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The halal meat market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

In the Muslim religion, halal refers to everything authorized by Sharia, or Islamic law, as opposed to haram, which is prohibited or impure. The prohibitions of the Muslim religion include the consumption of alcohol, drugs and pork (including the pork gelatin used to make sweets), as well as " blood, the dead beast or the beast on which one has eaten. ( Sura 5 of the Koran), i.e. any meat from an animal that has not been slaughtered alive.

So, according to Muslim rites, to be halal, the animal must be turned towards Mecca, its throat cut and bled by a Muslim who pronounces sacred words. This practice contravenes French legislation, which requires the animal to be stunned before slaughter.

In 2020, on a global scale, the halal food market segment represented 57.8% in volume terms, making it the largest halal market segment in comparison with other halal sectors such as cosmetics, clothing, "muslim-friendly" tourism...

The halal prescription has given rise to some controversy in Europe, notably among animal rights groups. What's more, there is no halal label in France, unlike kosher products, which are guaranteed by the Consistoire Central des Juifs de France.

Despite these certification difficulties, the meat market is very much alive, with all halal products, including meat, growing in value terms by +12.4% in 2022 compared with 2019 , and the 1st Halal Franchise Fair held in Paris in 2020. The market therefore appears to be growing steadily, with market structuring tending to develop, following the example of Isla Délice, which saw a steady 8-10% increase in sales between 2010 and 2020.

In fact, the main players in the halal meat market are, on the one hand, major groups such as Fleury Michon, Isla délice and Réghalal (a subsidiary of the LDC group) and, on the other, independent stores such as butchers, which are smaller players.

1.2 Excellent growth opportunities worldwide

The global halal market

The global halal market may contain different products and services from one source to another.

According to Adroit Market Research, the global halal market will be worth *.* trillion dollars by ****. In this study, the following segments are considered: Finance, Tourism, Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals and ...

1.3 The French market is growing exponentially

In ****, the French halal market in supermarkets and hypermarkets will be worth ***.** million euros, representing a **.*% increase in sales over ****.

Sales growth in the halal supermarket market France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

Sales of the main halal market segments France, ****/****/****, in millions of euros Source: ****

The main segments of ...

1.4 International halal meat trade

Precise figures are available concerning the value of halal meat imports into the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (***), as well as the ranking of the main importers and exporters of halal meat to these countries. The ** OIC member countries imported $*** billion worth of Halal products and exported $*** billion in ...


2.1 Targeting the Muslim community

While anyone can buy halal products, the target clientele is the Muslim community. To assess the demand for halal meat in France, we first need to establish the total number of Muslims in the country, which is difficult to do as ethnic statistics are forbidden.

According toInsee 's **** report on religious ...

2.2 Typology of halal meat consumers

A recent IFOP survey conducted in September **** among the Muslim population analyzes the frequency of halal meat purchases in France, according to a number of criteria: consumer gender, age, profession, marital status, and region of origin.

Generally regular consumers

According to a recent IFOP survey, **% of Muslims questioned claimed to consume ...

2.3 Highly variable average baskets

Among halal meat buyers, six types of family can be distinguished, with very distinct consumption patterns and average halal spending:

Pre-families": couples or singles under ** with no children; Young families": families with children, all under * years of age; Growing families": families with at least one child aged * to **; Established families": families ...

2.4 Consumers' expectations are more demanding

Consumers increasingly attentive to health risks

Consumers have high expectations in terms of quality, innovation and product availability. This is why brands are adopting growth strategies aimed at improving their offer by moving upmarket and reviewing their packaging.

Consumers, for example, are increasingly aware of the health risks associated with halal ...

2.5 Ramadan no longer the only highlight

Ramadan is a strategic time, accounting for **-**% of annual sales of halal meat. There is also significant stockpiling, as the bulk of sales take place before Ramadan.

The Ramadan period has a direct influence on halal butchery sales, which increase by ** to **% at this time of year. This is linked ...


3.1 The main halal meat brands

Halal charcuterie

Three main brands stand out from the rest in the halal charcuterie segment: market leader by far is Isla Délice, with **.*% of market share by value in ****, up +**.*% on the previous year. Next is Fleury Michon with **.*% of market share by value (***). [***]

Volume market share of the main ...

3.2 Meat production and halal meat in France

The Confédération Nationale de l'Élevage details some of the characteristics of meat production in France. It is organized into two herds:

The "dairy herd", which represents **% of the total herd and is made up of animals bred and destined for milk production. **% of animals are selected for herd ...

3.3 Distribution mainly captured by small retailers

Major retailers such as Carrefour, Auchan and E.Leclerc are pursuing aggressive halal product promotion policies.

Nevertheless, traditional retailers continue to do well, particularly halal butchers, small shops and markets. It is estimated that**% of sales are made via halal butchers and local grocery stores. [***].

This is a direct result of ...

3.4 Online meat buying: a booming segment

Due to the health crisis linked to Covid-**, halal meat distribution has been shaken up as consumers of this type of product have turned to drive-thru distribution or direct home delivery of products, in ****, Isla Délice saw over ***% growth in their drive-thru sales compared to ****. [***]

sales trends for halal charcuterie ...


4.1 Meat, the most important segment of the halal market

According to an LSA Conso study, the fresh halal market is the most popular with consumers, with halal poultry in first place (***). In last place, we find dairy products with sales of *.** million euros.

Halal sales in various departments France, ****, € million Source: ****

in the grocery sector, consumers are turning more to ...

4.2 The halal poultry segment continues to expand

In ****, the halal meat market in French supermarkets represented *** million euros in sales, up +**.*% in volume and +**.*% in value compared to ****. The poultry meat market segment in French supermarkets grew by **.*% between **** and ****, since in **** the halal poultry market segment in supermarkets in LS represented *** million euros in sales, while in ...

4.3 Innovation at the heart of growth strategies

Brands focus on product innovation

Consumers of halal meat are complaining about a lack of choice and variety at halal butcher's shops in supermarkets: they buy halal charcuterie and frozen products there, but go to traditional halal butcher's shops for fresh meat, because they can't find enough of it in ...

4.4 Organic halal: a new alternative?

Made in France and organic products are very much in vogue in France. However, the halal meat market is still very small: today, there are less than a dozen organic and halal butchers in Paris. [***]

But following a petition from the Œuvres d'assistance aux bêtes d'abattoirs (***) issued an opinion on ...


5.1 The main regulatory standards governing the meat market in France

Non-exhaustive list.

The " Hygiene Package ": this is a set of European hygiene standards designed to ensure a minimum level of health safety on a European scale, and binding on all players in the food chain. They mainly comprise the following regulations: Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation ...

5.2 Difficulties in controlling halal regulation and certification

Unlike the "kosher" label, for example, there is no single "halal" label in France, as the Conseil français du culte musulman (***) has never succeeded in producing unified specifications.

Today, three organizations handle the bulk of certification in France: the three major mosques of Paris, Lyon and Evry, which represent three ...


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Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)

The halal meat market - France

Publicado en 02/01/2022 by Hugo Schott - Businesscoot

Very interesting study that gives a lot of information on a growing market that is still difficult to understand

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Hugo, Thank you very much for your feedback, we are delighted if our study has perfectly met your expectations. :)

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