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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Is it a real cure for smoking, or just an equally harmful complement to cigarettes? Whatever the case, the electronic cigarette has been a hit since its arrival in France just under twenty years ago.also known as e-cigarettes or vapoteuses, they were invented and patented in China in the early 2000s, then marketed in France in the years that followed.

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device that vaporizes a flavored e-liquid, with or without nicotine. The system generates an aerosol for inhalation, but does not undergo combustion. It produces a vapor that resembles the smoke of a traditional cigarette, but differs in that it is not burnt tobacco.

An electronic cigarette is made up of three distinct parts:

  • A battery
  • A tank
  • A resistor, which creates the vapor.

It is powered by bottles of flavored e-liquids: today, there are over 7,700 different flavors. Today, two main formats can be distinguished: disposable and refillable. Disposable electronic cigarettes have recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, particularly among young people. With their attractive design, brands such as Puff have captured new market share and attracted new customers.

By 2021, France was the world's third-largest e-cigarette market, with almost 4 million vapers.

Worldwide, the market is set to experience phenomenal growth over the next decade. The size of the market could reach 190 billion USD by 2030.

1.2 The growing global market

e-cigarette market size by value and forecasts World, ****-****, US$ billion CAGR: +**.*% Source: ****

The global e-cigarette market has very high growth potential. valued at **.** billion euros in ****, the market is set to grow at a rate of **.*% a year between **** and ****.

Among the world leaders in e-cigarettes is American Juul, the ...

1.3 A new boom for electronic cigarettes in France

Electronic cigarette market size by value and forecasts World, ****-****, US$ billion Source: ****

In France, the e-cigarette sector has also enjoyed sustained growth since its arrival. There are many reasons for this market's rapid expansion. One of them is that the risks associated with electronic cigarette use are lower than for ...

1.4 Foreign trade

Foreign trade in electronic cigarettes France, ****, in millions of euros Source: ****

As data are only available for ****, it is not possible to provide an overview of foreign trade trends in this sector. However, the balance of trade for e-cigarettes is largely in deficit, with a coverage rate of just *.**.

Main countries ...


2.1 General perceptions of the dangers of electronic cigarettes

"On a scale of * to **, how would you rate the dangerousness of these products?" France, ****, in % Source: ****

Vaping enjoys a relatively good image when it comes to its effects on health, as shown in the graph above. It is considered the least harmful by respondents (***). What's more, its average level of ...

2.2 Profile of vapoteurs

Vaping frequency

Smoking frequency of vapoteurs France, ****, in Source: ****

Three-quarters of vapoteurs are daily vapoteurs, while the remainder are occasional vapoteurs. This distribution is identical to that observed in the **** study.

Smoking status

Smoking status of vapers France, ****, in Source: ****

It goes without saying that the majority of vapers are also ...

2.3 What motivates vapers

Reducing or stopping tobacco consumption

Unsurprisingly, the use of e-cigarettes is largely linked to a desire to reduce tobacco consumption, whether for health or budget reasons.

"Why do you vapotage today?" France, ****, in % Source: ****

According to the data collected, we find that **% of respondents vapotage with the aim of avoiding ...

2.4 Demand trends: DIY and disposable electronic cigarettes


Almost half of all vapers (***) practice what is known as DIY, i.e. they make their own e-liquid. There are several reasons for this increasingly popular practice:

Main reasons for using DIY electronic cigarettes France, ****, in Source: ANSES According to the data collected, the lower cost of DIY e-liquids is ...

2.5 The French's favourite electronic cigarette brands

The graph below is based on OpinionWay's survey of French consumers' favorite brands in February ****. These are respondents' answers to the question "Do you like this or that brand of electronic cigarettes?" for each brand, with the percentage corresponding to the proportion of respondents who answered "yes".

Vaporesso is the favorite ...


3.1 Electronic cigarette market value chain

3.2 Electronic cigarette manufacturing process

How it works

The e-liquid is heated by a heating element glued to the liquid cartridge, or by an ultrasonic device. This produces vapour, which is not burnt tobacco like a conventional cigarette. Ultrasound is much more popular with manufacturers, as it is more efficient and effective than resistance heating, making ...

3.3 Number of companies and employees in specialized sales

Since e-cigarettes are sold through numerous channels (***), it is difficult to know the total number of establishments involved in the e-cigarette market. However, there is an NAF code for specialized stores: ****Z: "Retail sale of tobacco products in specialized stores".

Below is a graph showing the evolution of the number of ...


4.1 Typology of electronic cigarette offerings

Electronic cigarette kits can be classified into four distinct categories[***]:

Kit Pods (***): Kit pods are compact devices that feature a non-interchangeable atomizer called a "cartridge". They are designed to offer a simple vaping experience and are suitable for beginners. Some models feature refillable cartridges, while others are disposable.

AIO tubes: AIO ...

4.2 Lower prices than conventional cigarettes

The cost of an electronic cigarette kit varies according to several factors. All-in-one kits, comprising both a box and an atomizer, are generally offered in a price range from ** to ** euros for starter models. However, prices can vary depending on the quality, performance and construction of the kit. It's worth noting ...

4.3 A market in constant innovation


In a bid to diversify their offering, vape stores are launching new concepts, such as "vapobars" (***), a sort of imitation of e-cigarette version of shisha bars. For example, Vapostore launched a vapobar in Lyon in ****, selling drinks, food and electronic cigarettes.[***]

Nevertheless, these vapobars are still struggling to expand in ...


5.1 Electronic cigarette regulations in France

**** Health Act

The **** health law subjects e-cigarettes to a legal regime very similar to that of tobacco and conventional cigarettes:

Prohibition of additives coloring emissions, creating the impression that the product has beneficial effects on health, facilitating inhalation or absorption of nicotine, ... Mandatory information on packaging: composition and average nicotine content ...

5.2 Anti-smoking policies

The National Tobacco Reduction Program (***) established as part of the latest Cancer Plan has three main focuses: Protecting young people and preventing them from taking up smoking Help smokers quit Acting on the tobacco economy. Anti-smoking policies are supposed to work in favor of vaping, as electronic cigarettes are seen as ...


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The e-cigarette market - France

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