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The greengrocer's market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition

The early produce market covers the production, harvesting and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. Early marketers market fruit and vegetables sourced from wholesalers or local growers.

Les primeurs are the third-largest fruit and vegetable distribution channel in France, and account for a tiny share of market sales, far behind supermarkets. Out-of-home consumption and producers' own consumption round out the sources of fruit and vegetable consumption in France.

The early produce business appears to be on a very positive trend, with sales almost doubling in eight years. This dynamic is all the more impressive given that the French fruit and vegetable market is not following quite the same trend.

France imports a significant proportion of its fruit and vegetables, not only to compensate for a climate that is not conducive to the cultivation of certain foods, but also to meet a diverse demand.

On average, French households buy around 80 kg of fresh fruit and 86 kg of fresh vegetables each year, for a budget of over 460 euros per household. French households, concerned about food quality and environmental issues, are buying more of their fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer, which is helping the channel to gain market share.

Highly fragmented and highly competitive, the early produce market is still dominated by a handful of wholesalers in its distribution segment, with nearly half of all fresh fruit and vegetables distributed in France by wholesalers on and off the market.

The early produce market remains intrinsically subject to the vagaries of climate and weather, which explains the occasional surge in prices, not to mention the international economic situation, the price of raw materials and fuel, and so on. Players in the early produce market are seeking to position themselves in the organic sector, which has now become an essential part of the food sector.

1.2 The world early produce market: current situation and main characteristics

Trends in the value of global fruit and vegetable production World, ****-**** FAO

the value of fruit and vegetable production has risen by **% in ** years.

The early produce market comprises two segments: the sale of fresh fruit in specialized stores and the sale of fresh vegetables in specialized stores. According to ...

1.3 Growth in the fruit and vegetable market and dynamism in the fresh produce business

Fruit and vegetable production has increased significantly in value in recent years, while production volume has fallen slightly. Despite this downward quantitative trend, the value of produce remains high, reflecting sustained market demand. In this context, early produce seems to benefit from this dynamic, capitalizing on the constant demand for fresh ...

1.4 Foreign trade: France remains a net importer

France is a net importer of fruit and vegetables, with a coverage rate that tends to remain remarkably stable. Despite the richness of its agricultural terroir, growing demand throughout the year and the diversity of food preferences among French consumers have led the country to depend in part on imports to ...


2.1 Fruit and vegetable consumption

Purchasing criteria for fresh fruit and vegetables France, ****, in percent Franceagrimer

The seasonality of the product seems to remain the main criterion for buying fresh fruit and vegetables for the French, with **%, although it is closely followed by provenance with **%. These are major issues for consumers, not least as a result ...

2.2 Booming consumption of organic products

Agence Bio reports on a survey of French consumers of organic produce. This survey, which we'll be using throughout the application section, concerns all organic products, but it shows that **% of regular organic consumers (***) consume organic fruit and vegetables, so the more general results of this survey, reported here, remain very ...

2.3 Lower consumption of animal proteins

A drop in French meat consumption partly due to awareness-raising campaigns

While **% of proteins consumed in France are of animal origin, the trend is clearly downward. French eating and consumption habits are changing. By ****, **% of French people are ready to reduce the amount of animal protein they consume [***]. In addition, actions ...


3.1 The role of greengrocers in the fruit and vegetable sector

The fruit and vegetable sales sector is organized around the following players:

Producers Wholesalers and traders Local networks and short distribution channels Specialized distributors and greengrocers Mass retailers (***)

Specialized fruit and vegetable distribution value chain

3.2 Les primeurs, France's third-largest fruit and vegetable distribution channel

In terms of sales of fresh fruit and vegetables, the early produce sector lags far behind supermarket distribution. In fact, supermarkets, hypermarkets and own-brand supermarkets(***) alone will account for over **% of sales in ****.

Breakdown of household fruit and vegetable consumption by distribution channel France, ****, in Franceagrimer

Early produce accounts for *% of ...

3.3 The primeur market is highly fragmented

The primeur market is made up of two types of players: independents and primeurs operating under the same banner. The independents make up the bulk of the retail fabric, and are often found in city centers. However, fresh produce superstores are a real threat, as they enjoy both a good image ...

3.4 Geographical distribution of primeurs in France



4.1 Breakdown of production and products preferred by the French

French fruit and vegetable production

According to FranceAgriMer, France produced *,***,*** tonnes of vegetables in ****, from a cultivated area of ***,*** hectares divided into ***** farms, and *,***,*** tonnes of fruit grown on ***,*** hectares.

Breakdown by volume of most consumed vegetables France, ****, % (***) Source: ****

Fruits most popular with French consumers France, ****, % Source: FranceAgriMer LSA and Toluna Potatoes ...

4.2 Organic and conventional fruit and vegetable prices

Every year, the Familles rurales association conducts a survey on the price and consumption of fruit and vegetables in France. TheObservatoire du prix des fruits et légumes à l'été **** provides us with very precise information, some of which will be relayed in this section.

Fruit prices:

The table below reports ...


5.1 Hygiene package and sanitary supervision

There's no diploma required to work as a greengrocer, although training courses such as the CAP primeur and Certificats de Qualification Professionnelle are available. Essential skills include in-depth knowledge of distribution channels, products and customer preferences, as well as rigorous order and stock management. Good interpersonal skills, availability and excellent health ...


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The greengrocer's market - France

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