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1 Market summary

1.1 Presentation and definition of the soft drink market

Soft drinks include all gaseous and non-alcoholic drinks (max 1%). They are preserved by sugar, carbon dioxide or pasteurization. The soft drinks market is therefore a sub-segment of the beverage industry, and includes a large number of product categories, among the most popular:

  • Fruit juices
  • Syrups
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Iced teas

Historically, this type of beverage appeared in 1832 when John Matthews developed a machine to mix water, gas, and flavourings together. Dr Pepper is the oldest soft drink brand still on sale today, since it was created in 1885 (although it was very quickly followed by Coca Cola, then Pepsi).

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Latest news

Coopérative U ready to double its supply of 100% U pork - 24/06/2024
Food: Intermarché turns its 56 plants to fresh produce and vegetables - 10/06/2024
  • Agromousquetaires is France's fourth or fifth-largest agrifood group, focusing on beef and pork with its slaughterhouses.
  • 56 plants and sales of 4.7 billion euros, up 7% year-on-year,
  • The group owns the last French diaper factory.
  • The industrial division produces 75% for Intermarché's own brands (Monique Ranou charcuterie, Jean Rozé meat, Pâturages dairy products, etc.).
  • The fishing fleet, the largest in France with 15 boats
How Intermarché intends to achieve a 20% market share - 16/05/2024
  • - Reopening of 35 supermarkets under the Intermarché or Netto banners
  • - Number of supermarkets and hypermarkets acquired from Casino in the southeast: 65 supermarkets, 10 hypermarkets
  • - Number of supermarkets and hypermarkets acquired from Casino in Rhône-Alpes: 56 supermarkets, 4 hypermarkets
  • - Current Intermarché market share in 2023: 16.7
  • - Intermarché short-term target market share: 18.5
  • - Intermarché's medium-term target market share: around 20%
  • - Total number of outlets to be transformed: 294, comprising 257 supermarkets and 37 hypermarkets
  • - Number of integrated ex-Casino employees: 10,000
Thierry Cotillard (Les Mousquetaires): "We want to become invulnerable" - 29/02/2024
  • - 300 integrated Casino stores and 10,000 employees
  • - Group sales of €52.9 billion in 2023 (including fuel), up 7.8%
  • - Group sales of €39.9 billion in 2023 (excluding fuels), up 10%
  • - Intermarché sales of €28.8 bn (excluding fuels), up 8.8%
  • - Netto sales of €1.6 billion (excluding fuels), up 15.7%
  • - Agromousquetaires sales up 7% to €4.7 billion
  • - Sales of €3.4 bn for the DIY division (Bricomarché, Bricorama, Brico Cash, Tridôme, Bricoprivé.com and Racetools), stable
  • - Sales of €359m for mobility banners (Roady, Rapid Pare-Brise), up 4.3% (including fuel)
Growth for Système U via central purchasing bodies in Europe - 16/02/2024
  • Système U was founded 130 years ago.
  • Today, the cooperative has 1,726 stores.
  • In 2023, the penetration rate among French households was 41.3%, with an average shopping basket of 41 euros.
  • Système U has a market share of 11.8%.
  • Leaders Leclerc and Carrefour have over 20% market share.
  • In 2023, Système U posted sales of 26 billion euros, up 8.4%.
  • The online site generated sales of 1.2 billion euros, up 14%.
  • By 2023, the network will have 57 new U stores.
  • The Group also has 132 stores outside mainland France, including 9 new ones in Africa.
  • The small convenience stores, U Express and Utile, are also expanding in France, and will soon exceed a thousand units.
Système U: 8.4% sales growth by 2023 - 15/02/2024
  • - Sales growth excluding fuel in 2023: +8.4%
  • - Year-on-year increase in market share: +0.2 points
  • - Number of store openings in one year: 21
  • - Number of new customers in one year: 36
  • - Sales incl. VAT and fuel in one year: 33.18 billion euros (+7.2%)
  • - Sales incl. VAT excl. fuel in one year: 25.89 billion euros (+8.4%)
  • - Details of sales area extensions: - 21 new stores - 36 new stores - 2 transfers - 35 extensions.

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners France CCEP
Orangina Schweppes France
Fever Tree
Breizh Cola
Intermarché ITM Les Mousquetaires
Système U
Nestlé Waters
Beam Suntory
Geyer Frères (Lorina)

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