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1.1 Market definition and structure

The electronic components market is a very large market. We consider that an electronic component is an element intended to be assembled with others in order to realize one or more electronic functions. The components form many types and categories, they meet various industrial needs, especially because of their electrical characteristics. The assembly of these electronic components is defined beforehand in a layout diagram which precedes the installation of these components in an electronic circuit.

We traditionally distinguish two categories of components, the active components (diode, transistor, integrated circuit, etc.) and the passive components (resistance, capacitors, etc.). Active components are electronic components that increase the power of a signal (voltage or current), while passive components do not increase the power of a signal, and can even reduce this power in some cases.

On a global scale, it is possible to observe that the world market for electronic components has been doing well for several years. on a global scale, the market is worth nearly $1,400 billion.

Indeed, the printed circuit board and semiconductor segments are relatively dynamic, driven by the rapid development of several innovations such as 5G, electronic cars or the democratization of renewable energy. Due to the complexity of production methods, the electronic components market is largely concentrated and a few international players share the majority of market shares. Thus, among the leaders of this market, we can name Intel, Samsung Electronics or Qualcomm and TSMC.

The market is largely driven by the many electronic and technological innovations that are available on many markets for very diverse productions. In France, the electronic components market is of strategic importance. While the major foreign players, who account for most of the world's market share, play an important role in the French market, a number of local players such as Thales and STMicroelectronics also play an important role at the national and European levels.


1.2 A healthy global market

According to the WSTS, the global electronic components market will grow strongly in ****, with growth of *.*%, following a **** year in which the market grew by only *.*%. Indeed, Asian production continues to drive the market upwards. In addition, the COVID-** crisis has finally had a positive effect on the global market by ...

1.3 The French market is at the forefront of electronic components

The French electronics industry brings together various players:

producers of electronic components, connectors or printed circuits, designers and assemblers of electronic boards and sub-assemblies, distributors or publishers of embedded software and software tools for the design of electronic systems.

The electronics industry is fed upstream by a dense network of laboratories, ...

1.4 The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the electronic components market

Semiconductors are present in billions of electronic devices. Indeed, all computer systems are composed of small silicon chips that allow information to flow through their circuits. In the spring of ****, lockdown measures caused an explosion in demand for computer hardware to telecommute or entertain at home. More than *** million PCs were ...


2.1 The demand for electronic components, at the heart of the digital revolution

The electronic components market is the essential industrial base for the digital revolution and the energy transition, through nanoelectronics and power electronics technologies to assembly and integration. The market for electronic components is the essential industrial base for the digital revolution and the energy transition, from nanoelectronics and power electronics technologies ...

2.2 The rise of the electric car accelerates the integration of electronic components

The electric car segment has been booming in recent years, driven by the radical change in motorists' habits and the search for new modes of mobility. In addition, the robotization of upstream production methods is strengthening the sector's position as one of the main outlets for the electronic components market, with ...

2.3 The democratization of connected objects and the IoT is driving demand for electronic components

The digital wave is ushering in a period of profound transformation in all sectors of the economy, both services and industry. Within this wave, connected objects and the Internet of Things (***) is the most important market for connected objects and represents **% of the market value. The industrial sector represents **% of the ...


3.1 Simplified diagram of the market structure

The value chain of electronic components is broken down into four stages as shown in the diagram above:

The suppliers: they will provide the manufacturers with raw materials. The most used is certainly silicon. They can either provide the raw material or offer it in the form of processed products; Research ...

3.2 The production of electronic components is concentrated in Asia

Producing electronic components therefore implies an important basic investment in order to benefit from the best infrastructures. The quality of an electronic component will determine the success of its manufacturers. The complexity of manufacturing makes it particularly difficult for newcomers to enter. The French market is therefore dominated by major players ...

3.3 Global distribution of electronic components

Because electronic components are both fragile and valuable, the choice of distributors is particularly important. The distribution channels are often integrated into the network of the main manufacturers. The distributors offer a wide choice of products from different producers.

In ****, forecasts for the turnover of electronic components distributors indicated an increase ...


4.1 The typology of electronic components

Electronic components can be divided into several categories. First of all, there are the active components. The purpose of this electronic component is to increase the power of a signal (***). We find the following most common semiconductors :

The diode: nonlinear and polarized dipole (***); The transistor: based on a system of three ...

4.2 Price list for electronic components

The prices of electronic components can vary considerably depending on the component. It is therefore important to study them individually. To do so, we have based ourselves on the prices proposed by Go Tronic, a leader in the distribution of components.

For the components considered as active, the prices (***) are as ...

4.3 French production is booming

The French production of electronic components is booming. Overall, French electronics production has been growing steadily for several years, at a rate of * to *% depending on the sector of activity. Like its German, Italian and Spanish counterparts, which stood at just €*.* billion in ****, it represented nearly €*.* billion in ****, representing a CAGR ...


5.1 Legal framework for the electronic components market

The placing on the market of a product is "the first making available of a product on the market of the Union". Generally, a product is placed on the market when it is sold at the end of its manufacturing phase (***) or when it is imported into the Union. The concept ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • STMicroelectronics
  • Morpho / Idemia
  • Thales Digital Identity (ex Gemalto)
  • Thales
  • Groupe Actia
  • Forecast Electronics
  • Itest
  • Capacitec
  • Plastech
  • Schaller Electronic
  • Servotechnics
  • Nitron
  • Composants Electroniques Lyonnais (CEL)
  • Secre Composants Electroniques
  • Européenne de Composants Electroniques

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