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The automotive glass market, which includes windshields, side windows, rear windows, and rear-view mirrors, has experienced significant developments and faced challenges since 2020. The sector was disrupted by the health crisis, leading to a 15% drop in glass repair volume as mobility was restricted during lockdowns. However, the market started to recover with the postponement of some repairs, with Carglass, holding a 40% market share in 2021, leading an increasingly competitive landscape filled with new entrants under various franchising models.

Non-specialist auto centers like Point S are moving into the auto glass market, expanding their services to include expertise in windshield replacement. Regulations have also evolved, with the LOM law leading to the liberalization of the captive parts market, with full competition for automotive glazing set from January 1, 2023. Market innovations include ultra-resistant, head-up vision, acoustic, and plastic glass, as well as ultra-connected glass with integrated antennae for enhanced vehicle connectivity. Despite the impact of the health crisis, the global automotive glass market is projected to grow, with estimates suggesting it will reach $30.6 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2022 to 2027.

Trends and Dynamics in the Automotive Glass Market

In recent years, the automotive glass market has exhibited significant growth and change, spurred by a variety of factors ranging from technological advancements to regulatory shifts. Initially, the automotive glass sector was dominated by carmakers' dealerships until the entry of Carglass in 1986, which shifted the paradigm as the first independent service provider. 

The French market alone has seen Carglass increase its presence with around 450 centers in the country. Glass composition has evolved since regulations in 1983 mandated that all windscreens be made of laminated glass, prioritizing passenger safety.

Different situations demand different types of glass, with the front windshield made of laminated glass and side windows typically made from tempered glass. Both types have their vulnerabilities, with windscreens susceptible to impacts and accidents, while side windows are prone to breakage in incidents of theft or vandalism. The cost of automotive glass has witnessed a rise, with windscreens experiencing a significant price increase of roughly 4.3%, outpacing the average cost of all car spare parts.

Specific brands have seen varying increments in windshield costs; for instance, Alfa Romeo, Citroën/DS, and Skoda observed an upward trend ranging between approximately 5.6% to over 10%. Regulatory involvement in the sector has been evident with legislation focusing on vehicle glazing transparency, which came into effect in 2017. Additionally, insurance coverage for glass breakage has become more commonplace, providing financial relief for policyholders in the event of damage.

The market's competitive landscape continues to diversify with new entrants eager to claim a piece of the pie under franchise, brand license, or concession models. Entities like Mondial Pare-Brise, France Pare-Brise, Actiglass, Chrono Pare-Brise, and SOS Pare-Brise+ have emerged, each with its specific focus and customer service strategy. Despite the downturn during containment measures, some of the lost volume was recouped when postponed repairs and technical checks resumed. Not falling behind, non-specialists such as auto center and garage chains have also entered the auto glass market, leveraging their traffic and expertise in windshield replacement. 

Key Players Steering the Automotive Glass Industry

As the automotive glass market evolves with technological advances and growing demand for quality vehicle repair services, several key players have come to dominate the landscape, each bringing their own unique approach to service and innovation.

  • Carglass: The Trailblazer in Auto Glass Repair Carglass burst onto the scene in 1986, becoming the pioneer of independent auto glass repair services. By partnering with insurers and focusing on customer convenience with its extensive network of centers, it rapidly ascended to market leadership. Its model has not only been about expansion but also about deepening its roots through 450 centers across France, capturing a significant 40% market share. Carglass has revolutionized the windshield replacement service through its streamlined processes, obtaining insurer approvals and handling administrative formalities, thus reducing the hassle for vehicle owners.


  • Actiglass: The Mobile Solution Specialist Accessibility is the hallmark of Actiglass. This player has recognized the consumer’s desire for convenience and has answered the call with its mobile centers. Actiglass’s strategy to bring services directly to the consumer showcases its commitment to customer-oriented solutions and has helped establish it as a competitive entity in the market.


  • Chrono Pare-Brise: A Vanguard of Aggressive Policies Chrono Pare-Brise is known for its bold sales approach, offering an enticing promise of a 100% reimbursed franchise, capturing the attention of cost-conscious motorists. This aggressive stance has carved a niche for Chrono Pare-Brise and cemented its standing in the auto glass industry.


  • Glass&Wash: The Hybrid Service Innovator Glass&Wash stands out for cleverly bundling windshield replacement with auto detailing preparation. This innovative coupling of services appeals to clients looking for a one-stop-shop, demonstrating Glass&Wash's understanding of value-added service delivery.


  • Glastint: The Dual Expertise Developer Not content to specialize solely in window films for vehicles and buildings, Glastint expanded its offerings to include windshield replacement. This diversification underlines Glastint’s drive to provide a comprehensive suite of services and to meet the growing needs of the market through enhanced product offerings.


  • Global Pare-Brise: On-Demand Glass Service Global Pare-Brise steps up with tailored solutions fit for a range of customer preferences, whether needing in-center attention or at-home service. Their flexibility in service options underlines their understanding of diverse customer requirements and their dedication to accommodating them.


  • Mondial Pare-Brise and France Pare-Brise, two important  fast-growing national players of the French market


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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Until the arrival of Carglass on the market in 1986, windshield replacement was the preserve of carmakers' dealerships. By becoming the first independent player to offer these services, in partnership with insurers, Carglass revolutionized the market and quickly became the leader.

In 2016, the brand enjoyed a 30% market share. In 2021, following the multiplication of centers to get as close as possible to consumers, the brand, which now has 450 centers in France, will have a total market share of 40% . However, Carglass is only expanding in an integrated way.

Automotive glazing is an integral part of a vehicle. Since 1983, when all windscreens were required to be made of laminated glass, car glazing has taken passenger safety seriously. Prior to this date, windscreens were made of tempered glass, which meant they were highly sensitive to impact.

Car windows come in a variety of compositions. These include

  • The front windshield

The front windshield is one of the car's main glazed surfaces. It needs to be especially resistant, as it is often hit in an accident. To ensure that passengers are not injured, the windshield must be made of laminated glass.

This composition of glass plates and plastic prevents the windshield from shattering. In the event of a violent impact, pieces of glass are systematically bonded to the plastic film. This is one of the safest types of glass. It is also used for sunroof windows. It is also useful for side windows.

  • Side windows

Most side windows and rear windshields are made of tempered glass. This glass is 5 times more resistant than ordinary glass. In the event of impact, this glass breaks into several small pieces and does not injure the occupants of your vehicle.

Both types of automotive glazing are often broken. Each of them corresponds to a specific situation. The windshield is often hit by impact or in an accident, while side windows break in the event of attempted car theft or vandalism, while the windshield is spared.

1.2 The global Automotive Glass market

The global automotive glazing market stood at $**.* billion in **** and is expected to reach $**.* billion in ****. The market is expected to register a CAGR (***) of *. *% between **** and ****.

Global automotive glazing market size World, ****-****, in billions of dollars CAGR: +*.*% Source: ****

Rising global vehicle production, growing demand for cabin comfort and government ...

1.3 French market size according to NAF code 45.20 "Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles"

To calculate the size of the French market, we will refer to the analysis of NAF code **.**"Automotive maintenance and repair".

This subclass comprises the codes :

**.**A "Maintenance and repair of light motor vehicles" **.**B "Maintenance and repair of other motor vehicles"

Calculation method: INSEE provides us with the sector's ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis on the auto glass sector

in a market like glazing, which is set to fall by **% over the year, you can never fully recoup the loss of volume following a drastically reduced claims experience, as was the case during the containment", said Christophe Toutin, Marketing Director of Carglass France, in the columns of L'Argus in December ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Satisfaction survey: the French and automotive glazing

A survey published in March **** by Bris de glace looks at the relationship between the French and their car glazing. In the first diagram below, we can see that most of the glass types concerned by car repairs are windscreens, with over **% of respondents. This is closely followed by side ...

2.2 The French and their used vehicles

In ****, the used vehicle market was doing well. Over * million transactions were recorded, representing an increase of +*% vs. ****, while the new vehicle market stagnated(***).

Comparison of sales by motorization (***) France, ****, % (***) Source: ****

**% of used-vehicle sales were from private individuals, including transactions supervised by intermediation companies such as the Agence Automobilière ...

2.3 The business of car repair garages in France

After rebounding by **.*% in ****, auto repair garage activity began **** with a *.*% decline in the cumulative January-February period. [***]

Change in auto repair garage activity between March **** and February **** France, ****-****, % [Largus Source: ****

According to the Observatoire d'activité MRA AM Today/EBP Méca, activity in automotive repair garages has begun **** with a ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Diagram of the automotive equipment maintenance-repair and distribution sector

After analyzing the different value chains in the automotive repair market, of which auto glass is a part, we were able to conclude a generalized diagram of how the sector operates.


Source: ****

Auto glass can be categorized in four ways:

*- Windshield: the front window of a vehicle ...

3.2 Number of establishments and employees

The automotive repair sector employs a large number of people in several thousand establishments. As the graph below shows, the increase in the number of employees is proportional to the increase in the number of establishments. It is therefore a fairly fragmented market, with relatively high levels of competition. In ****, there ...

3.3 An increasingly competitive market

Every year, new players seek to establish themselves under the Carglass franchise, brand license or concession model.

Actiglass, which specializes in mobile centers to get closer to consumers Chrono Pare-Brise, which has opted for an aggressive sales policy with a ***% reimbursed franchise. Glass&Wash, which cleverly combines windshield replacement and auto ...

3.4 Non-specialists gaining ground

Diversification is also the option chosen by more and more auto center and garage chains. Millions of vehicles pass through their doors every year, but they don't make the most of their expertise in windshield replacement. As a result, for years, they have missed out on part of the financial windfall ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Price analysis

According to SRA's observations, the cost of windscreens will rise by *. *% on repair bills in ****. A greater increase than for all parts. At Skoda, the rise is as high as **.*%. Glazing has not escaped the general rise in parts prices in ****, but in higher proportions than for all parts.

The cost ...

4.2 Industry innovations: connected windscreens?

Ultra-resistant glass

Ultra-strong glass is already being used in the United States in regions severely affected by hurricanes. This glass, recently tested on automobiles, has a structural interlayer welded between two layers of glass. Its resistance is tested by spraying it with high-power salt for *** hours. This glass is particularly used ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Transparent vehicle windows

There is legislation on vehicle glazing, the main aim of which is not to reduce or distort driver visibility. These regulations were supplemented by a decree dated April **, ****, which came into force on January *, ****, concerning the transparency of vehicle windows. Failure to comply with these rules constitutes a *th-class contravention (***). The ...

5.2 The LOM law

Regulation ****/**, which allows maintenance and repair operations to be carried out outside the manufacturer's network, expired on May **, ****. The European Commission then adopted a new set of rules for agreements between manufacturers/dealers and authorized repairers/distributors of spare parts. These new rules, which came into force on June *, ****, meet * objectives: ...

6 Positioning the players


  • Carglass France (D'Ieteren Group)
  • Carglass Belron (D'Ieteren group)
  • Actiglass
  • France pare-brise
  • Norauto France
  • Mondial Pare-Brise
  • AD Autodistribution Groupe (D'Ieteren Groupe)
  • (D'Ieteren Groupe)
  • Roady (ITM Intermarché)
  • Fuyao Glass Group
  • Asahi Glass
  • Xinyi Glass
  • AGC Glass Europe NordGlass
  • Saint-Gobain Sekurit Service
  • Sisecam
  • Guardian Industries
  • Euro Pare-brise
  • Euro pare-brise Plus
  • Feu Vert

List of charts presented in this market study

  • The impact of the health crisis on the auto repair and glazing sector
  • Comparison of sales by engine (new vs. used)
  • Individuals vs. professionals on the used market
  • Change in auto repair garage activity between March 2021 and February 2022
  • What types of glass are involved in auto glass repair?
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Latest news

AD continues to expand its network - 27/02/2023
  • AD Carrosserie has over 700 workshops.
  • The AD network has grown by 74 members.
  • At present, 1,449 garages in France carry the AD banner.
  • The number of companies specializing in bodywork is 791.
Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise forecast 14% growth in 2022 - 22/02/2023
  • Intermarché automotive repair banners
  • Growth of Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise in 2022: 14%
  • Number of Roady centers: 119 in France, 36 in Portugal
  • Number of Rapid Pare-Brise centers: 238 in France, 2 in Belgium
  • Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise sales in 2022: 300 million euros (excluding fuel)
  • Sales growth for Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise in 2022: 14.1% (excluding fuel)
  • Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise sales in 2022 with fuel: 362 million euros
  • Rapid Pare-Brise sales growth in 2022: 22.4
  • Total sales for Groupement Les Mousquetaires in 2022 (excluding fuel): 36 billion euros
  • Total growth for Groupement Les Mousquetaires in 2022 (including fuel): 8.2
  • Total sales for Les Mousquetaires in 2022 (with fuel): 49 billion euros

Companies quoted in this study

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Carglass France (D'Ieteren Group)
Carglass Belron (D'Ieteren group)
France pare-brise
Norauto France
Mondial Pare-Brise
AD Autodistribution Groupe (D'Ieteren Groupe) (D'Ieteren Groupe)
Roady (ITM Intermarché)
Fuyao Glass Group
Asahi Glass
Xinyi Glass

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