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1.1 Market Definition

The garden furniture market covers a whole range of outdoor furnishings: garden chairs, garden sheds, but also lamps, tables and outdoor furniture.

The market, which has been stagnant for the last 5 years, is above all a renewal market, with replacement purchases being more important than first time ones. Because of the long lifespan of furniture, the brands rely on three factors to increase their sales : current trends, new housing construction and population mobility.

Customers attach great importance to design, but also to the materials used (wood, resin, plastic, metal...) and the time that needs to be spent on maintenance. Placed outdoor, these products are particularly vulnerable to the weather and need to be resilient. In a particularly seasonal market where most sales are made in spring and summer, the weather has a strong impact on the health of the market. Nevertheless, certain products such as garden lamps have continued to show high growth rates for several years.

Finally, the market is characterised by strong competition between the various distribution channels, since large food supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centres and traditional furniture stores now have to cope with the significant growth of e-commerce .

1.2 Steady growth for the global market

The global outdoor furniture market is estimated to be worth approximately **.* billion dollars for the year ****. Growth forecasts provided by Grand View Research give a compound annual growth rate of *% over the period ****-****. Furniture made of wood accounts for approximately two thirds of the total furniture stock. This is far ...

1.3 French market

According to FNAEM the French garden furniture market represents approximately *** million euros of sales from all distribution channels combined for the year ****. This amount has been stable overall for the last * years. It represents approximately *.*% of the furniture market in France, and **% of the garden market. [***] 

Furniture Market Size Value by ...

1.4 Commerce internationale des meubles

Cette partie concerne les importations et les exportations françaises de meubles. Certes les meubles de jardin ne représentent que *,* % des ventes de meubles en **** d'après l', néanmoins, ces données nous semblent importantes pour comprendre les dynamiques de marché.

Les principaux pays d'importation de meubles

Le ...


2.1 French People and their Gardens

In ****, almost ** million French households had a piece of garden or a terrace, a balcony, amounting to almost **% of all French people. [***] The average surface area of a private garden in France is about *** m², while an average terrace is about ** m². These figures are based on a study carried out ...

2.2 Garden tables are the best selling product

In ****, garden tables accounted for **% of total garden furniture sales, ahead of chairs and armchairs (***). [***] However, garden lamps now representent an increasingly important share of the total sales of garden furniture, as they are expected to be the most popular in **** according to Idealo.

Breakdown of garden furniture sales France, ****, % Source: ...

2.3 The DIY trend

Turnover in the Do It Yourself (***). [***]

Individuals can sell their creations very easily on websites such as Etsy. Everyone can create their own online shop and be referenced on the platform, in exchange for a fee on every product listed and a commission for every sale. There are other platforms such ...

2.4 L'engouement du Do It Yourself

D'après études et analyses, Le chiffre d'affaires du secteur du do it yourself à la fin de l'année **** s'élève à *,** million d'euros sur le territoire français, soit une augmentation de **.* % par rapport à ****. Le DIY comprend une dimension sociale et écologique via le recyclage d'objets qui leur donnent une ...


3.1 Overview of the market's value chain

The garden furniture sector follows a distribution chain pattern which is specific to the furniture market, where second-hand goods have an important place. It is estimated that the second-hand furniture market represents about **% of the furniture market, excluding DIY. [***]

The recycling of garden furniture is easier made by private sales platforms ...

3.2 Intense competition

The retail sale of garden furniture is subject to intense competition between supermarkets, specialty stores, online sales and general furniture retailers.

Garden Specialists

This first category of players includes companies such as Truffaut, Jardiland or Gamm Vert and Botanic, the four leading gardening stores in France. All of them have a ...

3.3 Garden furniture and e-commerce

IPEA also notes that e-commerce is developing steadily, even if some furniture retailers are gradually disinvesting. Sites such as Cdiscount, La Redoute or Private Sale are diversifying their field of action. "The sale of garden furniture via e-commerce has been growing steadily for ** years," as Eric Mandinaud recalls, Associate Consultant at ...


4.1 Typology of garden furniture products

The products of garden furniture are above all intended to create moments of relaxation or conviviality between friends. The range of products has developed over time, and today includes a wide variety of products, which are divided into four main categories.

Garden furniture

This category includes "typical" outdoor furniture, but also ...

4.2 Une légère progression des prix

Indice des prix à la consommation du mobilier de jardin France, **** - ****, en base *** = **** Source: ****

L'observation de la moyenne des prix sur une longe période illustre la stabilité des prix qui prévalait avant ****. La progression d'environ *% du chiffre d'affaires du secteur de **** à **** (***) ne s'était donc pas traduite par une ...


5.1 Standards for garden furniture

There are various bodies responsible for developing draft standards:

AFNOR (***) in France CEN (***) in Europe ISO (***) worldwide

AFNOR is responsible for representing France in negotiations with CEN and ISO for the development of European and global standards in line with market needs, but there is a standardisation body for each ...

5.2 Regulatory testing

Numerous mechanical, material and safety tests are mandatory on garden furniture products before they are placed on the market:

Tests on furniture materials Regulatory testing PCP / Pentachlorophenol content in wood and textile articles Cadmium / Cadmium content without materials DMFu / Dimethylfumarate content EN *****-* / Glass fragmentation test **-* / migration of certain elements ...


6.1 Segmentation

The "generalists" whose garden furniture is part of their activity:

IKEA Conforama Adeo GOAL International La Redoute InVivo Kingfisher

The "specialists" of the garden sector:

Jardiland Truffaut

Companies purely specialised in the garden furniture sector :

Hespéride (***) Pro Loisirs Fermob

  • Ikea
  • Conforama France
  • Adeo Groupe
  • BUT International
  • La Redoute
  • InVivo
  • Kingfisher (Castorama, Bricodépot KingFisher , Screwfix)
  • Jardiland
  • Truffaut
  • Hespéride (Société Meubles De Jardin Design SAS)
  • Pro Loisirs
  • Fermob

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