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The infusion market - France

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1.1 Presentation

Infusion is first of all an extraction method consisting in soaking a plant in initially hot water that is allowed to cool to extract the active ingredients or natural flavours. It is opposed in this sense to maceration, in which the water is cold at all times, or decoction, in which the water is kept at boiling point

The term infusion also refers to the liquid obtained. Herbal teas and tea for example are included in this definition [CNRTL].

Traditionally used for its medicinal virtues, infusions have been known since 2737 BC, when the Chinese emperor Chen Nung first soaked a tea leaf in hot water.

They were commonly used during Antiquity and the Middle Ages by doctors as a remedy for all diseases, before being gradually replaced by the appearance of medicine during the Renaissance [STEPI]. The whole of plants and other natural medicine is called herbal medicine.

There are many different types of infusions, including black, green and white teas, as well as chamomile, ginger, verbena and many others [AlterAfrica].

These plants can be sold in bags or in pots, in supermarkets or in specialty stores. New products regularly enter this market, such as cold infusions or encapsulated pods.

According to a study by Transparency Market Research, there is a growing popularity of herbal beverages such as herbal teas. This is due to a change in lifestyle among young adult populations, increasingly preferring natural remedies to drugs, and a steady growth in the number of organic products; in 2017, 20% of the infusions are labelled organic [LSA Conso].

1.2 Une croissance mondiale qui s'accélère

Le marché des tisanes a été évalué à *.** milliards de dollars américains en **** et devrait atteindre *.** milliards de dollars d’ici à ****, avec un taux de croissance annuel moyen de *.**% de **** à ****. [***]

Dès lors, il est possible d'estimer l'évolution du chiffre d'affaires issu du marché des tisanes, comme en témoigne ...

1.2 In France, the herbal tea market is expanding rapidly

Driven by new health and environmental concerns, the herbal tea market is booming in France: it has grown by **% in value over the past ** years. In ****, the French herbal tea market stood at over €*** million. The market's growth is notably driven by a strong premiumisation of products, with a price increase ...


2.1 Consumption of hot drinks in France

Household consumption of non-alcoholic beverages

In ****, household consumption of non-alcoholic beverages (***). 

Consumption of non-alcoholic beverages France, ****-****, in billions of euros Source: ****

Household consumption of non-alcoholic beverages increased by *.*% in ****, *.*% in **** and *.*% in ****.

Annual change in volume consumption of non-alcoholic beverages France, ****-****, in % Source: ****

Occasions of hot beverage consumption

The ...

2.2 Consumption of infusions and herbal teas in France

Reasons for consumption

Herbal teas and infusions are often consumed for their health and well-being virtues. More specifically, **% of French people drink herbal tea for digestion, **% for sleep and **% for slimming. 

Use of infusions and herbal teas France, ****, in % Source: ****

Consumer behaviour

The infusion consumer base has grown significantly in recent ...

2.3 New consumption patterns

The herbal tea and infusions market has a rejuvenated and dynamic image. The proportion of ** to ** year olds consuming these drinks has increased, raising the profile of these products. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, this dynamism comes from a change in consumption among this age group, which is ...


3.1 Production des infusions et dépendance à la filière PPAM

Les montants donnés pour la production concernent la valeur de la production commercialisée ou destinée à la commercialisation, qui est calculée sur la base du prix de vente réalisé au départ de l’usine ou susceptible d’être réalisé au cours de la période ...

3.1 Production of tea and infusions

An infusion consists of placing plants or plant extracts in an initially hot liquid (***) that is left to cool. By extension, we can also speak of decoction for certain herbal teas, such as those from seeds or roots. This method of preparation involves keeping the liquid at a boil for several ...


4.1 Trends and price ranges

Price indices

It can be seen that the consumer price index for teas and infusions in France has varied quite unevenly over the last ten years: indeed, after peaking in **** at ***.** (***), the CPI reached a low of **.** in ****, before rising again to ***.** in ****. 

Consumer price index for teas and infusions France, ...

4.2 A wide range of products

The recent craze for natural products and self-medication remedies has pushed tea and infusion manufacturers to diversify their product range, both on the ingredients used as well as on preparation methods.

When it comes to tea, the different products are generally differentiated by the colour of the leaves. There are mainly ...

4.3 Organic and natural products at the heart of the infusion offer

As mentioned earlier, organic/natural is a key segment of the infusions market, driving growth. The penetration rate of organic infusions has been steadily growing over the past few years, from **.*% in **** to **.*% in ****. 

Penetration rate of organic infusions France, ****-****, in % Source: ****

In ****, organic infusions represented **% of total sales of ...


5.1 Legislative framework

In France, decree No. ****-*** of ** August **** on the sale to the public of medicinal plants listed in the Pharmacopoeia, regulates the list of plants that may be sold by persons other than pharmacists. A total of *** plants or plant extracts are authorized for over-the-counter sale.

For Organic, jurisdiction is established ...


6.1 Segmentation

Specialized tea and infusion brands in the retail sector

Tea houses selling infusions

Specialized new entrants

  • Unilever
  • Lipton (Unilever)
  • La Tisanière
  • Alter Eco, Bjorg Bonneterre (Groupe Ecotone)
  • Thés Éléphant (Scoop TI)
  • Yogi Tea GmbH
  • Kusmi tea (Orientis)
  • Mariage Frères
  • Pages Infusions
  • Clipper Tea
  • Le Palais des Thés
  • Les jardins de Gaïa MAKA
  • Herbissima
  • Thés de la Pagode
  • La Route des Comptoirs
  • Betjeman & Barton
  • Comptoir Francais du thé
  • Les 2 Marmottes
  • Chic des plantes
  • Happy plantes

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The infusion market - France

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The infusion market - France

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The infusion market - France

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The infusion market - France

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