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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

It's important to distinguish between thalassotherapy and spas, since they cover two different activities. The term thalassotherapy, generally abbreviated to "thalasso", refers to all the therapeutic and well-being treatments that can be provided using substances derived from the marine environment (seawater, mud, etc.).

Generally recommended for the treatment of fatigue and arthritis, thalassotherapy must be located by the sea or ocean (English Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea).

A spa, on the other hand, has no such requirements. Synonymous with well-being and luxury, a spa provides customers with a moment of comfort through skin treatments, beauty care and relaxation sessions. While most spas are independently run, some have been created within luxury hotels.

The global spa market in 2022 was valued at $104.5 billion, with a projected CAGR of 8.3% from 2022 to 2027. The global thalassotherapy and spa market was valued at$46.3 billion, with an estimated CAGR of 14.3% from 2022 to 2027.the global wellness market, which includes spas and thalassotherapy, was valued at $5,600 billion in 2022. This sector is growing steadily, with forecasts of an increase to $8,500 billion by 2027.

In France, the thalassotherapy and spa market represents a significant part of the wellness economy, although its growth is more moderate compared to the global market. Between 2020 and 2022, the sector is expected to increase in value by 11.6%. France ranks among the world leaders, being the third-largest market for spas in terms of sales in 2022. Thalassotherapy is a genuine French speciality, with France leading the world with around 56 thalassotherapy centers in 2024.

The French market is dominated by established groups such as Thalazur, Thalassa Sea & Spa (Accor Group), and Relais Thalasso. These players offer varied and innovative treatment programs. New entrants and startups, as well as online booking platforms such as Thalasseo, have also emerged, increasing competition and diversifying the offer available to consumers.

Recent trends show constant innovation in the services on offer, with the introduction of new technologies such as cryotherapy and preventive wellness treatments. Digital platforms have changed the way consumers book their stays, often offering attractive discounts. In addition, demand for wellness services has been amplified by the pandemic, with an increased focus on stress management and mental health. Thalassotherapy centers and spas continue to adapt to these evolutions to meet growing customer expectations.

1.2 The global wellness, spa and thalassotherapy market

Overview of the global wellness market: a market worth $*.* trillion by ****

At the last Global Wellness Summit, the Global Wellness Institute presented the latest data on the wellness market, showing the market's growth since the health crisis, as well as growth prospects up to ****, when the market is expected to reach ...

1.3 Domestic market

Overview of the French thalasso and spa market: INSEE approach

We can analyze NAF code **.**Z entitled"Services d'entetien corporel", which includes Services related to well-being and physical comfort, such as those provided by Turkish baths Saunas and steam baths, solariums, spas, weight-loss and slimming institutes, massage institutes (***), etc. Methodology and ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 The French relationship with Thalassotherapy and Spas

In a recent context marked by pandemics and considered anxiety-provoking[***]

The French relationship with Thalassotherapy France, ****, in France Thalasso via Le Figaro

A study entitled "Les Français et les médecines douces" (***). What's more, **% of French people say they have already had a thalasso, and **% are interested in the ...

2.2 French demand expectations

A global survey conducted in **** by the American firm McKinsey & Company showed that **% of people consider well-being an important element in life. More specifically, **% of those surveyed expressed that well-being is a top priority. **% of **-** year-olds say they are ready for a thalasso[***]

The pandemic and repeated confinements have only ...

2.3 Indirect demand factors

Demand for thalassotherapy and spa establishments is impacted by hotel occupancy and French life expectancy .

Hotel occupancy in good health

In the second quarter of ****, hotel occupancy in France was up *.*% on the same quarter of the previous year, reaching ** million overnight stays, an increase of *.* million nights. This increase was ...

2.4 Seasonal demand

According to Google Trends analysis of spa search volume in France, interest in spas in France shows strong seasonality, with notable peaks in summer, when searches reach their peak. After a significant drop in spring **** due to the pandemic, searches have picked up again and increased each year, reaching high levels ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market structure for thalassos and spas

We can organize the players and structure of these markets with this approach:

3.2 French plant structure and geographical breakdown

As of ****, the number of establishments and employees in the body care services category is showing a stable positive trend .nAF ****Z "Body care services" covers body care activities aimed at improving physical and mental well-being, such as beauty treatments, massages, spas, thalassotherapy, and other wellness and relaxation treatments.

Number of ...

3.3 Competition and complementarity: thalasso vs. spa

It's important to note the competition and complementarity between thalassotherapy centers and spas. While the former are subject to regulatory constraints that require them to be located by the sea, the latter are not - they can be located anywhere in France.

As explained in the section devoted to the global ...

3.4 Strong international competition

While **% of thalassotherapy customers are French, theFrench thalassotherapy sector is facing stiff international competition, particularly from countries around the Mediterranean and the Maghreb. These countries benefit from an attractive climate, lower labor costs and the boom in low-cost air travel, thus attracting part of the potential clientele(***).

In addition, France is ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Thalassotherapy treatments

Since ****, thalassotherapy has not been medically recognized and is therefore no longer reimbursed by Social Security, unlike spa treatments, which require a doctor's prescription. Today, thalassotherapy is perceived as a relaxing stay, generally lasting from * to ** days, the cost of which depends on daily treatments, the establishment chosen, accommodation, transport and ...

4.2 Les services dans les spas

Les spas sont généralement polyvalents par rapport à l’offre proposée aux clients. Ces derniers proposent souvent aussi bien des services propres aux spas, que des services qu’il est possible de retrouver dans des centres de bien-être (***).

Deux catégories de soins sont particulièrement présentes ...

4.3 Tendances de l’offre

«La crise sanitaire a contraint nos fournisseurs à revoir en profondeur leur stratégie et à se remettre en question. Pour ****, nous notons beaucoup de changements dans l'offre proposée par les centres de soins avec l'arrivée notamment de nouvelles cures innovantes. Elles devraient plaire, citons : Métamorphose, Jeunesse, Thalasso Spéciale ...

5 Regulations

5. Current control

Thalassotherapy center regulations

It may be important to note certain regulatory aspects that have marked a breakthrough in the sector.

Cures at thalassotherapy centers have not been reimbursed by the French social security system since ****. On the other hand thermal cures are reimbursed under certain conditions:

The spa cure must be ...

6 Positioning the players

6. Segmentation

  • Thalassa Sea & Spa (Groupe Accor)
  • Thalazur
  • Relais Thalasso (Phelippeau)
  • Alliance Thalasso de Pornic
  • Saint James Albany Hôtel Spa
  • La Réserve Paris - Michel Reybier Hospitality
  • Dior Institut
  • Spa L’Occitane (Groupe L'Occitane)
  • Cinq Mondes
  • Spa Océanide
  • Travel spa Thalasseo
  • Balinea
  • Guerlain Spa
  • Caliceo (Duval groupe)
  • Nuxe

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Trends in the size of the global spa market
  • Size of the global thalassotherapy and spa market
  • Growth in sales excluding VAT for NAF code 9604Z "Body care services"
  • Positioning France among its global competitors (Spa)
  • Positioning France among its European competitors (Thalasso and Thermal spas)
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Latest news

Green light for thalassotherapy project at Larmor-Plage - 27/02/2024
  • Project cost: 30 million euros
  • Project size: 3,500 m² thalassotherapy center
  • Hotel capacity: 130 rooms
  • Jobs generated: 80
Balneotherapy: Calicéo expands near Strasbourg - 12/01/2024
  • Lyon-based specialist in urban aquatic relaxation facilities
  • 8 sites in Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse.
  • In 2023, Calicéo had sales of nearly 30 million euros and 210 employees
  • The company is part of the Duval Group, which achieved sales of one billion euros in 2022.
Thalazur: Carnac thalassotherapy center gets a facelift - 22/11/2023
  • 45 million euros: investment by Thalazur to renovate its Carnac thalassotherapy center
  • 1978: year the site was created
  • 2017: year Thalazur acquired the site
  • 9: number of sites owned by Thalazur in France
  • 200: total number of rooms after renovation
Nuxe: 30 years of natural success - 12/04/2023
  • Year of creation of Nuxe: 1989
  • Founder of Nuxe: Aliza Jabès
  • Nuxe employs 900 people
  • 30,000 retail outlets in 60 countries
  • Sales in 2021: 290 million euros
  • Huile Prodigieuse: 35 million copies sold since its launch
  • Nuxe plant and R&D laboratory: Fougères, Brittany, France
  • Belgian holding company Sofina owns 45.13% of Nuxe (since 2019)
  • Exports account for 53% of Nuxe sales
  • Main markets outside France: Italy, Spain, Greece
  • Subsidiary in China to open in 2020 - Nuxe has 63 spas
  • Spa division represents 10% of total sales

The success of Nuxe: 30 years with natural products. - 12/04/2023
  • Nuxe founded in 1989
  • 900 employees
  • 30,000 retail outlets in 60 countries
  • Estimated sales in 2021 of 290 million euros
  • Huile Prodigieuse: 35 million copies sold since its launch
  • Super Sérum Anti-Age (second best-selling product): 74.50 euros per 30 ml
  • Plant and R&D laboratory located in Fougères, Brittany
  • Belgian holding company Sofina has held a 45.13% stake in Nuxe since 2019
  • Exports account for 53% of sales in 2021
  • Italy is the leading market outside France, followed by Spain and Greece

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Thalassa Sea & Spa (Groupe Accor)
Relais Thalasso (Phelippeau)
Alliance Thalasso de Pornic
Saint James Albany Hôtel Spa
La Réserve Paris - Michel Reybier Hospitality
Dior Institut
Spa L’Occitane (Groupe L'Occitane)
Cinq Mondes
Spa Océanide
Travel spa Thalasseo

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