulation and article *.* of the CLP regulation, a substance is : "a chemical element and its compounds, in the natural state or obtained by a manufacturing process, including any additive necessary to preserve ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Puressentiel France
  • Perrigo group (Omega Pharma)
  • Pranarôm (Inula Groupe)
  • Firmenich
  • Argeville
  • Nactis Flavours
  • Symrise
  • Solinest
  • Biolandes
  • Florame
  • Olisma
  • La Distillerie Bleu Provence
  • Herbes et Traditions
  • Le Comptoir Aroma
  • Florihana
  • Bioflore
  • Biofloral
  • Olisma

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Aromatherapy market trends
  • Change in sales excluding VAT for NAF code 20.53Z - "Manufacture of essential oils"
  • Sales of essential oils in pharmacies and drugstores
  • Sales of the main essential oils in pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Top 5 alternative therapies used by the French
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Latest news

DSM-Firmenich plans to sell its Animal Health & Nutrition division due to volatility in vitamins - 19/02/2024
  • Merger between DSM and Firmenich in mid-2022.
  • Sale of Animal Health & Nutrition (ANH) division planned for 2025.
  • ANH sales in 2022: 3.2 billion euros, or 26% of the Group total.
  • DSM-Firmenich sales down 7% to 12.3 billion euros in 2023
  • ANH sales down by 15%.
  • ANH is based in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, and employs around 6,000 people.
  • The three remaining divisions after the demerger are Perfumery & Beauty (sales of 3.7 billion euros in 2023), Taste, Texture & Health (sales of 3 billion euros), and Health, Nutrition & Care (HNC with sales of 2.3 billion euros)
  • The group will have total sales of 9 billion euros after the demerger.
Rugby World Cup: Puressentiel plays in the shadow of major sponsors - 24/10/2023
  • After soccer, rugby is the second most popular sport in France.
  • 15.4 million French viewers watched the opening match between the XV de France and the All Blacks.
  • For the quarter-final between Ireland and New Zealand, there were 9.4 million viewers.
  • Becoming a partner, sponsor, supplier or official supporter of a global event like the Rugby World Cup can cost up to 20 million euros.
  • The cost of a 30-second commercial on TF1 during the final can exceed 155,000 euros.
  • Puressentiel, official supplier to the XV de France, was associated with the Federation instead of the event itself three years ago.
  • Puressentiel created a limited edition of its product featuring Antoine Dupont, the brand's ambassador and France's third favorite sportsman according to an Odoxa poll.
  • Puressentiel organized prediction contests in 6,000 pharmacies.
Pranarôm: Experts in essential oils for 30 years - 15/03/2023
  • Pranarôm records +14% growth in 2022
  • Pranarôm founded 30 years ago
  • Part of the Inula Group, which includes Pranarôm, HerbalGem and Biofloral
  • More than 250 essential oil references offered by Pranarôm.
  • Three types of complementary therapies: aromatherapy, gemmotherapy and Bach flowers.
  • 90% of the Pranarôm range is made from pure, organic, virgin plant oils.
  • Pranarôm works closely with selected suppliers of raw materials from all over the world.
  • The company provides some 8,000 hours of free training for pharmacists every year.
Anti-stress products by Puressentiel - 16/10/2022
  • Puressentiel sales in 2022: 110 million euros
  • Launch of the Aroma Stress range: end of the year
  • Number of countries involved in the launch: nearly 100
  • Sales forecast for the Aroma Stress range: 4 million euros
  • Number of units for each of the five products in the range: 500,000
  • Aroma Stress presence in airports: 34 airports worldwide.
Industrial fragrances: Firmenich strengthens its position before merging | Industrial fragrances: Firmenich strengthens its position before merging. - 05/08/2022
  • Firmenich: 11,000 employees
  • Annual sales (to end June) up +10.5% to 4.8 billion euros
  • One of the world's leading fragrance and flavor manufacturers
  • Swiss group to merge with Dutch DSM, announced in late May
  • The "perfumes & beauty" business of the new DSM Firmenich entity will account for 3.3 billion euros, or around 29% of total sales
Florihana : Natural growth - 23/11/2021
  • Founded in 1993 in Caussols. Florihana opened a boutique in Tokyo in October.
  • The company exports to over 65 countries.
  • Sales of 15M€.
  • Some twenty employees.
  • 200 references in essential oils, hydrolats and vegetable oils.
  • Over 60% of the products in the new range are of organic origin.

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Puressentiel France
Perrigo group (Omega Pharma)
Pranarôm (Inula Groupe)
Nactis Flavours
La Distillerie Bleu Provence

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