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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The profession of dentist (or dental surgeon) is the practice of odontology, i.e. the study and care of the dental organ, the jawbone and related tissues.

In France, this profession is marked by a true liberal tradition, with 83.2% of dentists being self-employed (exclusive self-employed + mixed), creating a competitive market in this field.this creates a competitive market in this sector of medicine, where hospital activity is very limited. However, this proportion has been falling steadily for several years (from 90.6% in 2010 to 83.2% in 2023), while the total number of dentists is rising steadily (+12% between 2010 and 2023)[Drees]. In addition, the majority of dental surgeons are grouped within structures that can be of 4 types: SCM, SCP, SELARL and SISA.

The global market is driven by greater attention to personal hygiene, and by an ageing world population: between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of people over 60 in the world will double, according to the WHO. In 2022, it is estimated at433.2 billion US dollars, and should continue to grow at a CAGR(combined annual growth rate) of 4.5% over the period 2023-2030 . This growth is also due to the fact that emerging and developing countries are seeing an ever-increasing proportion of their populations access dental care, as in the case of theSoutheast Asian market, which is forecast to grow the fastest between 2023 and 2030 (5.7% CAGR). Even so, the global dental care market remains dominated by developed countries, with the USA currently holding a 48.3% share. [Grand View Research]

Concentrated in metropolitan France and major cities, the French market will have 45,249 dentists on January 1, 2023[Drees]. like the global market, the French market is growing, but has been hard hit by the health crisis. dental fees, for example,rose by 12% between 2011 and 2019, then fell by 8% in 2020, beforerising again by 24% between 2020 and 2022, reaching around 13.5 billion euros .[Drees]

The largest segments of the national market are dentures and dental and conservative care, which account for 51.2% and 18.2% of total care respectively. By far the biggest funders of this care are complementary organizations, which cover 45. 1% of expenditure. [Drees]

The French market is mainly driven by an ageing population, an overall improvement in oral health and government intervention. Cost remains the main obstacle to French consumption. However, measures introduced by the Conventions nationales des chirurgiens-dentistes signed in June 2018 and July 2023 aim to facilitate access to dental care and promote conservative care to encourage prevention.

1.2 The global market: growth driven by emerging countries and an ageing population

The global dental care market is estimated to be worth US$***.* billion in ****, and should continue to grow at a CAGR (***) of *.*% over the period ****-****, reaching a value of US$***.* billion in **** . This market thus continues to grow, even after being hit by a sharp recession in ****. Growth is being ...

1.3 The French market: accelerating growth

The Covid-** pandemic had a significant impact on the dental care market. Indeed, the two containment periods (***) led many patients to postpone non-urgent care, especially dental care. However, since these treatments were postponed rather than cancelled, there was a catch-up mechanism in the market in **** and ****. In the graph below, we ...

1.4 The Covid-19 effect

Dentists were at a virtual standstill from March ** to May *, ****. The Covid-** epidemic and the resulting measures led to a drop in dental surgeon activity , as illustrated in the graph below. Reimbursements for out-of-home dental care by private dentists fell from around *** million euros in February **** to just ** million in April ...


2.1 Demand drivers: ageing and oral health

Dentists' patients: the age factor

In ****, **.*% of the French population will be working[***].

Composition of the French population France, ****, in Source: ****

However, in ****, **% of dentists' patients will be working, **% minors and **% retired. [***]

Typical dental practice patient base France, ****, in % Source : Fiducial It therefore appears that the older people get, the more ...

2.2 Persistent obstacles to dental treatment

Harris Interactive carried out a study commissioned by Eurodentaire en **** entitled Les Français, les soins dentaires et la mobilité médicale (***) on a sample of *,*** people, representative of the French population aged ** and over. A total of **% of French people said they had had toforego dental treatment over the past ...


3.1 Dentist profile

Identity On January *, ****,there were **,*** dental surgeons registered in France[***] In ****, **% of dentists will be men and **% will be women. The feminization rate of the profession has thus increased, since in ****, **% of dentists were women. Furthermore, in ****, **% of dentists in the **-** age group are women, compared with **% in the **-** ...

3.2 Macroeconomic structure of dental practices

It also appears that the proportion of self-employed dentists has been falling steadily for several years(***). Growth in the number of dentists France, ****-****, in units Source : Drees Dentists and dental practices are registered under NAF code **.**Z : Dental practice. As shown in the graph below, the number of establishments registered ...

3.3 Financing current healthcare expenditure

The chart below describes the players financing the DCS (***), which accounts for three quarters of current healthcare expenditure, as well as long-term care, daily allowances, individual and collective preventive expenditure, expenditure on the healthcare system and the cost of managing the healthcare system.s, individual and collective preventive spending, spending on ...

3.4 Geographical distribution of dentists

The graph below shows the density of dentists in each region per ***,*** inhabitants in ****, i.e. the average number of dentists per ***,*** inhabitants. Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur(***) have the lowest densities. The density of dentists is therefore higher in the south of France and in the Paris region, and lower in the ...

3.5 Microeconomic structure of a dental practice

TheFiducial Observatoire des chirurgiens-dentistes provides an overview of the structure of a dental practice on a microeconomic scale, based on a sample of *** dental practices surveyed in ****. On average, the revenues of dental practices break down as follows: purchases of dental prostheses and supplies are the main cost(***) account for **% and ...


4.1 Types and prices of dental procedures

There are different types of dental care, broken down as follows. In ****, **.*% of dental care provided by dentists will involve dentures. Dental and conservative treatments account for **.*% of consumption. This is followed by orthodontics(***).

Breakdown of private dental procedures France, ****, in Source: ****

More specifically, the table below provides a detailed overview ...

4.2 Price trends for dental care

As previously stated, dental care consumption will reach **.* billion euros in ****, up +*.*% on ****. In that year, dental care had already risen sharply (***), boosted by the ***% healthcare reform and the resumption of post-confinement activity . In ****, the increase can therefore be explained by the rise in volume (***), following the upward revision of prices ...


5.1 Regulations

General conditions of practice

To practice as a dental surgeon, you must be registered with the Order of Dental Surgeons. Registration must be requested from the Conseil départemental de l'Ordre.

TheOrdre national des chirurgiens-dentistes provides further information on the conditions of practice.

The main conditions are as follows:

Hold a ...

5.2 New features of the 2018-2023 and 2023-2028 national dental surgeons' agreements

On June **, ****, a national agreement for dental surgeons had already been reached between the Union nationale des caisses d'assurance maladie (***). The full text is available here.

The main objectives of the measures adopted were to rebalance the activity of dental surgeons over the long term, byin the direction of increasing the ...


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Reviews (2)

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A very precise and detailed study of this market, driven by the strong growth of this disease in the world

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Hello Amaury, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to read that the content of the study has fully met your expectations. :)

The Parapharmacy Market - France

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Clear and concise generic study. Well documented. However, I would have liked to see that the actors' files at the end of the report corresponded precisely to those stated in the report.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello, Thank you for your feedback on our study. We are planning to update it taking into account your remarks, we will keep you informed as soon as it is available.

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