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The carpet and rug market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

The carpet and rug market includes all players in the production and distribution chain of these furniture items. Carpets and rugs are mainly used for decorative or comfort reasons, but they can also be found in cars for hygienic reasons.

The global market for carpets and rugs is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 4.6 percent until 2026. North America leads in terms of global market share, while the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a faster pace at a rate of 5.7 percent.

Nylon is confirmed as the preferred material for carpet production, accounting for about 58 percent of the market share in 2018.

In Italy, the market is registered under different Ateco codes:

  • Ateco Code 13.93.00: Manufacture of carpets and rugs
  • Ateco Code 46.47.20: Wholesale trade of carpets
  • Ateco Code 47.53.12: Retail trade of carpets

Since 2011, Italian carpet and rug manufacturing in value terms has decreased by 19 percent. However, there are significant differences by carpet and rug segment. The non-flake or flocked woven textile floor coverings and carpets segment has decreased by 88 percent, while the other textile floor coverings and carpets segment, including automotive mats, has grown by 14 percent.

Carpet retailers face strong external competition from manufacturers of parquet and other plastic flooring (e.g., laminate flooring). These products are generally cheaper and more durable than carpet, although the latter are still present on the high-end market especially with Oriental carpets, the most popular of this type.

The adoption of new technologies and innovations has led to a significant improvement in market performance, providing elegant patterns and color options to help keep the carpet industry at the forefront of design.

1.2 The Global Market

The market for carpets and rugs is set to grow strongly due to structural factors such as an increasing middle-class population, growing demand from residential and nonresidential sectors, and increased renovation and remodeling activities. According to the research institute Research and Markets, the global carpet market has grown from $**.* billion in ...

1.3 The Italian market

In Italy, the market for carpets and rugs is stable. In fact, in the carpet and rug production segment, turnover values and production value have remained almost stable. Underlying this is the relative stability of the Italian real estate market, which has seen a slight increase of * percent over the past ...

1.4 Exports and Imports

This section provides an overview of international trade in Carpets and Rugs in Italy. Data from the UN ComTrade code "** - carpets and other textile floor coverings" for export and import figures.

As can be seen from the graph, Italy has an almost neutral trade balance, as far as this sector ...


2.1 The role of the housing market

The construction and home buying and selling markets are two of the main drivers of the carpet market. They are particularly important given that consumers buying or building a new home are likely to purchase floor coverings.

We can see that there has been a ** percent increase in the number of ...

2.2 Evolution of Expenditure

The graph shows the average expenditure per household for the purchase of carpets and rugs (***).

The market is highly unstable with large fluctuations in spending between years. Despite the sharp decrease in ****, the market has remained at constant values and, as shown, expects its growth related to the increase in new ...

2.2 The new trends

In recent years, rugs have become more expensive as more people have become interested in unique, handmade rugs. Graphic patterns are in fashion. These are generally geometric shapes, in straight lines or otherwise, with repetitions of the same pattern throughout the rug. In addition, the rug must be maxi; in fact, ...


3.1 Few players on the market

The number of companies operating in the entire production and distribution chain of carpets and rugs is very small. To calculate the number of companies, again, enterprises with ateco codes were used:

**.**.**: Manufacture of carpets and rugs **.**.**: Carpet retailing

At the production level, we see a highly stable market with ...

3.2 Production chain

Today's Production

Historically, carpets have always been woven by hand, using very fine filaments and traditional weaving techniques typical of countries such as Turkey (***), the Caucasus, Afghanistan and neighboring countries, as well as the westernmost provinces of China. Today, given the huge demand for carpets of all kinds and to make ...

3.3 Distribution of carpets

There are different types of players in carpet and rug distribution:

Specialty retailers, who have a good reputation for quality advice, but who sell products that are often much more expensive than DIY stores B*B dealers, who sell wholesale to retailers DIY stores: they offer lower prices and have a ...


4.1 Type of the offer

There are four main families of carpets and rugs[***]:

natural fiber carpets; carpets with synthetic fibers; shaggy (***) carpets; oriental carpets.

Used primarily as a decorative element, carpets and rugs have good insulating properties but are not very durable and difficult to maintain.

Among the range of oriental carpets, three categories can ...

4.2 Composition of a carpet

Each carpet generally consists of four parts

The base

Made of a single continuous thread, usually cotton or silk, it establishes the base of the rug. The base is sometimes also called the warp.

The pile

On each pair of warp threads, a knot or weave must be made. The loose ...

4.3 New trends in supply

Ecofriendly carpets and rugs

The concern for the environment and health that has permeated in various sectors in recent years has also taken hold in Italy in the home furnishings sector and in particular for carpets and rugs.

it has been studied that the materials and substances used in processing the ...

4.4 Prices

The consumer price of carpets, COICOP code **** "carpets and other floor coverings" had the following trend during the five-year period ****-****:

CPI Rating for Carpets and Rugs Italy, ****-****, in Index Base **** = *** Source: ****

As you can evenice from the graph, the price is practically constant with no major variations, a symptom ...


5.1 Regulatory framework

Manufacturers of carpets and rugs may be required to comply with the following applicable regulations:

EN **-* Mechanical and Physical Properties: the purpose of this standard is to prevent a product from tearing too quickly. EN **-* Flammability: the purpose of this standard is to prevent the rapid spread of flames. EN ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • IKEA Italia
  • Interface
  • Milliken Textile
  • Adriani e Rossi Edizioni Srl
  • Oriental Weavers
  • Tai Ping Carpets
  • Tarkett Group
  • Dixie Group, Inc.
  • Victoria Plc
  • Sartori Rugs

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