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The global smartphone accessories market, encompassing cases, portable speakers, external batteries, tripods, and earphones (excluding charging accessories), has shown robust growth. While the smartphone market itself witnessed a slowdown, the accessories segment continued to grow, evidencing an average annual growth of 5.5% projected through 2023. This expansion is fueled by evolving consumer demands for personalization, design, and enhanced functionality, translating into a rich variety of accessory options. The market, heavily reliant on imports, especially from Asia, has seen manufacturers such as Apple leading trends with wireless earphones like AirPods, which have significantly contributed to the segment's growth. In 2020, Apple's AirPods alone commanded a substantial share of the wireless headphone market's sales, estimated at $15 billion.

Despite a predicted saturation in smartphone sales due to nearly three-quarters of French households owning a device, the accessory market remains dynamic, with consumers spending an average of around 60 euros per device. Products range from practical low-cost items to high-end, technologically innovative ones that cater primarily to a younger demographic, underpinning a competitive but lucrative market landscape.

Mobile Accessory Consumption in a Renewal Market Landscape

In recent years, mobile accessories have transitioned from mere add-ons to indispensable commodities in their own right, shaping a market separate from but symbiotically tied to smartphones. The rising influence of technology in everyday life and the necessity to enhance both the functionality and fashion statement of our hand-held devices has underscored the growth and dynamism in this sector. Notably, from protective cases to earphones and tripods, consumers have been steadily investing in a wide variety of smartphone companions, driving an average annual growth rate of roughly 5.5% up until 2023.

Within the French market, mobile accessories commanded nearly between 450 and 500 million euros in 2016, evidencing a solid foothold. This financial influx is bolstered by an average individual spending close to between 50 and 70 euros on these utilities. The demand is multifaceted—anchored by the utility of the accessories, which cater to enhancing the user experience, compensating for the limitations of smartphones, or manifesting as statement pieces reflecting personal style. Noticeably, among the youngest demographic, smartphone equipment skyrockets to 98% ownership, and for those aged between 25 and 39, the ownership sits between 90 and 95%. This reflects a heavily saturated market, steering towards a pattern of renewal rather than first-time acquisitions. The dip in smartphone unit sales from 25 million to roughly between 20 and 25 million further signifies the pivot towards a renewal market.

Trends, as observed, are rapidly evolving, directly influencing the surge in specific accessory types. The latest craze buzzes around the phone necklace, a simple, yet voguish accessory valued at between 2 and 10 euros. Additionally, the ring holder—a utility that has gained traction owing to its multi-functional applications—ranges from between 3 and 16 euros. Selfie poles and car mounts are also reflective of the current consumer's lifestyle needs, drawing attention to navigation and photography, featuring a price range between 7 and 40 euros.

And, as durability and aesthetics converge, shell cases and covers serve not just a protective purpose but also offer a canvas for personal expression and style. What stands out is the combination of demand drivers: performance, resilience, and aesthetics all play a considerable part in shaping consumer motivation. Importantly, among the reasons for purchasing a smartphone, the accessibility to these accessories—although not the main driving force—still sways.

Key Players Shaping the Smartphone Accessories Landscape

As we explore the dynamic realm of smartphone accessories, we encounter a variety of companies that have carved out niches, forged their identities, and established their presence in this bustling market. These players range from innovative newcomers introducing cutting-edge technology to established giants creating a diverse array of products to enhance the mobile experience. Let's delve into the intricacies of some of the main actors steering this vibrant industry.

Focal stands tall as a purveyor of premium audio products. Rooted in France, Focal maintains a steadfast commitment to crafting high-end earphones and headphones that promise an unparalleled acoustic experience. Their dedication to keeping production on home soil exemplifies their devotion to quality and luxury in the world of sound.

  • Beats Electronic, recognized for its fashionable and performance-centric headphones, represents a blend of style and substance that resonates with a music-loving audience. With its visually iconic design and high-quality sound, Beats has earned a spot in the market as a byword for trendy, high-quality audio gear.
  • Bose is synonymous with cutting-edge audio technology, creating a range of products from noise-cancelling headphones to mobile speakers. Their focus on innovation and user experience has positioned them as a key player for consumers seeking top-notch audio fidelity.
  • GN Netcom, operating primarily under the Jabra brand, specializes in designing professional and consumer headsets. Their focus on connectivity and ergonomics places them at the forefront for users who demand comfort and convenience alongside functionality.
  • Belkin ventures beyond just accessories, offering an ecosystem of products designed to support and enhance the tech lifestyle. From charging solutions to protective gear, Belkin's offerings reflect an understanding of the essentials needed for the modern smartphone user.
  • T'nb, a player in the European market, brings to the table a variety of affordable and trendy accessories. Their product range includes but is not limited to cases, screen protectors, and audio accessories appealing to budget-conscious consumers.
  • Samsung and Panasonic, industrial titans, extend their reach into the world of smartphone accessories, leveraging their electronics expertise. Their commitment to quality and reliability ensures a steady demand for accessories that seamlessly integrate with their suite of electronic devices.
  • Distributors like Fnac, Boulanger, and Cdiscount serve as vital bridges between consumers and manufacturers. Their vast selection of smartphone accessories from various brands provides one-stop convenience for customers seeking everything from protective cases to high-end audio.
  • Muvit taps into the niche of sustainability accessories.
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1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

The smartphone accessories market includes all of the following accessories sales:

  • Cases, covers, protections ;
  • Portable speakers ;
  • External batteries;
  • Tripods, supports (car, bicycle), hands-free kits;
  • Earphones, headphones;

The smartphone charging accessories segment is the subject of a specific Businesscoot study.

Initially driven upwards by the explosion of the smartphone market, it has gradually moved away from the latter to become a market in its own right, and has gradually gained its credentials in recent years. Thus it shows an estimated growth of 5.5% per year on average until 2023, while the smartphone market has experienced a slowdown in 2019.

Accessory outlets have multiplied in shopping malls, train stations and airports, making the smartphone accessory the target object of the consumer's drive par excellence, with a tariff halfway between quality and accessibility for the undecided consumer. At the forefront of this phenomenon: protective covers, which are one of the major segments of the market.

With an essentially imported market, some companies have specialized in importing and exporting Asian products, while others have turned to 3D printing to offer new designs and continue to produce in France.

In the wake of the iPhone craze, other manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony are developing ever more sophisticated ranges of accessories, with a growing trend towards customization and design.

The cases in particular, tend to be not only a complementary product to the phone, but also an accessory in its own right. Luxury brands have understood this by investing in the sector (Gucci cases, etc.), and sometimes cases are even intended to compensate for the inadequacies of smartphones, as in the case of cases that also act as back-up batteries


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  • Worldwide smartphone sales
  • Estimated value of the smartphone and accessories markets
  • Volume sales of smartphones
  • Share of households with a smartphone
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Latest news

Crosscall's shockproof smartphones gain momentum abroad - 03/11/2023
  • The digitization of mission-critical communications is about to explode worldwide
  • Crosscall intends to take advantage of this to deploy its ruggedized smartphones in countries anticipating the massive migration of public safety telecoms tools to high-speed broadband.bit like France's Radio du Futur network, scheduled to go live in 2024, Spain's Sirdee, the UK's ESN and Saudi Arabia's sovereign mobile defense network
  • Crosscall has won several major tenders, including one from the SNCF and the French Ministry of the Interior to equip 300,000 police officers and gendarmes.
  • Crosscall's sales in 2022 amounted to 134 million euros.
  • Crosscall employs 187 people.
  • Crosscall devotes 20 million euros a year to its research department, which employs around 60 people.
  • The BtoG and BtoB markets currently account for two-thirds of Crosscall sales.
  • Crosscall hopes to sell 500,000 units of its new range of consumer smartphones, in addition to the 4 million already sold
  • Crosscall is aiming to double its sales by 2027, half of which will be generated internationally.
Smartphones: Crosscall prepares its industrial relocation with Ware ID - 02/01/2023
  • Crosscall acquires 10% of Ware ID automatic identification expert
  • Crosscall is the only manufacturer of ultra-resistant smartphones in Europe and plans to start production in France in 2025
  • Crosscall has been awarded a contract by the French Ministry of the Interior to equip law enforcement agencies with 200,000 terminals
  • The contract has already generated 55 million in sales this year, out of the 135 million forecast for the current financial year
  • The company expects sales of 160 million next year
  • Relocation of production from China to France
  • Integrated circuits will eventually be produced in the new plant
Crosscall to produce its first smartphones in France - 26/11/2022
  • Crosscall 900,000 smartphones sold in France in 2021
  • Total market 15.7 million phones sold in France in 2021
  • Outsourced production in Normandy
  • Sustainable products and French-style manufacturing
  • The group plans to increase its capacity to 2 million terminals per year
Jean-Émile Rosenblum (Pixmania): "There's room for improvement in the refurbished market" - 26/10/2022
  • Foundedin 2000 Pixmania
  • present in 26 countries with sales of 900 million euros in 2012
  • 2006 Sold to Dixons
  • Sold to the Mutares group and liquidity in 2016,
  • 2020 Brand acquired by founder
  • Project: Offerrefurbished high-tech equipment (10-20% of volumes)
  • For new equipment, marketplace, with a commission of 6 to 15%.
  • 11 million euros to be raised in June 2022
A Saint-Etienne, la croissance réfrénée de Focal dans les enceintes et casques audio - 26/09/2022
Audio: Bose's plan for survival - 13/09/2022
  • Nearly 300 people laid off in Boston following discontinuation of hearing aid development.
  • Sales down from $4 billion in 2019 to $3 billion expected this year.
  • In 2020, the company had 250 boutiques around the world; today, only a handful remain in Asia.

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