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The childcare market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the market

The childcare market mainly concerns the care of children under the age of 3.

Whether it is home-based services or not, competition is very fierce between the players, who are organized as follows:

  • Collective care: this is done in public crèches or private crèches. The establishments included are the crèche (especially in pre-school), the drop-in centers, the kindergartens or the multi-care establishments;
  • Maternal assistance;
  • Home childcare : This last type of childcare is one of the activities of the home help market.

Nursery assistants emphasize the individual approach to the relationship with the child, while collective care and crèches emphasize their socialization capacities. they are the ones who provide the services of a childcare provider (e.g., drop-in daycare, kindergarten, etc.).). One of thene of the main challenges in the childcare sector is professionalization. A large part of this activity is carried out by the parents themselves or by undeclared service providers.

The birth rate is trending downward in Europe, but France is doing rather well compared to its neighbors despite a 10% drop over the last six years.

Although the number of births is falling in France, the capacity of childcare facilities is still not sufficient to meet the demand. Indeed, the theoretical capacity corresponds to a little more than half of the children.

The Covid-19 crisis has strongly impacted this market, closing most of the childcare centers during the first confinement and reopening little by little for the so-called "priority" children, i.e. the children of the medical profession, teachers or single-parent families or those who cannot exercise their profession at home.

1.2 The European market

France is one of the European countries where childcare is the least expensive: on average, the monthly cost of childcare in France is €*** (***).

Monthly cost of individual care in Europe Europe, ****, in € / month Source: ****

The countries where the aid is the most important in proportion are the Netherlands (***). The implementation of ...

1.3 The French market

According to the Fédération du Service aux Particuliers, the childcare market was worth €*.* billion in France in ****.[***]

This market has been growing significantly since ****, as shown in the chart below representing the number of companies registered under NAF code **.**A - Childcare.

Number of companies registered under NAF code ...

1.4 The Impact of Covid-19 on the Child Care Market

In ****, the birth rate is at its lowest since ****. During this year marked by the health crisis, women have an average of *.* children compared to *.* in **** .[***]

The Covid-** pandemic has had a strong impact on everyone, especially during the initial containment period when families' daily lives are disrupted by the total ...


2.1 The structure of children's families

The structure of children's families is another central component of child care demand: depending on their situation, not all families have the same child care needs. For example, a single-parent family will have greater child care needs on average than a couple. In ****, couples still represented the majority of families: **.*% of ...

2.2 Childcare preferences

Parents of children under ** make relatively little use of outside child care. As the following graph shows, **% of parents do not provide childcare. The chart also shows that nearly one-third of children under ** are cared for by people or organizations outside the home. However, our study focuses on the youngest children, ...

2.3 A market that eases the burden on mothers' working lives

This market is essential to the continuity of mothers' professional lives, as childcare allows them to continue working after the birth of a baby.

Nevertheless, women's careers continue to be impacted by becoming mothers. Indeed, while *% of male executives state that the main consequence of the family "burden" is a reduction ...


3.1 Childcare facilities

The focus here is on childcare providers for children under * years old.

In ****, there were more than **,*** childcare facilities in France, distributed as follows:

More than **,*** multi-accueil structures *** micro-crèches *** family day care centers *** parental day care centers

Number of childcare facilities by type France, ****, in number of places Source: ****

Multi-care ...

3.2 The rise of franchises in the home care market

In France, many companies in the home help market are developing as franchises. According to Toute la Franchisea number of networks exist in France and are positioned either on the multiservice segment, including childcare, or on the specialized segment for elderly and dependent peopleHistorically, the home help market in France was ...

3.3 Other childcare providers in France

The weight of the undeclared network between individuals remains high in France

The rate of "moonlighting" work is in the range of **% to **% of total childcare in France according to Les Echos in ****.

The rise of digital platforms

In recent years, we have seen the rise and affirmation of platforms as ...


4.1 Types of child care benefits

As previously mentioned in the section dedicated to market players, there are a multitude of forms of childcare in France. It is also important to note that childcare is not a solely commercial activity: in fact, in ****, **% of children under * years of age were mostly looked after by their parents and ...

4.2 Regional disparities in prices

Nevertheless, there are very strong geographical disparities in the pricing of childcare services.

On the map below, we can see the differences in the hourly price of the daycare center according to the French region. Not surprisingly, Ile-de-France and Corsica are the regions where this service is the most expensive.

For ...


5.1 Incentive regulation

There are a number of aids available to families to help them look after their young children (***) :

Tax reductions

Families can benefit from tax reductions of **% on the salaries paid to service providers.

Local aid directly administered by the local authorities Assistance from the CAF

The CAF offers a "Complement de ...


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Reviews (3)

Reviews (3)

The childcare market - France

Publicado en 20/04/2023 by Romain Gallego - 21Grams

Services sérieux, les analyses sont très bien présentées. L’équipe est sérieuse. J’ai commandé une étude qui était en mise à jour, une personne de l’équipe m’a contacté directement pour me donner la disponibilité prochaines. Délai tenu et avertit de la disponibilité. Je recommande ! 4 études achetées pas de déception.

The childcare market - France

Publicado en 05/01/2022 by Camille Carlier - TULIPP Conseil

L'étude permet d'avoir un bon aperçu du secteur.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci Camille pour votre retour :)

The childcare market - France

Publicado en 17/02/2021 by Jean philippe Aboab - Pharmefficare

Very precise and documented market research, especially on the sub-segments of this market

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Jean-Philippe, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to read that the content and structure of the study have completely satisfied you. :)

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