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The market for academic tutoring - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

The tutoring market covers all activities aimed at pupils (primary and secondary education) that enable them to improve their academic level: private or group tutoring in specific subjects, homework help for elementary school pupils, vacation internships, homework correction.

It is at the high school and college level that students make the most use of academic support, and studies show that it is parents who, in most cases, are behind the initiative. A distinction is made between the client (the final recipient of the service: the student) and the requester (the parents).

The Italian home tutoring market has recently been growing considerably, driven by consumers' perception of a competitive advantage of targeted face-to-face tutoring. In addition, not to be outdone, is the performance recorded by online private lessons, driven on the flip side by a search for flexibility and price comparison.

The market presents a highly fragmented picture, dictated mainly by the considerable number of both clients and providers and poor regulatory measures. In fact, about 90 percent of the business is believed to be in the black. Companies therefore offering this type of solution face stringent competition and a market with high price elasticity and consumer driven.

1.2 The Global Tutoring Market

Global tutoring market World, ****-****, in billions of dollars Source: ****

In ****, the global private tutoring market size was estimated at $*** billion. The market is expected to grow strongly at a CAGR of *.* percent per year, reaching $***.* billion by ****. This growth is mainly driven by Asia, where higher disposable incomes are leading ...

1.3 The domestic market

In Italy, ISTAT, the national statistics institute, reports economic data on companies active in the academic tutoring sector. This type of business is registered under the ATECO code"**.**.** - Other Education Services nca "and this is the code to be used in Italy if one wants to open a VAT number ...

1.4 The impact of Covid-19

The Covid-** crisis has had a huge impact on the tutoring market. This is in fact a service that is done at home and covers what is studied during the previous days/weeks at school. With the shutdown of tutoring for almost * years, the presence and influence of the teacher has ...


2.1 The number of students as the main driver of demand

The main clients of tutors are students. In fact, although the demand for tutoring has grown strongly since the beginning of school, students represent the largest population of tutoring consumers. This tutoring is mainly to prepare for tests to enter college, but also to prepare for exams once they enter college ...

2.2 Education spending and educational attainment of the Italian population

Italy is among the countries that spend the least on education in Europe. Spending €**** per student, about *.* percent of public spending, it ranks last in Europe, tied with Greece. The past * years have seen a decline in education spending, which has occurred more abruptly than demographic changes. While investment in education ...

2.3 The cyclicality of demand

The demand for tutoring services turns out to be somewhat "cyclical." In fact, it is in September that searches for private professors and tutoring services increase and, as for high school students, also in July and June, coinciding with the start of remedial exams.

In the graph, it is possible to ...

2.4 Major trends in the demand for mentoring

Like many other industries, tutoring is changing. Faced with teachers' anxiety about increasingly complex and numerous subjects with limited means, many entrepreneurs have entered the market to supplement school learning. The main trends on which they rely are as follows: *. The progression of augmented reality The virtual reality market is expected ...


3.1 Italian market characteristics

The tutoring market in Italy is highly fragmented. If we take into consideration the data on ATECO code"***** - Other education services "it is possible to see that there is a high number of registered enterprises, ****, of which ** percent are in the legal form of"sole proprietor, freelancer and self-employed." The ...

3.2 The Black Market of Private Tutoring

The black market of private tutoring in Italy is worth *** million euros, and about ** percent of private lessons are not declared to the tax authorities. Several attempts have been made to regulate this sector, the **** Budget Law introduced a ** percent withholding tax on fees from private lessons or tutoring.[***]

According to ...

3.3 The development of ed-tech and online tutoring

The covid has greatly accelerated the process of transition to digital and distance learning forms. In the wake of this global trend, companies active in the so-called ed-tech, technology fraction of education, which has a value of $*** billion globally in **** and is estimated to grow at an average rate of **.* percent ...


4.1 The different types of mentoring

There are several ways of practicing tutoring. These models differ in the size of the group being supported, the communication channel used (***), or the learning objective. The list below shows the main categories:

On-site tutoring: ideal format for the student who has only a few questions about his or her homework ...

4.2 Market prices

The average expenditure of Italian families on tutoring is about *,*** euros per year. There is a difference in rates between lessons given by a professional lecturer, and those given instead by a student, the latter being cheaper by ** percent. A lecturer manages to earn an average of *** euros per week from ...


5.1 Regulation

The legislation governing the subject is Law ***/****. Within this text every aspect related to private lessons is regulated. Thus it is possible to know, with certainty, what a teacher can or cannot do. Teachers are not allowed to give private lessons to pupils attending the same institution at which he or ...


6.1 Segmentation

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Reviews (5)

Reviews (5)

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Merci beaucoup Laure pour votre avis qui nous est précieux. Nous sommes ravis d'avoir été à la hauteur de vos attentes!

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