The toothpaste market

Update 30/09/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the toothpaste market

Toothpaste is a a paste, gel or abrasive and antiseptic powder to clean teeth using a toothbrush, for health and aesthetic reasons

The first toothpastes on the market appeared in the 19th century th century and it was in 1896, in New York, that Colgate

The toothpaste market is a sub-segment of the oral hygiene market itself a segment of the hygiene and cosmetics market

The global toothpaste market is a relatively mature but growing market where dynamism is driven by innovation and product renewal

The French market, like the world market, is largely dominated by leading brands owned by large groups and where sales are in principle made in supermarkets (hyper and supermarkets)

The French still have some progress to make in terms of dental hygiene habits This is proof that the sector is growing. The toothpaste market is also not immune to the appeal for organic and natural products .



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