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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Infusion stands for an extraction method consisting of initially soaking a plant in hot water which is then left to cool in order to extract the active ingredients or natural aromas. The term infusion also and above all refers to the liquid thus obtained. The market is a subsegment of the greater non-alcoholic beverage industry, and it includes a variety of products, which are though distinguished from traditional tea.

Traditionally used for medicinal purposes, infusions have been known since 2737 BC, when the Chinese Emperor Chen Nung first soaked a tea leaf in hot water. Today there are many different varieties of herbal teas, including black, green and white teas, as well as teas with chamomile, ginger, verbena and many others. These products can be sold in bags or pots, in supermarkets or in specialist shops.

In Italy the market is experiencing an impressive explosion, with a growth of +14.1% in 2018 compared to the previous year, following consumers’ focus shift on healthy products and need of greater variety in product lines and especially within non-alcoholic beverages – a market that on the other hand in stagnation with a downturn both in value (-1.7%) and volume (-4.1%) in 2018. Infusions are benefiting from both an established awareness and a positive growing word of mouth of their impact on mental and physical well-being.

In addition, the opportunity to have a large assortment of products – market leaders have between 10 and 15 different lines - seems to be driving both at home and out of home demand. The outlook of the industry though remains relatively concentrated, with strong market shares in the hands of a small number of players, which continue to benefit from their brand power and dominance.






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Reviews (5)

The infusion market - France

Publicado en 12/01/2022 by Philippe Couvreur - Organic Success

The study is quite complete however the figures are not deep enough for my part, it remains a working basis but I fear that a real "Marketer" can use it to make real decisions. At the end, the list of operators is quite complete and again, it lacks a bit of precision, I take an example: At the main player which is Unilever, they bought two years ago an English company called Pukka Herbs and we do not see any figure on the latter. Only a global figure that places it at the top of the list, it would have been interesting to dig a little deeper into this subject for the players and their subsidiaries. Finally, even if the subject of the product from organic farming is addressed, it is in my opinion treated too lightly (I am in this field) and it does not allow to have a global vision of the market. Do not hesitate to come back to me if you need help, I am independent and we could establish a collaboration!

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Philippe, Thank you very much for your very constructive feedback which helps us enormously to improve the quality of our studies. It is precisely our positioning to make synthetic studies on targeted markets. We hope that this one will have been useful to you. :)

The infusion market - France

Publicado en 18/11/2021 by Vincent Arvers - Almaero

89€ to have a vision on a market and its reference actors! This relative investment allows you to save time and simply identify new trends or angles of attack on a market

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Vincent, Thank you for your feedback, we are very happy that you appreciated our study and that it saved you precious time.

The infusion market - France

Publicado en 03/11/2021 by Gregoire Torralba - Grand Sud Ouest Capital (GSO Capital)

Excellent foundation for beginning to understand the sector with a structured note on the most important points. The many sources provided throughout the study allow for further exploration of the subject.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Grégoire, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to read that the content and structure of the study have fully met your expectations. :)

The infusion market - France

Publicado en 20/02/2021 by M. Steyssier

Very good overview of the market and issues

Businesscoot Response:

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that the study was up to your expectations. We hope you will give us a 5/5 next time ;)

The infusion market - France

Publicado en 04/05/2021 by Boris Loo - Taqtiq

Precise and concise, ideal for the preparation of marketing files.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Boris, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to read that the content of the study has fully met your expectations. :)