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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Manga are books halfway between comic strips and American comics. A category in its own right, a manga can be recognized by certain characteristics that distinguish it from traditional Franco-Belgian comics:

  • Manga is read from right to left,
  • Drawings are generally in black and white,
  • They are often published episode by episode.

Born in Japan during the modernizing and nationalist Meiji era, the first mangas were inspired by European cartoons and published in newspapers. Influenced by post-war American comics, mangaka began to draw their manga in the form we know today. Imported into France in the 1980s and translated by Glénat, they enjoyed growing success with iconic titles such as Dragon Ball and One Piece. Publishing houses, mostly French, gradually established themselves and cornered the market. Publishers are issuing tomes, a collection of chapters usually published weekly in Japan. Usually, a manga's story is broken down into arcs told over several chapters.

However, there are sub-genres within manga. The most common, with their target audience, are :

  • Shônen (boys under 15 - action and adventure)
  • Seinen (teenagers aged 15 to 24 - action and psychology)
  • Shôjo (girls aged 10 to 18 - romance)
  • Josei (adult women - romance and action)

The French manga market faces a number of challenges, such as the growing prevalence of digital technology for books, comics, etc., which makes pirated versions of manga freely available and threatens the ecosystem. The main mission of the new mangas is to appeal to the new generation, born after 2000 and 2010, and perpetuate the craze that had been created among previous generations.the challenge seems to have been met, with the French market doubling in value between 2020 and 2021.

1.2 The global market: the case of Japan and the rise of Korea

The case of Japan:

According to the AJPEA (***), the manga market in Japan regained some color from **** onwards, with growth of **.**% in value between **** and ****. The covid pandemic was beneficial for the manga market, as evidenced by the market 's exceptional **.**% growth in value between **** and **** .

The market value of ***.* billion ...

1.3 A growing French market that has expanded rapidly since the Covid crisis.

France is considered the world's second-largest manga market by volume, according to the press. [***]. While this information is difficult to verify, it nevertheless remains true that France is one of the largest markets for this product, as demonstrated by the popularity of manga in France.

Development of the Comics/Manga sub-sector ...


2.1 Consumer typology

Consumer typology:

According to a joint study by GFK - Growth From Knowledge - and the Syndicat National de l'Édition, in ****, the average buyer is characterized by his or her young age - more than **% of readers are under ** - and by its tendency to be more male - **% of ...

2.2 The rise of scantrad

Any cultural work can be stolen and copied. Illegal downloading has made headlines in the media, with Game of Thrones breaking records in this area. Manga is no exception to this phenomenon, quite the contrary. Scantrad is a process that involves scanning pages from chapters published in Japan in specialized magazines ...

2.3 A booming market driven by new works.

A market that seemed to be running out of steam is once again dynamic:

If before the covid period the manga market seemed to be running out of steam, with stagnant growth and a drop in the number of "manga" searches on the Internet - see graph below - it now ...


3.1 Market organization: Value chain and player margins

Currently fragmented into a number of players in France, the manga market is a sub-section of the publishing market as a whole. As a result, a few major groups have positioned themselves against others, independent or not necessarily successful in emerging, whose market shares remain minor.

A study by MangaMag shows ...

3.2 Distribution and broadcasting

Representing more than half the sales costs of a manga volume, distribution and diffusion play an essential role in the book chain. The first stage is completed by distributors and diffusers. These are large companies with substantial sales - €*** million for Interforum Editis. This concentration is somewhat forced, since the role ...

3.3 Main publishing houses

Source: ****

This market is controlled by a few major publishing groups, such as Glénat and Pika Éditions, whose main activity is not necessarily manga distribution. Other independent publishers also share a relatively small share of the market - **.*% in ****.

3.4 Conventions: a privileged means of communication

The main conventions take place in Paris

Paris Manga is a bi-annual convention that attracts ***,*** people every year. Traditionally held at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, the latest edition was held at Paris Nord, Villepinte. Celebrating Japanese culture in its entirety - manga, anime, merchandise, music and fashion - numerous ...

3.5 The gradual growth of French manga

French-style manga, also known as Manfra or Franga, are comics produced by French-speaking authors whose work is inspired by the codes of Asian comics.

The manfra segment is very young, but is only just beginning to develop. In ****, out of *** mangas sold by Glénat, only ten or so were by ...


4.1 Types of manga

Manga is sold in volumes, each containing several chapters. The story of a manga is broken down into arcs, each sold in one or more volumes. The story thus has a meaning, and generally continues chronologically. There are several categories of manga:

Kodomo, aimed at children under **, the story is often ...

4.2 Prices

Impact of rising paper prices on manga prices:

Because of the inflation in the price of paper (***), which already represented *% to *% of the price of a book,[***], the price of manga has risen. Depending on the publisher, it has risen by around ** centimes to * euros. The price of * euros appears to ...

4.3 Sales rankings and comparison with Japan

Sales rankings in France in **** :

Source: ****

Several trends stand out in this best-seller ranking:

The predominance of historical series: One piece and Naruto appear in the ranking, while Naruto, released in ****, and One Piece, released in ****, are among the oldest mangas on the French market. While One Piece has still not ...


5.1 Regulatory framework

Manga meets the tax definition of a book: "a book is defined as a printed set, illustrated or not, published under a title, the purpose of which is the reproduction of a work of the mind by one or more authors for the purposes of teaching, the dissemination of thought and ...

5.2 Growing scantrad regulations

The excesses of certain readers, and in particular scantrad, which represents a gigantic loss for Japanese publishing houses, have led them to take action against the illegal distribution of chapters. Shûeisha, Japan's leading manga publisher, has promised to deal "severely with any illegal copies found on the Internet".

The first ...


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Reviews (2)

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The manga market - France

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