Since 2020, the French automotive aftermarket has experienced significant fluctuations, partly due to the health crisis. The sector initially faced a downturn in 2020, with sales plummeting from February to April but swiftly recovering from May onwards. Despite these challenges, the market reached €8.567 billion in 2021 indicating a quick recovery and a surge of over 15% in just one year.

The industry, however, suffered a significant setback with a 5.5% drop in sales during the health crisis. Nevertheless, it demonstrated resilience with a robust recovery in 2021, surpassing pre-crisis levels to hit a record high of €9.340 billion, reflecting an over 15% increase from 2020. Spare parts regulations have also evolved, with new obligations for manufacturers/importers to inform sellers about spare parts availability for consumer transparency. Furthermore, the market is set for liberalization due to the Climate and Resilience Act of August 22, 2021, decreasing the manufacturer's monopoly period from 10 years to spur competition and potential price reductions.

Prices of spare parts thereby have climbed by nearly 10% from June 2021 to June 2022, influenced by manufacturer strategies, part shortages, semiconductor supply issues, and general inflation. As for the spare parts industry, France maintains a predominantly export-oriented profile with a balanced trade position in 2021 (€1.4 billion in exports vs. €1.3 billion in imports), with trade primarily concentrated within Europe. The market's growth prospects look promising with the advent of the electric car era, as consumer interest in eco-friendly vehicles continues to rise, indicating a shift in demand within the auto parts sector.

Evolving Consumer Preferences and Market Trends in the French Automotive Aftermarket

In recent years, the French automotive equipment retail market, falling under the INSEE nomenclature NAF code 45.32Z, has witnessed several significant shifts that delineate the changing consumer demand and market trends. 

Regulatory changes have played a pivotal role in shaping the market dynamics. The French Ministry of Economy enforces strict regulations concerning spare parts, highlighting the manufacturer or importer's responsibility to provide clear information about parts availability. The amendments in the "Climate and Resilience" law and the tentative steps taken by the French Constitutional Council towards market liberalization could soon end the monopolistic hold of automakers over the auto parts market, potentially resulting in price reductions of 6-15% after a 10% increment over three years.

The anti-waste law, a testament to France's commitment to sustainability, brings about transformative consumer and production practices, instigating a move towards a circular economy. As a product of extensive consultation and input from diverse stakeholders, it encourages eco-design, transparency about product impacts, and ban on certain plastics, thus shaping a new ecological framework for businesses and citizens alike. A closer look at the French spare parts industry value chain reveals that the ecosystem comprises both generalist retailers like Norauto and Feu Vert, and specialist service providers like Speedy and Midas.

French foreign trade analysis based on customs data confirms that France maintains a balanced trade mostly within Europe, exporting and importing almost an equivalent amount of automotive parts mostly within the region, indicating a primarily intra-European trade context. Amidst the turmoil of the health crisis, the durability of the sector was tested. The sales index took a nosedive between February and April 2020 but stabilized soon after, displaying the market's capacity for quick recovery in the face of adversity. 

Players in the French Automotive Aftermarket Landscape

The French automotive aftermarket features a dynamic and diverse array of companies, each specializing in different aspects of the industry, from parts supply to repair services and online distribution. Let's explore some of the leading players who are significantly shaping the market today.

  • IDLP stands as one of the foremost parts suppliers and manufacturers, contributing a broad range of components crucial for vehicle maintenance and repair, solidifying the backbone of the supply chain.


  • LAURENT and NIORT FRERES are known for their reputable distribution of automotive parts, ensuring mechanics and repair shops have timely access to the necessary components for servicing vehicles.


  • FARCY, DASIR, RAGUES, SACI, DHENIN, DURAND SERVICES, and ETABLISSEMENTS JACQUES SCHMITT collectively enhance the distribution network, each bringing their unique specialization and expertise to the industry, catering to various demands and customer needs.


  • ALLIANCE AUTOMOTIVE, FEUVERT, and NORAUTO are not just names synonymous with parts distribution; they are brands that have become household names, known for their retail presence and ability to provide customers with a wide range of automotive products and services.


  • GROUPAUTO and GEF'AUTO highlight the importance of strategic groupings in parts distribution, leveraging collective strength for more efficient market penetration and customer service.


  • When it comes to the digital marketplace, OSCARO and VRDCI are pioneering leaders in the BTOC (business-to-consumer) online parts distribution, offering convenience and a vast selection of products to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base.


  • For logistics and larger-scale supply management, companies like ACR, CORA AUTOMOBILE, and LOGISTEO play a critical role in ensuring the efficient distribution of parts across the country.


  • ACR GROUP, PLATEFORME NATIONALE POIDS LOURDS, and SPLA PNEUS cater specifically to the heavy-duty segment, commanding a significant presence in the supply of parts for trucks and specialized vehicles.


  • Meanwhile, AUTODISTRIBUTION is a giant in the BTOB (business-to-business) parts distribution activities, underpinning the relationship between manufacturers and professional repair networks.


  • Taking a step beyond supply, RESEAU AD offers services and support for the spare parts business.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Introduction and scope of the study

On August 25, 2022, the Climate and Resilience Act came into force, liberalizing the market for so-called "visible" automotive spare parts from next year . This long-awaited reform should boost the automotive maintenance and repair market, as well as the spare parts sales sector. From January 1, 2023, original equipment manufacturers will be able to sell optical parts, body parts and mirrors.

A spare part is a part designed to replace a defective or damaged part of an item in use. The term "spare part" is widely used in the automotive industry (standard exchange is also widely used).

In France, more and more people are adopting used car parts. According to recent statistics from the Sécurité et Réparations Automobiles (SRA) association, 3% of accessories used in repairs are reused parts.

On the other hand, the health crisis has affected the purchasing power of the French. Many households are finding it difficult to repair their cars. As a result, they are turning to low-cost solutions to reduce their vehicle repair bills. What's more, many people are becoming aware of the need to protect the planet. Having understood their customers' needs, a growing number of insurers are promoting the repair of used auto parts. A used replacement accessory costs 40% to 70% less than the same part when new.

In 2022, with the war in Ukraine and the fallout from the health crisis, global supply difficulties have pushed up parts prices, mechanically increasing costs for garages. In detail, brake parts rose by 8.66% in the second quarter of 2022 compared with the same period last year. Oil rose by 16.33 %, clutch and transmission parts by 4. 95% and engine parts by 12.63%.

This finding confirms the latest observations by Insee, which estimated an average +5.2% increase in the price of car parts and accessories between July 2022 and July 2021. Added to this is the cost of labor, also on the rise due to a shortage of personnel. All in all, vehicle maintenance and repair costs 6. 5% more today than a year ago, according to the statistics institute.

1.2 The global automotive aftermarket

The global automotive parts market is expected to grow from $*,***.** billion in **** to $*,***.** billion in ****, at a compound annual growth rate (***) of *.*%.

The size of the global automotive parts market World, ****-****, in billions of USD Source: ****

Asia-Pacific was the largest automotive parts market region in ****. Western Europe was the second ...

1.3 French market size according to INSEE nomenclature

To calculate the size of the French market, we will refer to the analysis of NAF code **.**Z"Retail sale of automotive equipment".

This sub-class includes :

Retail sale of accessories, spare parts and miscellaneous equipment for motor vehicles retail sale of tires

Calculation method: INSEE provides us with the sector's sales ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis on the sector

Let's now focus on the period of the health crisis. Again thanks to INSEE, we have access to the evolution of the sales index for NAF code **.**Z. Let's take a look at the ****-**** period. We can see that, despite successive confinements, the market reacted quickly and well overall. Indeed, ...

1.5 French foreign trade according to French Customs

To evaluate French foreign trade, we have used the French customs database. The graphs below are based on an analysis of the following code:

******** - Parts and accessories for the body assembly industry: of tractors, motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons, passenger cars and other motor ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 The business of car repair garages in France

After rebounding by **.*% in ****, auto repair garage activity began **** with a *.*% decline in the cumulative January-February period. [***]

Change in auto repair garage activity between March **** and February **** France, ****-****, % [Largus Source: ****

According to the Observatoire d'activité MRA AM Today/EBP Méca, the activity of automotive repair garages has begun **** with ...

2.2 Used vehicles are on a roll

In ****, the used vehicle market was doing well. Over * million transactions were recorded, representing an increase of +*% vs. ****, while the new vehicle market stagnated(***).

Comparison of sales by motorization (***) France, ****, % (***) Source: ****

**% of used-vehicle sales were from private individuals, including transactions supervised by intermediation companies such as the Agence Automobilière ...

2.3 The shift in demand for auto parts with the arrival of electric cars

According to a survey published in October **** by the Odoxa institute, almosta third of French people would consider buying an electric car, and more than half of them a hybrid vehicle. However, there are a number of obstacles in the way, not least cost and infrastructure.

**% of French people are ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Spare parts industry value chain in France

In France, there are two main types of auto parts supplier:

Generalists (***). Vehicle assembly and maintenance are secondary activities. Highly sought-after by customers, their sales are much higher than those of specialists. Specialists (***). Their strategy is to diversify in order to increase their volume of business. Assembly and maintenance make up ...

3.2 Number of establishments and employees in France

The graph below shows a fairly proportional increase in the number of companies and employees over the years. As a result, the market is becoming more fragmented than concentrated. There are more and more companies(***).

Number of establishments and number of employees according to INSEE nomenclature France, ****-****, in units Source: ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Typology of supply: automotive parts players in France

Source: ****

4.2 Sector price analysis

The price of spare parts has risen by almost **% in * year, according to a study conducted by the Sécurité et Réparation Automobile (***), the price of car parts rose by an average of *.*% between June **** and June ****.

Several factors explain this rise in auto parts prices. Firstly, manufacturers themselves are ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Spare parts regulations according to the French Ministry of the Economy

Obligations to provide information on the availability of spare parts

Obligations to provide information on the availability of spare parts are set out in Article L. ***-* of the French Consumer Code.

The provisions of the new article L. ***-* of the French Consumer Code introduce a dual obligation to provide ...

5.2 Towards a new start for the aftermarket in 2023

In ****, France is still the only country in Europe where automakers have a monopoly on the auto parts market. In other words, if you want to change a part on your vehicle, you have to order it from the manufacturer. A measure denounced for several years by the FEDA (***)

In August ...

5.3 The anti-waste law

The anti-waste law for a circular economy has passed its final reading in the French National Assembly and Sénat, following a unanimous joint committee vote. This illustrates the ability of all parties to rally around this text.

This Act of Act II of the quinquennium is the fruit of consultation ...

List of charts

  • Market size of NAF code 45.32Z "Retail sale of automotive equipment"
  • The size of the global automotive parts market
  • Change in sales index (NAF 45.32Z) between January 2019 and December 2020
  • Change in the consumer price index for personal vehicle accessories between 2019 and October 2022
  • Trends in the market's financial health according to INSEE
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Companies quoted in this study

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Norauto France (Mobivia)
Mobivia Groupe (Norauto, Midas)
Feu Vert
Mondial Pare-Brise
Glass Auto service
Spareka (D'Ieteren Groupr)
AD Autodistribution Groupe (D'Ieteren Groupe)
TVH (D'Ieteren Groupe)
Parts Holding Europe - Auto Distribution (D'Ieteren Groupe)
Roady (ITM Intermarché)

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