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The global dental implant and prosthesis market is growing steadily, with an expectation to expand at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2022 to 2028, with the market value projected to rise from an estimated $5.74 billion in 2022 to $8.91 billion by 2028. The market is driven by several factors, including the aging population, increased disposable income, a rise in dental caries cases, and advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, dental tourism, supported by globalization, has allowed patients in developed countries to seek affordable dental care in emerging nations. Despite the robust growth, the French dental prosthesis market has seen minimal growth and a reduced number of employees. France's dental market, while also dealing with the challenges of international competition and CAD innovations, has shown some resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic with a catch-up mechanism in 2021 and 2022 after initial postponements of dental treatments and the curb on dental tourism. The national market for medical, surgical, and dental equipment manufacturing in France continued its growth trajectory to reach 9.19 billion euros in 2022, with an annual growth rate of 2.93%. Dental care consumption in France saw a significant 22.5% increase in value in 2021 compared to the previous year, reaching 13.9 billion euros. The French sector is however facing production challenges with around a 7.4% decrease in companies and an 8.3% increase in employees from 2016 to 2022, suggesting a market consolidation and competitiveness constraints. Dental tourism remains a factor for the French market, impacting both demand and production dynamics.

Evolving Trends in the Dental Implant and Prosthesis Market

The dental implant and prosthesis market in France is experiencing a dynamic interplay of growth and challenges. The sector is witnessing a steady climb in global market projections. This promising trajectory is underscored by consistent advancements and innovations by key manufacturers. Dental implants, crucial for replacing natural roots in jawbones, and the accompanying prostheses, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, are moving towards diversification. This trend implies that manufacturers are not just focusing on implants but also branching out into imaging, orthodontics, and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to streamline and internationalize production processes.

Demand analysis indicates significant factors propelling the market. Among them, an aging population in developed countries presents a prominent customer base; between 2019 and 2050, the number of elderly people is projected to hike from approximately 90.5 million to 130 million. Additionally, the rise in disposable incomes allows more individuals to afford these dental solutions. The prevalence of dental caries due to changing diets, along with the cosmetics industry's influence on dental aesthetic standards, further bolsters demand. In France, the domestic dental prostheses market encounters slow growth with a subtle decline in workforce numbers. However, the larger domain of manufacturing medical, surgical, and dental equipment has shown resilient growth despite a slight downturn during the pandemic.

On the international stage, North America leads in market share, but European countries like Italy and Germany are pivotal players, with a robust number of prosthetic labs and technicians. Asia-Pacific is a fast-growing contender, likely to exceed Europe in market share in the foreseeable future. French manufacturers face international competition and the growing phenomenon of 'dental tourism', where individuals opt for cheaper services outside the country. The increasing popularity of CAD contributes to this by enabling international production capabilities. Furthermore, healthcare reforms and reimbursement policies deeply influence the market dynamics.

Particularly in France, the dental implant market was significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as treatments were deferred. Nevertheless, travel restrictions might have curtailed dental tourism, potentially benefiting domestic services. France's import and export data reflect a robust trade in dental appliances and implants, noting a considerable negative trade balance. Most notably, French imports of dental prostheses and artificial teeth rose significantly from between €10 and €15 billion in 2017 to between €35 millions in the last years.

Key Players Shaping the Dental Implant and Prosthesis Market Landscape

The dental implant and prosthesis market hosts a dynamic array of companies, specializing in various aspects of dental restoration, from material production to the creation of technologically advanced implants and prosthetic devices. Notable leaders in the industry include Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, Dentsply Sirona, and Global D, each adding unique value to the market through their products and services.

  • Straumann - Pioneering Dental Solutions As a household name in the dental market, Straumann stands out as a global frontrunner. Renowned for their high-quality dental implants, prosthetic components, and digital solutions, they provide a broad spectrum of products to meet diverse dental needs. They have a strong reputation for reliability and innovation, and their extensive research and development efforts keep them at the cutting edge of dental implant technologies.
  • Nobel Biocare - Advancing Aesthetic Dentistry Nobel Biocare is another key player, with a sterling track record in developing state-of-the-art implants that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. They are widely acclaimed for their contribution to advancing implant-based dental restorations and are dedicated to fostering clinical education to ensure the effective use of their products.
  • Zimmer Biomet - Integration and Efficiency in Implantology Zimmer Biomet is recognized for its comprehensive dental implant and regenerative product lines which facilitate complex dental procedures. Their portfolio is designed to achieve natural-looking results, higher patient comfort, and long-term success, making them a preferred brand for many practitioners.
  • Dentsply Sirona - Redefining Prosthodontic Precision Dentsply Sirona's impact on the prosthodontic market is significant, given their leadership in providing end-to-end clinical solutions. From dental implants to professional education, they aim to enhance patient care through innovative technologies and are particularly noteworthy for their CAD/CAM systems that revolutionize dental prosthetics fabrication.
  • Global D (Tekka and Serf) - Tailoring Implant Excellence Global D, incorporating brands like Tekka and Serf, has made a mark with its comprehensive range of implant systems and biomaterials. Focused on tailor-made solutions, their product assortment accommodates various bone densities and promotes optimized osseointegration, demonstrating their commitment to personalized patient care. These players, among others in the industry, collectively contribute to the vibrancy and continual evolution of the dental implant and prosthesis market. Their diverse
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1 Market overview

1.1 Study scope and definition

The dental implant and prosthesis market encompasses the manufacture, distribution and fitting of devices designed to restore and re-establish the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition.

Dental implants are artificial metal roots implanted in the jawbone to replace natural roots. They require a prosthetic abutment, which connects the implant to the dental crown. Different types of implant are possible, such as endosseous, subperiosteal and zygomatic. Dental implant manufacturers mainly serve hospitals and dental clinics. The global market for dental implants is growing steadily, and is expected to continue expanding by 5% a year until 2028 . The French market, also growing, is concentrated around a few major manufacturers who supply the majority of implants to practitioners. A major trend in the sector is the diversification of implant manufacturers into areas such as imaging and orthodontics. This strategy aims to become a preferred partner for dental practices.

At the same time, the market for dental prostheses also aims to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition. Various types of dentures are available, including metal, synthetic resin, ceramic and zirconia. Fixed prostheses are the most common on the market, followed by removable prostheses, but laboratories are increasingly diversifying their activities and expertise. This market involves the laboratories that design the prostheses, the dental practices that are their customers, and the end patients . In France, the dental prostheses market has seen virtually zero growth for several years, with a decline in the number of employees.

French players in these 2 markets face common challenges. The first is international competition, which is at the root of medical tourism. Services can be provided at lower cost in certain European countries, prompting the French to travel outside France to access cheaper services. The development of CAD (Computer-Aided Design ) is also contributing to theindustrialization of prosthesis manufacturing processes, and thus to the internationalization of prosthesis production.

Secondly, the market for dental implants and prostheses is closely linked to healthcare reforms and reimbursement conditions, which strongly influence supply and demand.

1.2 The global market

The global market for dental implants and prostheses is expected to expand at a CAGR of *.*% over the period ****-****. From an estimated $*.** billion in ****, the global market is expected to reach $*.** billion by ****.

Estimated growth in the global market for dental implants and prostheses World, ****-****, billions of dollars Source: ...

1.3 The domestic market

Medical, surgical and dental equipment manufacturing market

Trend in CNAE code **.**A - "Manufacture of medical, surgical and dental equipment" France, ****-****, in billions of euros Source : INSEE The market for the manufacture of medical, surgical and dental equipment will total *.** billion euros in ****, enjoying stable and continuous growth since **** despite ...

1.4 Imports and exports

HS.****** : Dental appliances; artificial teeth. HS.******: Dental appliances, other than artificial teeth, thus including dental implants.

Imports and exports HS code ****** France, ****-****, millions of euros Source: ****

Between **** and ****, French imports of dental prostheses and artificial teeth rose significantly, from **.* billion to **.** billion. At the same time, exports also increased, albeit ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Population and demographics

Global demographics

The United Nations predicts that by ****, the number of elderly people (***) in the world will have doubled, from *** million in **** to *.* billion. Their share of the world's population would thus increase from *,* % à **,* %.

An ageing population: already a reality...

Proportion of French population aged ** or over France, ****-****, in % Source: ...

2.2 Segmentation of demand for implants, prostheses and dental care

Demand can be analyzed from two angles:

Demand from end-consumers, i.e. patients on whom implants or appliances are placed (***). Demand from dental surgeons in charge of operations (***).

Patient demand for dental care

Dental care consumption comprises all fees paid to dentists, whether for conservative care (***) or dental prostheses. This indicator ...

2.3 Demand trends and developments

Reimbursement for dental prostheses

Overall, the high price of dental implants and prostheses in France, combined with low reimbursement levels, is holding back the development of this market.

For example, the graph below shows the difference in price for a complete dental implant (***) depending on the country chosen. As previously announced, ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market dynamics

Dental implant market value chain

Implant manufacturers are mainly medical device companies. The global market is fairly concentrated, with four major companies - Straumann, Danaher, Dentsply Sirona and Zimmer-Biomet - controlling over **% of total production. In France, the most popular dental implant brands are Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, Straumann, Dentsply Sirona and ...

3.2 Production

Dental implant manufacturing

Materials used to manufacture dental implants

Dental implants are screws used to replace missing teeth. Since they are implanted directly into the patient's bone, implants must be biocompatible to ensure that the patient does not react badly to the introduction of this foreign organism. The materials used in ...

3.3 Production challenges

Every year in France, around **% of dentures fitted come from abroad. The vast majority (***) are designed directly in France. Indeed, according to the UNPPD, even if importing prostheses reduces costs, it raises concerns about their quality and traceability.

Let's look at the evolution of national production through the number of companies ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Offer typology

The table opposite shows the different types of implants available:

Source: ****

Dentures can be either complete, when they replace all the teeth in an arch, or partial, when they replace only some of the teeth. The table below shows their main characteristics:

4.2 Prices

First of all, it's important to remember that an implant is used to screw in a false tooth, the crown, and also requires the installation of the abutment, which connects the two elements. So, in reality, buying an implant also means buying a crown and an abutment, which considerably increases the ...

4.3 Supply trends

Owandy Radiology defines the dental CAD/CAM chain (***) of a customized medical device. It therefore concerns all dentistry specialties involving custom-made medical devices.

Representation of a complete dental chain

Source: ****

The arrival of CAD (***) in the field of dental implants and prostheses represents a new supply trend in the dental market ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulations applicable to the dental implant and prosthesis markets

In France, the regulations governing dental implants and dentures are not exactly the same, although both are governed by laws and standards designed to ensure their quality, safety and efficacy.

Dental implants are considered active implantable medical devices, whereas dentures are considered custom-made medical devices, designed specifically for a patient.

The ...

5.2 The new dental agreement: a break with the past

from ****, a new dental agreement comes into force for a period of * years. It aims to limit patients abandoning care for financial reasons. It also adds and removes new CCAM codes to adapt to new healthcare products.

L'UNPPDregrets, for example, the creation of "pseudo-technical" labels, which encourage the development of low-cost ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

Dental implant segmentation

Dental prosthetics segmentation

  • Straumann
  • Dentsply Sirona France
  • Zimmer Biomet Dental France
  • Osstem Implant
  • Biotech Dental
  • Anthogyr
  • Lyra Dental
  • Global D
  • Danaher
  • Nobel Biocare (Groupe Envista)
  • Protilab
  • Labocast
  • Yuwei Dental
  • CPLD Midi-Pyrénées
  • Bego
  • OsteoCare Implant System Ltd
  • Aon Implants
  • Implants Diffusion International (IDI)
  • Dio Implant
  • Henry Schein Group

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Number of dental laboratories
  • Number of laboratory technicians
  • Geographical breakdown of the dental implant market
  • Dental prostheses market - Product segmentation
  • Estimated growth in the global market for dental implants and prostheses
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Latest news

Smilers manufactures custom-made dental aligners in France - 06/03/2023
  • Smilers sells 60% of its production in France, where it enjoys a market share of 10%
  • Presence in 80 countries
  • The global market for dental aligners is worth around $4.5 billion
  • 15% annual growth in demand in the USA, Europe and China
  • World leader is Align Technology, an American company with sales forecast to reach $4 billion by 2021
Biotech Dental joins forces with American Henry Schein to develop digital dentistry. - 20/12/2022
  • To create a world leader in digital dentistry
    • Henry Schein to acquire just over 50% of Biotech Dental
    • Chairman Philippe Véran will acquire just under 50% of Henry Schein Orthodontics, an $81 million subsidiary of the American giant.
    • He will remain Chairman of Biotech Dental and CEO of Henry Schein Orthodontics
  • Biotech Dental: sales of 110 million euros with 700 employees
  • Henry Schein one of the leading suppliers of equipment and consumables for healthcare professionals, present in over 80 countries (22,000 employees and sales of $12.4 billion in 2021)
  • Demand up nearly 20% to over $5 billion worldwide
  • Specialized subsidiary Smilers to achieve sales of 250 million euros in 2024
  • American Align Tec dominates the market

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Dentsply Sirona France
Zimmer Biomet Dental France
Osstem Implant
Biotech Dental
Lyra Dental
Global D
Nobel Biocare (Groupe Envista)

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