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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Stationery shops are shops selling stationery, often located near schools and offices. Stationery items are products used to support the writing or printing of texts. There are 3 categories:

  • School materials (sheets, notebooks, etc.).
  • Correspondence (unprinted envelopes and tickets, etc.).
  • Administrative (registers, account books, etc.)

The global stationery market is growing thanks to the increase in literacy rates and the number of young people who attend higher education, promoted by the numerous initiatives of national governments. The regions that are expected to grow the most are the Asia-Pacific and MENA regions, thanks to a large usage of different types of stationery products, an increasing number of educational institutions in rural and urban areas, and the access to education for more sections of society.

The Italian stationery market has been slowly shrinking for several years, although it remains one of the preferred channels for consumers who prefer to buy in physical shops. In fact, consumers appreciate the low prices, the wide assortment, the high competence and immediacy of purchase that stationery shops offer. Today, stationery shops still account for around 60% of the total market. 

The market is very fragmented. It is mainly inhabited by small local operators, but they are increasingly threatened by new large international digital operators such as Amazon. In 2020, there are around 10,900 stationers in Italy.

The increase in school enrolment and business activities are the factors that have contributed the most to the survival of the stationery market in Italy. However, the sector is facing several challenges, including the dematerialisation of documents in the public and private sector and the increasing use of electronic mail. 

To meet these challenges and changing demand, the sector is trying to reinvent itself through aesthetic innovations and diversification of price ranges. Related sectors, particularly the paper one, continue to evolve by adopting new environmentally friendly practices and offering more environmentally friendly products.

1.2 Global Market Analysis

The value of the Stationary Market, estimated at US$ **.* Billion in ****, is projected to reach a value of US$ ***.* Billion, with a growth at a CAGR of *.*%, by ****.

Evolution of the Stationary Market World, **** – ****, billions US$ CAGR: +*,*% Source: ****

This growth is driven by the development of education in Africa and Asia. ...

1.3 Italian Market

The Italian stationery market had a total value, before the pandemic, of *** million euros with ** *** stationery stores (***) while coloring products recorded a **% decrease. 

Products most affected by Covid Italy, ****, % GDO WEEK

Regarding the importance of each segment, the writing is the most important with a market share of **%, nearly *** million, of ...

1.4 Import and Export

On the foreign trade side, the stationery industry had a decrease of -*.*% in the export and an increase of *.*% in the import of products.(***)

Dividing the industry into * main segments by products, can be seen the export and import trends. 

- Envelopes, letter cards, plain poster cards and other correspondence ...

1.5 Covid-19 Impact

The stationery industry has been one of the most affected by the pandemic crisis. The sales of stationery products, along with newspapers and magazine sales, fell by -**.*% in March **** and -**.* % in April. (***). In **** the industry had an increase of the sales, compared to the ****,  but pre-February **** profitability levels are ...


2.1 Demand Characteristics

It is possible to distinguish two types of consumers of stationery: 

Professional Clients:

Despite the dematerialization of many processes and the increase in the use of smart working, companies need stationery items in their administrative processes in order to communicate or store documents. 

These are important costs for the firms, half ...

2.2 Demand Drivers

Demand is strongly influenced by several factors, considering the wide range of products offered. 

Number of students

Students represent an important portion of the total demand for the stationery industry and the decrease of the last years of the numbers of students has an impact on the total sales of the ...

2.3 New Trends in Demand

Corporate Gifts

More and more companies are using forms of "Object Advertising" through which businesses try to advertise themselves through traditional objects such as pens, writing utensils or office supplies. In fact, several players in the stationery industry are developing these types of personalized items for small and large businesses. Small ...


3.1 Offer Characteristics

The market is highly fragmented, the number of stores specialized in the retail sale of newspapers and stationery products in specialty stores were ** *** in ****, a decrease of **% if compared to the ones present in **** in the country.

Industry turnover has steadily decrease in the last * years due to the increase of ...

3.2 Stationary store categories

Numero di cartolerie in base alla tipologia di offerta Italia, ****, numero Agenzia Entrate

Type of Store   Revenues  Stationery stores with assortment of school textbooks, books, manuals and guides  **% of revenues are generated by school books and **% by notebooks, diaries and paper for school and drawing    Franchised Stores  Majority of revenues are ...

3.3 Geographic Distribution

The Geographic Distribution is quite homogeneous throughout the country, testifying to the stability of demand in all Italian regions. 


4.1 Similar Items for professionals and individuals

Stationery items for professionals

An analysis of Office Depot has identified ** different categories of items intended exclusively for professionals

                                        Within these ** categories there are specific sub-categories such as pencil, markers etc...

Stationery products for individuals

The range of products for privates is quite wide and it overlaps with the items ...

4.2 Pricing

Between **** and **** prices have risen by *%. This small  increase in the level of the prices is  justifying with the high level of competition in the industry that does not allow the stores to increase the prices in dizzy way. 

The reduction between **** and **** is to be found in the boom in ...

4.3 New Trends in Offer

In the market it is possible to find more and more products made with eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly proposals for the protection of the environment.

These types of products are increasingly demanded by new consumers, attentive to aspects related to environmental protection. 

 Recycled paper notebooks  Refillable pens these have a ...


5.1 Regulation

Product table XV groups stationery products. 

Law *.*.** - L.R. September *, ****, n. ** has also established the use of recycled paper within the public offices

     (***) at least ** percent of the requirement in the first year;      (***) at least ** percent of the requirement in the second and third years;      (***) at least ** percent of ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Hamelin (Holding)
  • 3M
  • Office Depot France
  • Gruppo Buffetti
  • Schwan-Stabilo
  • Aurora
  • Cartiere Milano Fabriano

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