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The aquabiking market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Aquabiking is the term used to refer to the water cycling . This practice is related to the water fitness practice (or water fitness) fitness programme which notably helps to fight cellulite and refine the silhouette of the adepts. Indeed, the calories burned (300 to 500 calories burned between 30 to 45 minutes) are higher during aquatic sports thanks to the resistance of the water, which also promotes good blood circulation and the maintenance of a stable heart rate.

Aquabiking is to be segmented into three main types:

  • Aquabiking in public swimming pool where bicycles are available for self-service or group lessons;
  • Aquabiking in private pool (clubs or private homes) offering more personalized frameworks with a particular coaching;
  • Aquabiking in a spa or individual cabin where the bike is located in a bathtub filled with water up to the waist and accompanied by hydromassage jets.

Very fashionable and appeared in 2010 in France, the aquabiking seduces more and more thanks to a individual cabin concept . Indeed, by switching from aquabiking lessons in the pool (group practice) to cabins (individual practice), aquabiking is becoming more democratic and attracts a younger, upscale clientele. As a result, aquabiking centres are flourishing in France, often through franchise systems: four major players (Waterbike, Envido, Vitabike and BodyForme) historically competed for a market composed of nearly 500 aquabiking centers in France . However, since 2015, there have been numerous centre closures and judicial liquidations, which have greatly affected Waterbike, Envido and Vitabike. Other players have also emerged, such as Aquabecool, Aquavelo and the giant L'Appart Fitness.

The distribution strategy observed on the market is that of the franchise which allows to reach relatively low entry costs and a promise of strong profitability with a staff load that is low (a 4-cabin centre requires only 2.5 full-time staff). For example, the founder of Point Soleil launched into the aquabiking business with the creation of his BodyForme centres: these are franchised centres composed of four aquabiking cabins that combine cycling, hydromassage, chromotherapy and ozone-based skin care. Water Bike is also the first to enter this market. In terms of the offer, innovations are appearing on the market: the "Velaqua", for example, a fully submersible bicycle that makes it possible to combine aquabike and aquagym.

1.2 The global wellness market

The world welfare market is estimated at *.* billion dollars (***). The personal care and beauty segment accounts for the largest share of the market value at $*** billion. In the segments closest to the aquabiking business, the following figures can be highlighted: the fitness segment is valued at *** billion dollars, with an annual ...

1.3 The national aquabiking market is driven by the dynamism of the French fitness industry

The fitness market, of which aquabiking is one of the disciplines, is very dynamic in France: it represents a value of *.* billion euros in ****, with more than *.** million practitioners (***). There are *,*** fitness clubs in the country, and the number of fitness centres increased by *.*% between **** and ****. [***]

This explains why the French ...


2.1 Consumer profiles in the field of sport

Overall, **% of French people do sport, an increase of ** points since ****. [***]

Frequency: Of the **% of French people who do sports, *% practice every day, **% several times a week and **% once a week. In total, **% of French people practice a sport at least once a week.

Source: ****

Different consumer profiles

Several profiles of ...

2.2 The French want diversity and variety in their sport

Sport is not perceived as a monotonous activity, and more than **% of them practice more than one type of sport. Nearly **% (***) even report participating in * or more sports activities.

Source: ****

Among the sports that attract the most attention from those who want to try a new physical activity are fitness (***).

So ...


3.1 Places to practice aquabiking

Public swimming pools

France has one of the most developed public swimming pool networks in Europe, with one pool for every **,*** or so inhabitants. This means that **% of the population has to travel less than *.* km to get to a public swimming pool. [***]

In total, France had more than **,*** swimming pools ...

3.2 The main aquabiking franchises


The Aquabecool franchise was created in **** and is specialized in water sports, with a wide range of aquafitness: aquabiking, aquagym, aquaboxing, aquatraining... It is also an organic franchise, without chemicals.

Key Figures

Total budget for the opening of a centre: about *** *** Expected income after * years: about ***,*** Average surface area: between ...


4.1 What is aquabiking?

Two types of activities

There are generally two types of activities within aquabiking

- Aquabiking with the aquabike: aquabiking is practiced in swimming pools (***). - Aquabiking with waterbike: waterbike is practiced in health and beauty centres that do not have a swimming pool, and therefore use this waterbike solution practiced in ...

4.2 A very expensive activity

- Price of an aquabike

From *** euros to *** euros for the most basic, up to more than **** euros. The more premium and developed products offer options and functions dedicated to experts and professionals or specialized for a well-defined type of public (***). [***]

- Price of an aquabike cabin

From **,*** euros to more than ...

4.3 Fitness and Connectivity

Today, there is a growing awareness of the importance of well-being, which, according to Territoire Marketing, accompanies the development of awareness campaigns on nutrition and obesity and the apology of surpassing oneself and effort. This awareness is therefore reflected in the increase in the practice of sports, the growing use of ...


5.1 Regulations

Most aquabike centres belong to the legal category of 'Swimming pools open to the public against payment, under public or delegated management', which are defined as 'physical activity and sports establishments [***] where water sports, bathing or swimming activities are practised or where these activities form part of the provision of services ...


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