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the fruit juice market

Update 24/10/2019


1.1 Definition and scope of study

A fruit juice is defined as a liquid or a drink made by pressing or crushing fruit . It can be totally natural (100% fruit-based) or produced via a mixture of fruit, water and other chemicals in the factory. Therefore, the market is divided into 4 main categories :

  • The pure juices fruit juices whose substance is entirely composed of pressed fruit without the addition of any carbohydrates or additives
  • Smoothies These are drinks made from fruit purees without any further addition.
  • Concentrated juices They are fruit juices produced from concentrated juices and water. The main objective of the concentration is to improve and simplify the transport of the juice, its storage and preservation.
  • Fruit nectars These are fruit juices or purées mixed with water and sugar.

In the soft drinks market, which is growing only slightly, the fruit juice segment is struggling to develop in France, despite recurring innovations and modern distribution channels (juice bars, for example). The smoothies segment has experienced the best growth rate in recent years.


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