the youth press market


1.1 Presentation of the youth press market

The youth press market covers all print media titles aimed at a specific target group public under 18 years of age

Historically, the first periodical for young people in France, entitled the Education Journal is published in July 1768. The youth press developed in the second half of the 19th century, then evolved in the 20th century with technological progress and in particular the appearance of the image. In 1934 is published Mickey's Diary which is considered to date to be the oldest French magazine for young people still in operation. Today, the youth press has a very wide variety of publications in three main genres educational , distractive , teenager

The youth newspaper market can be segmented by age category

  • the awakening press (0-6 years old)
  • the childhood press (6-9 years old)
  • the junior press (8 years and)
  • the teenage press (12 years old and)

While the French and European print media markets are constantly shrinking, as shown by the significant decline in physical sales of newspapers and magazines, the youth press resists distribution problems, however

The French market, which shines each year, particularly during the organization of the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse, is very important concentrated and dominated by three national leaders : Bayard presse/Milan, Disney Hachette Presse and Fleurus presse

The market has several levels of seasonality and to cyclicity . First, reading times during the week are concentrated on Wednesdays and weekends. Second, school holidays are the best time to read and reading times are often longer than during the rest of the school year

Despite the craze for digital media and the phenomenon of hyper-connection, young people are fond of youth magazines. Reading is one of their favourite activities when they are alone (for young people aged 1 to 19). Pulled by a extremely diverse offer between monthly and daily, or the retention of readers through subscription-based offers the market remains dynamic.

Digital technology also represents a real growth driver for the youth press market. Through the development of sites or applications the various publishers offer their works in digital format or even some exclusive contents sometimes completing those papers

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