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Since 2020, the Spanish medical and dental instruments and supplies manufacturing sector has experienced fluctuations, with a slight decline of 2.65% to 2.061 billion euros in 2020. Despite this, overall sales for dentistry in Spain indicated a 16.25% increase from 2018 to 2022, with a notable recovery post-COVID. The global market for dental implants and prostheses is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2022 to 2028, reaching $8.911 billion. In Spain, there has been a 7.3% increase in sector employment during the same period.

Dentistry forms 16% of Spain's medical device market, with the sector showing price index growth from 98.69 in January 2019 to 102.86 in May 2023. Dental implant prices averaged around 1,450 euros, while dentures were around 460 to 1,200 euros. Public spending on dentistry dropped by 23%, while personal expenditure rose from 388.5 euros to 421 euros. Aging demographics also suggest increased future demand, hinting at an expanding and potentially more lucrative market in the coming years.

Trends and Dynamics in the Spanish Dental Care Market

In recent years, the Spanish dental care market has shown significant growth driven by a combination of demographic trends, increased awareness of dental health, and higher consumption of dental services. The aging population has been a crucial factor influencing demand in the dental care market. Between 2011 and 2022, the number of individuals aged 65 and over increased by roughly 20%, from just under 8 million to over 9.5 million. This demographic change indicates an expanding market segment likely to require more comprehensive dental care and prosthetics, including dentures. The market has also been shaped by evolving consumer attitudes toward dental health and cosmetic dentistry. The rise in disposable incomes and changes in state reimbursement policies have influenced patient decisions and increased the demand for various dental procedures. Although certain services like implants and crowns are not covered by social security, the Spanish market has adapted to this by offering private insurance plans catering to these needs. On the supply side, Spain boasts numerous dental laboratories and technicians, with the market demonstrating growth except for the exceptional circumstances of 2020, influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Spanish healthcare system does not cover all aspects of dental care, with implants and crowns remaining out-of-pocket expenses for patients unless they have private insurance. Looking at the financial aspect, public spending on dentistry has seen an overall decrease, with a drop of around 23% over a decade, which could have influenced shifts towards private spending. Meanwhile, private dental expenditure has notably increased, particularly among women, indicating that households are more willing to invest in dental services. The employment landscape in the sector appears to be undergoing a consolidation, with the number of companies decreasing by around 5.8%. This suggests a maturing market with possible mergers and acquisitions leading to larger but fewer entities in the dental care sector. With over 40,000 dental surgeons operating in the country as of 2021 the professional dental landscape in Spain is robust and competitive, with Madrid, Andalusia, and Catalonia home to over half of the country's dental professionals. In conclusion, the Spanish dental care market has experienced dynamic changes over the past decade, with a growing demand influenced by demographic trends, increased private spending, and a competitive landscape of practitioners. Despite challenges related to public spending cuts, the market seems poised for continued growth, adapting to meet patient needs and preferences in dental health.

Key Market Players in Spain's Dental Sector

Spain's dental sector is supported by a robust framework of clinics and service providers that cater to a growing demand for dental services, healthcare, and aesthetics in the country. The array of companies varies from specialized clinics offering comprehensive oral care, to technology and equipment providers that are essential for modern dental practice.

  • ADESLAS DENTAL SOCIEDAD ANONIMA is a well-known entity in the dental care market, providing a wide range of dental services and treatments. With facilities that are outfitted with the latest technology, the company is committed to providing high-quality oral health services.
  • SANITAS NUEVOS NEGOCIOS SL. stands out for its integrated healthcare approach, offering various medical services including dentistry. Sanitas signifies reliability and has carved a niche in the market, particularly known for its personalized patient care and advanced dental solutions.
  • CLINICAS VIVANTA SLU represents one of the innovative players in the dental care landscape, offering both dental and aesthetic treatments. This company blends dental care with beauty services, thus tapping into the rising trend of wellness and cosmetic dental care.
  • DONTE GROUP SL. has made its mark by establishing a chain of dental clinics that focus on a combination of quality, accessibility, and patient-oriented services. The group's vision of comprehensive dental care has led to its significant presence in the market.
  • ASISA DENTAL SAU is a subsidiary of a well-known insurance group, offering dental services as part of its broader healthcare portfolio. The company’s focus on dental insurance plans allows for a more integrated and patient-centered approach to dental care.
  • APOLLONIA TOPCO SL. is part of a corporate structure dedicated to healthcare investments, bringing together expertise and capital to foster growth and development in the dental sector.
  • COMERCIAL BTI INSTITUTE ESPAÑA SL specializes in biotechnology and implant system solutions for dental surgery. The company's commitment to innovation and research has strengthened its position in the sector as a provider of cutting-edge dental implants and clinical solutions.
  • CARESTREAM DENTAL SPAIN SL. serves the industry with dental digital imagery and software, contributing to the technological advancement of clinics and laboratories. Their products include digital imaging systems and practice management solutions that streamline dental practice operations.
  • ESPECIALIDADES DENTALES KALMA SA focuses on providing dental materials and specialized equipment to professionals in the sector.
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1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

Dentures are designed to restore an individual's teeth' functional and aesthetic appearance. They replace natural teeth with artificial elements. Dentures are distinguished by the material used (ceramic, zirconia, metal, or synthetic resin).

The global market for dental prostheses was estimated at over $6 billion in 2018, with trend growth driven by increasing dental care worldwide. In terms of products, crowns are the main value segment, ahead of abutments and dentures. Germany boasts the most significant number of dental laboratories in Europe, while Italy ranks second with over 14,000.

Spain ranks third in terms of the number of dental laboratories, with around 4,200 laboratories in 2019 and over 18,000 laboratory technicians. Dental care is rising in Spain, with better state reimbursement and increased beauty care on the peninsula. The prosthetics market is attracting great interest, and there is a strong dynamic of mergers and acquisitions in Spain and Europe. The latest major operation was the merger between the Spanish company Corus and the Dutch-Belgian laboratory group Signadens. Both companies have been operating under the Corus brand since 2021.

1.2 The global market

Driven by an aging population in developed countries and improved access to care in developing countries, the global market for dental implants and prostheses is set to expand at a CAGR of *.*% over the period ****-****. From an estimated $*.*** billion in ****, the global market is set to reach $*.*** billion in ****. North ...

1.3 The domestic market

Market size:

Between **** and ****, Spain's medical and dental instruments and supplies manufacturing sector experienced overall growth. In **** the sector was worth *.*** billion euros and grew by *.**% in **** to *.*** billion euros. In ****, it grew by *.**% to *.*** billion euros. In ****, growth slowed slightly but remained positive, with an increase of *.**% to *.*** billion euros. ...

1.4 Imports and exports

To analyze Spanish foreign trade in dental prostheses and implants, we will use the following United Nations International Classification HS codes:

HS.******: Dental appliances; artificial teeth. HS.******: Dental appliances other than artificial teeth, including dental implants.

Between **** and ****, Spanish imports of dental prostheses and artificial teeth thus saw an overall increase ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Population and demographics

Between **** and ****, the number of people aged ** and over in Spain increased significantly. In ****, there were *.** million people in this age bracket; by ****, this figure has risen to *.** million. Over this **-year period, the overall increase in the number of people aged ** and over in Spain is around **.*%. This steady increase ...

2.2 Health expenses

Public spending:

Between **** and ****, public spending on ontology in Spain fluctuated. **** it stood at *.*** billion euros, then rose slightly in **** to *.*** billion euros. However, from **** onwards, spending began to decline, reaching a low of *.*** billion euros in ****. A slight increase was observed between **** and **** when spending reached *.*** billion euros in ****. Overall, ...

2.3 Dental surgeons in Spain

Between **** and ****, the number of dentists in Spain increased overall. In ****, the number of dentists was **,***; by ****, it had risen to **,***. This represents a growth of **% over the ten-year period.

Growth in the number of dentists in Spain Spain, ****-****, thousands of practitioners. Source: ****

In ****, the three Autonomous Communities (***) with the ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Value chain

The value chain for dental implants is as follows:

Dental prostheses, though linked to dental implants, have a different value chain. It is important to note in both value chains the importance of the dental surgeon who diagnoses and delivers dental prostheses and implants to patients.

3.2 Dentistry in the medical devices sector

Within the medical equipment sector, dental care accounts for a significant **% of a market estimated at **.*** billion euros in Spain. [***]

Medical technology manufacturing sectors Spain, ****, % of total Source: ****

3.3 Production

Sector study:

Between **** and ****, the number of companies in the Spanish sector under CNAE code ****, dedicated to the "Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies", showed an overall negative trend. In ****, there were **** companies in this sector, while in ****, this number has fallen to **** companies. This represents a decline of ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Offer typology

The table opposite shows the different types of implants available:

Source: ****

Dentures can be either complete when they replace all the teeth in an arch or partial when they replace only some of the teeth. The table below shows their main characteristics:

Source: ****

4.2 Prices

Price inflation in the sector:

The price index for the medical sector in Spain, with a base year of ****, has shown an upward trend since January ****. In January ****, the index stood at **.**, gradually rising to **.** in January **** and **.** in January ****. This growth continued throughout ****, with the index reaching ***.** in September and ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulations

The Royal Decree "Real Decreto ****/****, de ** de noviembre" establishes the prerogatives and training required to obtain the title of a dental technician.

Dental practices must have the following facilities:

A waiting room with sufficient space and facilities to ensure adequate patient comfort during any waiting period. A practice equipped with the ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation


List of charts presented in this market study

  • Change in CNAE code 3250: "Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies"
  • Market size in the odontology sector
  • Estimated growth in the global market for dental implants and prostheses
  • Medical technology manufacturing sectors
  • Price index for the medical sector in Spain
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