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The car maintenance market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The automotive maintenance and repair market concerns the verification of the condition of the various components of a vehicle as well as the replacement of various consumables. beyond mechanical repair, vehicle maintenance also includes electronic repair, maintenance, body and paint repair, tires, windows and seats.

The market is made up of a variety of players, divided between manufacturer networks and independent repair. According to the ANFA, the actors of the automotive maintenance-repair are

  • Level 1 and 2 approved repairers
  • Car repairers (MRA)
  • Car centers
  • Fast repairers
  • Tire specialists
  • Dismantlers-recyclers

Rising average vehicle age, increasing average miles driven per vehicle, and increasing road safety awareness are fueling the growth of the global automotive repair and service market. Asia-Pacific leads the market with a 33% share, followed closely by Europe with a 30% share.

In France, the forecasted growth of the automotive service and repair market for 2021 is 12%. With 100,487 employees for 97,739 companies with automotive repair activity in 2018, the French market is highly fragmented. automotive technological innovations are signals that will lead to changes in the habits of mechanics and workshop technicians, whose activity is dependent on vehicle technology. The use of new technological tools will then become imperative, even for activities with a low level of complexity.

1.2 The global automotive service and repair market

The global automotive repair and maintenance services market was estimated at USD *** billion in ****, and is expected to reach a revenue of USD ***.* billion by ****, at a CAGR of *.*% during the period. The tire segment, on the other hand, is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% to reach US$ ***.* billion ...

1.3 The French market in good condition

To study the turnover linked to motor vehicle maintenance and repair in France, we use NAF code **.**A: "Maintenance and repair of light motor vehicles".

Growth in revenues (***) from the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles France, ****-*****, in billions of euros Source: ****

On the graph above, we discover that the ...


2.1 Typology of demand

First of all, we know that private individuals represent **.*% of the French car fleet, which means that the car maintenance and repair sector is mainly based on B*C because the main source of demand is made up of these private customers. This is generally referred to as "captive" demand, which ...

2.2 A demand whose segments should evolve over the years

According to the ANFA observatory, the number of maintenance and mechanical repair operations for passenger vehicles decreased until **** but has been on the rise since then. However, TCG Conseil, in its **** prospective report, is betting on a very slight decrease in the number of after-sales operations by ****, which would be due ...

2.3 Focus on electric vehicles for which maintenance operations vary from combustion engines

As mentioned in the previous section, the demand for vehicle maintenance and servicing is likely to evolve in line with the motorization of vehicles. The following graph shows the evolution of new electric vehicle registrations.

Evolution of the type of energy used in new vehicle sales France, ****-****, in thousands Source: ...


3.1 The structure of the automotive service and repair industry

Value chain of automotive maintenance and repairFrance

In the general structure of the market in France, the following types of players can be distinguished

Independent garages: These are mechanics and/or car repairers and are not part of official brand networks. They are generalists and may often have a complementary specialized ...

3.2 Companies and their characteristics

Since ****, the number of companies dedicated to the maintenance and repair of light vehicles has continued to rise, from just over **,*** to over **,*** (***). Since ****, more and more micro-businesses have been created in the sector, a trend that has been accentuated by the opening up to competition imposed by the European Commission ...

3.3 Distribution of players in terms of distribution

Breakdown of workshop entries by circuit and vehicle age France, ****, as a % of total Source: ****

However, this distribution is very different depending on the age of the cars to be repaired or maintained according toANFA data.

Repair of workshop entries by circuit and vehicle age France, ****, in % Source: ****

Indeed, when we ...

3.4 Breakdown of the maintenance and repair market by engine type

In ****, the maintenance and repair market was mainly driven by the diesel and gasoline segments, accounting for **.*% and **.*% of sales respectively. The hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle segments are virtually not represented, primarily because these vehicles are more reliable and therefore require fewer operations.this is primarily due to the ...


4.1 Typology of automotive maintenance and repair services

To summarize the services available in terms of maintenance-repair or more broadly in terms of automotive after-sales, we use the classification of the Mecagoo service comparator, which is set out in the table below:

4.2 Prices for vehicle maintenance and repair

First of all, it is necessary to mention that in the total price of a car, although the purchase cost represents the most important expense, it only concerns ** to **% of the total expenses allocated to the vehicle on average.

It is then necessary to add to this purchase price other expenses ...

4.3 The evolution of the maintenance price over the years

Change in the annual consumer price index for vehicle maintenance and repair France, ****-*****, index base *** in **** Source: ****

The structural evolution of consumer prices (***) shows a regular upward trend in the cost of car maintenance from year to year, which was already the case before ****. Indeed, the consumer price index has ...


5.1 Regulations related to automotive service and repair professionals

The free competition of the professionals of the sector

According to the new regulation in force since June *st, ****, ratified by the European Commission, consumers are free to turn to any repair shop for maintenance and repair, both during the legal warranty period and during the free extended warranty period. Vehicle ...

5.2 Regulations related to the holder of the vehicle

All private vehicles with a total authorized weight in charge (***) less than or equal to *.* tons are subject to a technical control.

The first inspection must be carried out during the * months preceding the fourth anniversary of the vehicle's registration. Thereafter, it must be performed every * years.

However, no invitation is ...


6.1 Segmentation of actors

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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

The car maintenance market - France

Publicado en 04/06/2022 by Quentin Sendra

Complete and relevant study

The car maintenance market - France

Publicado en 03/05/2022 by Antoine Jolliet - PRODY

Structured study with good macro and micro data. Also gives good focus and reflection to approach the market and its segments. Also opens up interesting leads and sources to go further according to your needs

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