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1.1 Definition and presentation

This study covers the swimming pool market in France and all the players in the industry with regard to the manufacture, installation, and distribution of new products as well as the maintenance and renovation of existing products.

A swimming pool is an artificial pool, filled with water, intended for bathing and/or swimming. It is equipped with filtration systems (pump, filter, etc.) that allow the user to keep the water clean, as well as accessories (heating, shelters, cleaning equipment, etc.)

There are different types of pools depending on their purpose (private pools, public use, etc.) and use (family pools, leisure hotels, therapeutic pools, sports training pools, Olympic pools, diving pools, etc.). In addition, the shapes and materials of swimming pools vary widely: above-ground pools, in-ground or semi-in-ground pools, concrete, steel, kit, etc.

With nearly 2.95 million pools in 2020, France is the largest market in Europe for private pools and the second largest in the world after the United States. The market slowed down in the early 2010s, but has since experienced a period of strong growth, culminating in a 21.5 percent increase in sales in 2020

This booming market has benefited from a particularly favorable environment in recent years, including lower credit rates, favorable weather and dynamic home construction. The good health of the French pool market is also due to the democratization of pools (shallower, smaller, less expensive) and changing customs (mechanization of maintenance, importance of equipment, etc.). However, the French pool market remains marked by a strong economic sensibility, even as more and more French households rethink their relationship with savings and ecology.

1.2 Global and European markets

The global swimming pool market is valued at $**.** billion in ****. It is expected to continue to grow steadily in the coming years with a CAGR of * percent during ****-**** to reach $**.** billion by the end of the period. While the United States dominates the global market with **.* million private pools and ...

1.3 The French market is growing

The French market is the second largest in the world for private swimming pools and the largest in Europe. Today, there is one private pool for every ** French people in the country. A figure that has increased since ****, when there was one for every ** inhabitants.

This increase in the number of ...

1.4 The effects of Covid-19 and the recovery period on the pool market

A prolific year for pool builders in ****, ...

change in the number of pools sold compared to the previous year France, ****, in % Source: ****

Overall, each month of **** saw an increase in pool sales compared to the same month in ****. For example, in February ****, manufacturers sold ** percent more pools than in February ****. The ...


2.1 The typical swimming pool construction consumer

The profile of swimming pool owners

Potential pool buyers in France are very numerous. In fact, if **% of households in individual homes already have a pool, this leaves the remaining **% as potential buyers of a private pool. Given that * in ** French people have a garden, the portion of the population that ...

2.2 Second homes, hotels, and campgrounds increase demand for swimming pools

Second homes

One of the factors that can also influence the pool market is the number of second homes in the country. In fact, **.**% of the total population in France lives in urban areas, a phenomenon that is only accelerating and pushing families to live in apartments. It is therefore only ...

2.3 Demand for swimming pool construction is on the rise

The number of swimming pool constructions is evolving at a very fast rate, as in ****, taking both categories (***) together, there were about ***,*** new pools, while in ****, we are at ***,***. At the same time, there is also a strong increase in pool sales: this increase was estimated at +**% in **** compared to ****.

Number ...

2.4 The cyclicality of demand for swimming pools

Finally, there is a certain cyclicality in demand or at least in the interest of the French in swimming pools, which peaks each year at the beginning of the warm months, i.e., May-June-July. To illustrate this, we used the Google Trends tool to search for "pool installation" in France over ...

2.5 Pool staging, a demand that will soon be on the rise

In ****, ***,*** pools were built more than ** years ago. Therefore, it seems that the pool renovation market is a segment of the future, as FPP pointed out, "The pool construction market is mature, but not yet saturated. However, the renovation market is a market of the future, to upgrade all these pools ...


3.1 Types of swimming pools

The swimming pool market in France can be divided into two main categories: in-ground pools and basement pools. The latter have more affordable installation and maintenance costs, but they are also on average smaller and less aesthetic. It should be noted that there are different players in each market segment. Of ...

3.2 Value chain overview

The following diagram illustrates the chain of actors involved in the pool installation process in France.

3.3 Market participants

There are different types of interveners depending on the work required in the pool market, amplifying the diversity of actors in this market. In this market, we find services such as (***):

Pool design Pool construction Pool renovation Pool deck design and layout Pool liner replacement Sauna installation Spa/Jacuzzi installation Pool ...

3.4 Swimming pool manufacturing and distribution in retail

Swimming pool manufacturers

Source: ****

Major networks of swimming pool specialists in France

Source: ****

Major distribution networks

Source: ****

Pure players in the swimming pool market

Source: ****

In ****, SMEs in the swimming pool industry are getting closer. In fact, BIO-UV Group, which specializes in pool water treatment and disinfection with sales of ** million ...


4.1 A wide range of prices

The cost of a swimming pool varies greatly depending on its size, type, capacity, exterior appearance, equipment, and also the constraints imposed by the land on which it will be installed. Thus, the price ranges are very wide and depend on what the customer wants to have in the house. Habitat ...

4.2 Pools are more and more eco-friendly

In order to meet customers' expectations regarding the ecological impact of swimming pools, the offer is adapting. Indeed, swimming pools have a negative image in this respect, in terms of water and energy consumption. In addition, by making their offerings more eco-responsible, the cost of maintaining a pool decreases, making it ...

4.3 A trend in complementary services: pool set-up

At the Piscine Global **** trade show, pool staging (***) was identified as one of the fastest growing segments in the pool market, both for structural transformations and pool adaptations. In fact, **% of in-ground pools in France in **** were at least ** years old, which can make their style "outdated" but also their systems ...

4.4 Focus on a complementary product: pool covers

The use of a cover to cover the pool when it is not in use is strongly recommended. There are three main types of covers: [***]

Isothermal covers (***): they maintain the temperature of the water. An unprotected pool loses * to * degrees at night, while a pool protected by an isothermal cover loses ...


5.1 Regulations on the installation of basins

Legislation is not the same depending on the type of pool; a summary can be found at

Above ground pools or small pools (***)

It is not necessary to declare the work, except if it is located in a protected area.

In-ground swimming pools between ** and ***m*

A declaration of ...

5.2 The labels of propiscines

To inform consumers about the products they buy but also to encourage their members to improve their offerings, FPP has created a label system.

There are three levels of labels that are awarded:

The Propiscines engagé label (***): members sign a charter based on * areas: information and customer service, insurance, professional commitments, ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Desjoyaux Piscines
  • Waterair
  • Mondial Piscine
  • L'Esprit Piscine (Groupement)
  • Piscines de France (Holding)
  • Irrijardin
  • Piscines-Center
  • Raviday piscines

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The swimming pool market - France

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The swimming pool market - France

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The study is interesting but global. It focuses on the bulk of the pool sector, dominated by concrete and plastic. It would be interesting to go into the depth of the new market sectors, notably the other types of existing coverings tending towards ecology, naturalness and sustainability.

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The swimming pool market - France

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