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1.1 Definition and presentation

The smartphone accessories market includes all of the following accessories sales:

  • Cases, covers, protections ;
  • Portable speakers ;
  • External batteries;
  • Tripods, supports (car, bicycle), hands-free kits;
  • Earphones, headphones;

The smartphone charging accessories segment is the subject of a specific Businesscoot study.

Initially driven upwards by the explosion of the smartphone market, it has gradually moved away from the latter to become a market in its own right, and has gradually gained its credentials in recent years. Thus it shows an estimated growth of 5.5% per year on average until 2023, while the smartphone market has experienced a slowdown in 2019.

Accessory outlets have multiplied in shopping malls, train stations and airports, making the smartphone accessory the target object of the consumer's drive par excellence, with a tariff halfway between quality and accessibility for the undecided consumer. At the forefront of this phenomenon: protective covers, which are one of the major segments of the market.

With an essentially imported market, some companies have specialized in importing and exporting Asian products, while others have turned to 3D printing to offer new designs and continue to produce in France.

In the wake of the iPhone craze, other manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony are developing ever more sophisticated ranges of accessories, with a growing trend towards customization and design.

The cases in particular, tend to be not only a complementary product to the phone, but also an accessory in its own right. Luxury brands have understood this by investing in the sector (Gucci cases, etc.), and sometimes cases are even intended to compensate for the inadequacies of smartphones, as in the case of cases that also act as back-up batteries


1.2 A very positive international environment

The global smartphone accessories market is witnessing strong growth on a global scale. After growing at **% between **** and ****, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% through ****, reaching an estimated global market size of over $** billion in ****, up from $** billion in ****. [***]

Cumulative revenue of the smartphone accessories market World, ****-****, ...

1.3 The downward trend in the national market

The external battery, screen protector, shell, case or wireless earphones, form, in the list of companions of our cell phones, the segment of "dedicated accessories". A segment that weighed, in France, nearly *** million euros in **** against *** million euros in ****. [***] GfK then predicted a growth rate of *% for this segment, admittedly less ...


2.1 A demand linked to the demand for smartphones: towards a renewal market

There is no doubt that the demand for accessories is linked to the demand for smartphones. Thus we can fear that the French market will be slowed down by the decline in the volume sales of smartphones, detailed in the graph below. They have thus dropped from almost ** million units in ...

2.2 Reasons for consuming smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories can be classified into different categories according to the demand that motivates their production. Obviously, some accessories fall into several categories, which makes them all the more interesting, since they meet several needs expressed by the demand.

The accessory for the best user experience

Some accessories accompany the user, ...


3.1 A low barrier to entry in a highly competitive market

The market of dedicated accessories for smartphones, polarized around the shell market, is a market with a very low barrier to entry. Indeed, it is possible to position oneself quickly and without incurring high costs. The advantages of this market in its structure are the following:

The small size of the ...

3.2 A weak French production against a strong Chinese import

The production of French headphones and earphones is almost non-existent

Over the last ten years, French headphone manufacturing has been severely eroded by competition from low-cost countries. The remaining European players are positioned on the most premium segment of the sector, with companies like Sennheiser having kept their main production unit ...

3.3 Distribution moving towards full dematerialization for low-end accessories

A multitude of retailers and wholesalers offer accessories for smartphones, they are found in particular today:

In the stores of telephone operators (***) ; From retailers with a non-affiliated store; From "pure" retailers who only have a website (***); With "mixed" wholesalers who offer a website and a store (***).

It is difficult to know ...


4.1 Low-tech products that follow uses and trends

Accessories emerge according to trends and also adapt to the evolution of French people's uses.

The phone necklace

The latest trend, this wire connected to the phone's shell allows to wear it as a shoulder strap around the neck. This accessory is gradually becoming very popular, thanks to Instagram. The price ...

4.2 Technological products, sometimes high-end and innovative, are very popular with young people

These complementary products: earphones, headphones, mobile speakers, are experiencing many innovations that keep prices high and renew the market.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones, whose fashion was launched by Apple's airpods, are now a must-have on the market. A response to the demand for aesthetics as well as practicality, they are extremely ...


5.1 European regulation focusing on imports

The sino sourcing website lists the regulations and standards in force concerning the import of smartphone accessories. These regulations are not specific to this segment but many accessories are nevertheless concerned.

Source: ****

5.2 Regulation in France

Hands-free kits

Since ****, motorists who make a call with their phone in hand are liable to a fine of ***€. Headsets and audio headsets are also strictly forbidden, so the only solution is the hands-free kit.


Regarding the risks of damage to hearing, the regulation concerns more the Smartphones as such ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • JBL (Groupe Harman, Samsung Electronics)
  • Bose
  • Apple TV
  • Sony
  • Focal
  • Dealer de coques
  • Rhinoshield

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