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Since 2020, the carpet market has shown fluctuating trends, with France facing a significant drop in carpet and rug manufacturing revenues, down 24% on the previous year, due to factors such as reduced new housing construction and changing consumer preferences. the previous year, due to factors such as the reduction in new housing construction and changing consumer preferences. Tufted carpets and rugs are expected to record the highest growth rate. The Asia-Pacific region, led by China and India, is expected to be the fastest-growing market. In France, the carpet market suffers from intense competition from other flooring solutions such as parquet, sales of which will reach 7.6 million square meters in 2020, and laminate flooring, sales of which will reach 37.1 million square meters.

DIY stores have become dominant distribution channels, with a market share of 42%. The French carpet trade is heavily import-oriented, with a value of $477 million in 2020, mainly from Belgium, the Netherlands, China, India and Germany, while exports amounted to $140 million, indicating a coverage rate of just 29.3%. The French carpet industry appears to be under pressure from cheaper international products and more popular designs from countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

Trends and dynamics in the French carpet market

The French carpet market is experiencing contrasting dynamics, facing both challenges and opportunities. While carpets remain an essential element of interior decoration for ornamental and comfort purposes, as well as for vehicle cleanliness, the national market for carpet production and consumption has been underperforming. In particular, the French carpet sector observed a downward trend, as carpet manufacturers focused on diversification strategies to stay afloat in a highly competitive landscape. Despite an overall positive global outlook for carpet production, which is expected to grow from $90 billion to $110 billion over the next five years at an estimated compound annual growth rate of around 4.2%, the French market in particular struggled to maintain momentum. This slow growth in France is attributable to factors such as reduced household spending on interior design products and strong competition from alternative flooring solutions, such as parquet and plastic flooring. These solutions often tend to be more affordable and more durable than traditional carpets, although the latter remain present in the luxury segment, particularly with oriental carpets.

In France, most carpet manufacturers now focus on exports, with over a third of their sales generated on international markets. The French carpet industry is mainly dominated by a few large groups, many of which are Belgian or national companies. As the carpet market is closely linked to the real estate sector, fluctuations in new housing construction have a significant impact on demand for carpet. Despite a slight increase in the construction market and sustained activity in the maintenance-renovation segment, recent years have been marked by a decline in carpet sales.have been marked by a decline in the French market for textile floor coverings, which has fallen by 38% in the space of two years. Carpet sales in particular have fallen dramatically, losing between 15% and 20% of their volume.

Carpet design trends have evolved, with the growing popularity of handmade and patterned carpets, as well as a renewed interest in Berber carpets in living spaces. However, despite this interest in specific styles, carpets are still perceived as somewhat old-fashioned and unhygienic.this exacerbates the challenge of improving their marketability to French consumers.

An examination of the market in terms of activities, manufacturing and distribution reveals a decline in the number of companies involved in the carpet sector. Over the years, the industry has seen a 43% decline in the number of companies, particularly in the retail sector, underlining the need for adaptation and innovation by those still operating in this sector.

Distribution channels are key to understanding market dynamics, with specialist retailers facing off against larger companies. for carpets and rugs is characterized by a great diversity of companies, each with its own specialties and market roots. From the classic craftsmanship of oriental rugs to the development of modern synthetic-fiber carpets, these industry players demonstrate the dynamism and variety inherent in this global sector.

Here's an overview of some of the major market players mentioned in the text:

  • Balsan is a well-established entity, with a history deeply rooted in the manufacture of carpets and rugs. With a focus on creativity and product quality, Balsan caters to both residential and commercial spaces, offering a wide range of colors, patterns and durable materials to meet different interior design needs.
  • Forbo Sarlino is another leading player in the market, with a rich portfolio that includes a variety of flooring solutions. Recognized for its commitment to environmental responsibility, Forbo Sarlino integrates eco-friendly practices into its production chain and focuses on the durability and functionality of its carpets.
  • Balta is an industry heavyweight, offering a vast selection of textile floor coverings. With a focus on innovation and style, Balta products find their place in a variety of environments, combining practicality with visual appeal.
  • Ideal continues to set market benchmarks with its wide range of carpets and rugs. With its emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs, Ideal appeals to customers looking for flooring solutions that are both traditional and contemporary.
  • Interface is known for its modular carpet tiles and fully integrated flooring systems. As an industry pioneer in sustainable development, Interface focuses on reducing its ecological footprint through innovative manufacturing techniques and recycling programs.
  • Lano has earned a worldwide reputation for its high-quality woven carpets. Combining timeless craftsmanship with modern requirements, Lano aims to offer products that are both luxurious and accessible, making flooring an art.
  • Milliken & Company differentiates itself through its commitment to performance-oriented floor coverings. With an emphasis on research-based design, Milliken meets both aesthetic sensibilities and functional needs, providing carpets that are as durable as they are elegant.
  • Modulyss brings a youthful, dynamic approach to the carpet tile segment. By offering high-quality modular carpet solutions, Modulyss responds to the creative and practical desires of contemporary professional environments
  • Shaw Contract is renowned for its ability to provide diversified flooring solutions that combine design excellence and durability. Serving a wide range of markets, from hospitality to healthcare, Shaw Contract's product range includes high-quality floor coverings.
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1 Market overview

1.1 Presentation and definition of the carpet market

The carpet market includes all players in the production and distribution chain of this interior design product. Very often confused in the figures with the manufacture of carpets as a type of textile floor covering, carpets are mainly for decorative or comfort use, but they are also found in cars for cleanliness reasons

Although the overall outlook for carpet production and consumption is good, the French market is struggling to develop. On the one hand, the production and manufacture of carpets is the business of few players, who seek to diversify their activities. On the other hand, the share of French households' spending on interior design products is tending to decrease slightly.

Carpet sellers face fierce external competition from manufacturers of parquet and other plastic floor coverings (e.g., laminate flooring). These products are generally less expensive and more durable than carpets, although carpets are still present in the high-end market, especially with oriental carpets, the most famous of this type.

Thus, in this sluggish French market, most carpet manufacturers export a good part of their production, and thus realize more than a third of their turnover abroad. The market is also held by large groups, often Belgian or national.

1.2 A global market with good prospects

Key Figures

The carpet and rugs market is expected to witness strong growth due to structural factors such as increasing middle class population, growing demand from residential and non-residential sectors, and increasing renovation and remodeling activities. According to the research firm Research & Marketsthe global carpet and rugs market is expected to ...

1.3 A French market in need of development

After a period of marked growth between **** and **** (***), carpet and rug manufacturing has collapsed. Already down in ****, **** was a disaster for carpet and rug manufacturers, which saw industry revenue drop **%. The market has suffered from many factors, including the fall in new housing construction and the diminished appetite of the French ...

1.4 Foreign trade

France is a net importer of rugs and carpets. In ****, the total value of imports amounted to $*** million, with nearly three-quarters coming from five countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, China, India and Germany. Belgium alone accounted for nearly a quarter of all carpet and rug imports, with $***.* million imported from Flanders and ...

2 Analysis of the demand

2.1 The role of the real estate market

The Role of the Construction Market

The construction market is a major driver of the carpet market. The new home market is particularly important, as consumers purchasing a new home are likely to buy flooring. Thus, developments in the construction market play an important role in the demand for do-it-yourself products. ...

2.2 Evolution of sales by product type

The carpet and rug market is a sub-segment of the textile floor covering market, which has been at half-mast since ****. The year ****, marked by the sanitary crisis and two periods of confinement, was particularly difficult: the French market for textile floor coverings fell by **% in the space of two years. All ...

2.3 Decoding trends

In recent years, carpets have become more and more popular as individuals have become more and more interested in unique, handmade carpets. [***] The graphic pattern is in fashion. These are usually geometric shapes, straight lines or other, with repetitions of the same pattern throughout the carpet.

Another trend, the association of ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Few players present on the market

To count the number of companies present in the sector we have chosen three NAF codes:

**.**Z: Manufacture of carpets and rugs **.**Z : Wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting equipment **.**Z : Retail sale of carpets, rugs and wall and floor coverings in specialized stores

With these NAF codes we have ...

3.2 Distribution of carpets and rugs

There are many different types of players in the carpet business:

Specialty retailers, who enjoy a good reputation for quality advice, but who sell products that are often much more expensive than large DIY stores BtoB traders, who sell wholesale to retailers DIY stores: offer lower prices and have a very ...

3.3 External competition

The floor

Prior to ****, parquet flooring was in constant evolution since ****. Although compatible with the use of carpets, parquet is one of the major competitors of carpet, and has thus contributed to the fall in carpet sales.According to the National Federation of Wood (***), *.* million square meters of parquet flooring were ...

3.4 Focus on DIY stores

DIY stores have been the big winners in recent years, with sales up due to an increased appetite for DIY during home confinements. The graph below details the market shares of the DIY chains, most of which are part of larger groups. The weight of the Leroy Merlin brand is visible ...

3.5 Between diversification and concentration on specific sectors

Some flooring specialists now want to diversify their activities and become specialists in decoration in general. Like Saint-Maclou, which is launching a new ***-square-meter space on the Place de la Nation in Paris, offering custom-made products from walls to ceiling. [***]

With competition from large DIY stores, including Leroy Merlin and Castorama, ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 The different product categories

There are four main families of rugs and carpets (***) :

natural fiber carpets ; rugs with synthetic fibers ; shaggy (***) carpets; oriental rugs.

Used mainly as a decorative element, rugs and carpets have good insulating properties but are not very resistant to wear and tear and are difficult to maintain.

Among the range of ...

4.2 Composition of a carpet

Any carpet is generally composed of four parts. [***]

The base

Made of a single continuous thread, usually cotton or silk, it establishes the base of the carpet. The base is sometimes also called the warp.

The pile

On each pair of warp threads, it is necessary to make a knot or ...

4.3 Household Carpet Consumer Price Index

In recent years, consumer prices for carpets and other floor coverings have fluctuated more than in previous years, especially in monthly changes[***]. In contrast, prices have finally increased only slightly since ****, as shown in the table below.

Consumer price index for carpets and floor coverings France, ****-****, base *** in **** Source: ****

If ...

5 Regulation

5.1 French Nomenclature of Activities

The Nomenclature des Activités Françaises, or NAF, is the classification of economic activities established by INSEE. The latest revision of the NAF was adopted at the end of **** and implemented in ****.

To allow for better comparison between states and harmonization, this classification is in line with the Statistical Classification ...

5.2 French Customs Nomenclature

This nomenclature is common to all European Union (***) Member States and is used for :

customs declarations for trade with EU countries declarations for trade in goods between EU countries; presenting external trade statistics.

The CN* is the extension of the Harmonized System (***), an international nomenclature, and contains just under **,*** items.

We ...

5.3 Applicable standards and regulations

Carpet and rug manufacturers may be required to comply with the following applicable regulations:

EN **-* Mechanical and physical properties: The purpose of this standard is to prevent a product from tearing too quickly. EN **-* Flammability: The purpose of this standard is to prevent the rapid spread of flames. EN ...

6 Positioning of the actors

6.1 Segmentation

  • Balsan (Belgotex Groupe)
  • Balta Groupe (Modulyss)
  • Ideal Creative Flooring
  • Interface Nora
  • Lano Carpet Solutions
  • Milliken & Company UK
  • Shaw Industries
  • Sit-in (Radici)
  • Tarkett Groupe
  • TecSOM
  • Forbo Flooring System
  • Pinton Ateliers
  • Gerflor Groupe

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Size of the global carpet market
  • Sales of carpets and rugs
  • Annual change in construction output (in volume)
  • Number of sales of old houses and apartments
  • Building permits and housing starts
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Milliken & Company UK
Shaw Industries
Sit-in (Radici)
Tarkett Groupe
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