Since 2020, the Italian driving school market has fluctuated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the number of driving tests taken dropping considerably by 23.01% compared to 2019. However, the market proved resilient with a strong recovery in 2021, recording a 31.5% increase in value. Despite a dip a few years ago, average monthly household spending on driving lessons and related services has generally risen.

Driving schools in Italy: a constantly growing market shaped by regulatory changes and societal trends

The driving school market in Italy has been on an upward trend in recent years, with some fluctuations influenced by external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent years, and particularly in 2022, the number of driving tests taken has risen considerably, suggesting a positive outlook for the driving school sector. With the number of theory and practical tests reaching around 2,140,404 in 2022, the size of the market is estimated at over 1.71 billion euros. Demand for driving schools is constant, with the majority of prospective drivers opting for professional training rather than self-study. A driving license not only enables you to drive, it also offers a whole range of advantages. Italian households are investing steadily in driver training, with a notable increase in average monthly driving-related expenditure, suggesting a flourishing sector. Overall growth in 2022 was around 14.1%, showing that, despite a recorded decline, spending in the sector is on the rise. Geographically, a large number of driving schools are concentrated in northern Italy, which holds around 41.9% of the market. However, it is in central Italy that households spend the most, on average, on driving lessons, tests, permits and related services. The market is also characterized by a mix of driving license types, ranging from lower licenses for motorcycles and cars to higher licenses for commercial transport vehicles. In addition, the composition of new drivers is quite diverse, with a notable presence of foreign-born license holders. The largest age group among new drivers is the under-21s, who account for 62.4% of new licensees. The operating landscape of driving schools consists mainly of individual entrepreneurs and small partnerships, indicating a market with small players and potentially high competition. The stable number of employees in the sector suggests a consolidated market that is not subject to rapid change. The costs associated with obtaining a driver's license depend on various factors, mainly classified into fixed and variable expenses. Applicants incur significant costs, including registration fees for theory and practical tests, medical examinations and driving lessons. The cost of enrolling in a driving school and the resulting lesson fees can vary considerably from city to city.

Driving schools in Italy: Navigating among the leaders in road safety education

Exploring the Italian driving school market, it's clear that the foundation of driving instruction is underpinned by a variety of institutions that spearhead the process of transforming beginners into licensed, road-savvy individuals. Let's take a closer look at some of these key players shaping the driving instruction ecosystem, without getting into the financial details.

  • A veritable source of information and resources, provides a comprehensive overview of the Italian driving school market. Offering a platform full of data, statistics and educational references, helps both learners and schools understand current trends, requirements and performance measures in the driving school industry.
  • Brumbrum: This organization goes a step further than just driver training, delving into the vast world of vehicle ownership and management. Its approach to driver preparation involves not only facilitating license courses, but also extending its services to help with the purchase of a car, offering a holistic experience for drivers.
  • Lanuovaguida: This entity is essential for drivers venturing into two-wheeled vehicles. Lanuovaguida offers specialized training to obtain a motorcycle license (license A), focusing on the practical aspects of driving at high and low speeds, as well as the safety elements essential for safe riding.
  • Alvolante: aimed at B license candidates, Alvolante focuses not only on passing the test, but also on understanding the seriousness of driving a vehicle safely, and the consequences of traffic violations. It presents a perspective that combines the technical aspects of driving with the ethical and legal responsibilities of being behind the wheel.
  • Anfia (Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica): Although not a driving school per se, Anfia's influence as an automotive industry association indirectly affects the driving school market. The regional distribution of vehicles and license holders it provides is an invaluable asset for driving schools, which can thus position themselves strategically in the market.
  • Sole24Ore: Renowned for its comprehensive educational programs, Sole24Ore devotes part of its offering to the field of driver education.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market Summary

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

In 1898, a code regulating the "rules of the road" was first mentioned in Milan, referring to a somewhat primitive version of a driving license, defined as a "concession" and issued by a special municipal commission, following preliminary checks on the applicant, regarding psychophysical fitness and technical handling of the vehicle. Three years later, in 1901, an official national regulation was issued, stipulating the obligation to pass specific tests in order to consequently obtain a license.

From 1901 to the present day, the regulations have undoubtedly undergone a number of transformations, although the conceptual and functional meaning of a license, whatever its form or name, has remained over time. A driver's license was and is in fact aimed at ensuring the ability to drive a particular vehicle.

In Italy, preparation for driving tests can be done individually or through a driving school. Driving schools thus provide specialized and educational training, both theoretical and practical, in preparation for the driving test.

A number of forces are believed to play a role in shaping current and potential developments in the field. On the one hand, positive predictions about the performance of driving schools can be attributed to the increasing number of aspiring drivers who choose to prepare through them or the growing number of vehicles in the territory. On the other hand, the small size of the players and the gradual change in the perception of owning a vehicle are variables that could offset these potential positive effects.

1.2 The market for driving schools in Italy

In order to obtain a driver's license for a vehicle, it is necessary to take an examination, which consists of a written test and a practical test. The theoretical test can be taken privately or by choosing to continue withenrollment in driving school, attending the relevant classes. In the second scenario, ...

1.3 Impact of COVID-19

The *,*** Italian driving schools that were open during the pandemic period were severely affected by the lockdowns imposed as a result of the Covid-** outbreak. From the beginning of March to May **, ****, all registration and enrollment for driving courses and license exams were suspended. This exacerbated the already existing difficulties that ...

1.4 The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February **** resulted in a general increase in the consumer price index, among other things. There is also a slight increase in the driving school sector, showing an increase of about * point between January **** and September ****. This means that over a period of ** months consumers ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Constant question

A driver's license is an administrative authorization useful for obtaining a variety of benefits; specifically, it is noted that there are different types of licenses for as many different means of transportation. In order to obtain the license, it is necessary to take exams and practical lessons, which are useful for ...

2.2 Factors influencing demand

As has been extensively mentioned, a driver's license can only be obtained after taking the exam, which can be taken privately or through driving schools. Choosing to take the license privately offers the following advantages:

lower driving school costs (***); lower driver's license fees (***); autonomous management of study time and quiz ...

2.3 Distribution of monthly expenditure

This market is in high demand within the national and European context. In fact, the average monthly expenditure per household for driving lessons, (***) tests, licenses and compulsory roadworthiness technical checks is strongly high in Italy. Specifically, the macro area with the highest value for the expenditure item considered is Central Italy, ...

2.4 Profile of new drivers

Another interesting aspect that allows for more construction of the dynamics that make up demand is the analysis of consumer type. Below is a useful table to know the nationality of holders of driving licenses issued in **** in Italy.

Licenses issued after the driving test: holders born abroad

Analyzing, on the ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Geographical distribution of the market

In **** , there are *,*** active driving schools in the country; analyzing the value of active driving schools by macro-region, it can be seen that the highest number is rooted in Northern Italy, accounting for **.* percent of the total. Center and South account for **.* percent and **.* percent, respectively.

The number of active driving ...

3.2 Compulsory vehicles for driving schools

In the face of EU dictates enacted in ****, each driving school must have the presence of specific vehicles for each type of license in order to ensure practice and examinations. The "presence" of the vehicles can be manifested in various ways, either through ownership by the driving school itself or through ...

3.3 Main players in the industry

Based on the value of last year's turnover, an overview of the major players in the industry is proposed.[***]

Autoscuole S.A.L. is a company located in the province of Ravenna, with branches in various municipalities such as Lugo and Bagnacavallo. It offers a range of services including theoretical and ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 Driving school services

A driving school is concerned with training and preparing individuals to obtain a driver's license. It offers theoretical lessons on the principles of driving and the rules of the road, as well as practical driving lessons under the supervision of qualified instructors. Some driving schools also offer specialized courses, such as ...

4.2 Types of permits

There are different types of driving licenses, an initial segmentation is possible between two main categories

Lower licenses : for motorcycles and automobiles (***); Higher licenses : for transport vehicles, C* and C for truck drivers and D* and D for bus drivers (***).

We can add the E license, which does not appear as ...

4.3 Total cost: determinants

The price of a driving school subscription is based on two types of services offered-as mentioned earlier, theoretical and practical preparation. In general, theoretical courses require a fixed upfront payment while driving lessons are based on an hourly amount.

Therefore, we can identify two different cost factors: fixed and variable. Fixed ...

4.4 Car-pooling: obstacle for the driving school market?

Car-pooling is a phenomenon that is spreading strongly in Italy, registering more than thousands of certified trips and helping to reduce the number of cars on the roads (***); this could have an impact on the future of the car industry and the market for driving schools, since if the service comes ...

5 Rules and regulations

5.1 Regulations for driving schools and licensees

The main information regarding this market is contained in Ministerial Decree No. *** dated **/**/****:

art.*of the Decree concerning the activity of driving schools states that: driving schools may carry out, in addition to the activity of teaching driving, as provided for inArt. *** of the Regulations for the Execution of the Highway ...

5.2 License renewal

Renewing a driver's license is an obligation from which no motorist can exempt himself. Renewal deadlines change according to different age groups; if there are no unusual events that cast doubt on the motorist's ability to drive, it is mandatory to undergo the update:

Type A and B

Every ** years until ...

6 Positioning of actors

6.1 Segmentation

  • AU.RA S.R.L.
  • Furia 1935
  • Cooperativa Autoscuole Reggiane

List of charts

  • Nombre d'examens effectués dans les auto-écoles
  • Véhicules par habitant
  • Examens des auto-écoles, par type de candidat
  • Nombre de permis obtenus par groupe d'âge
  • Épreuves d'examen (théories et pratiques)
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