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The glacier market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Artisanal ice cream is a sub-segment within the broader ice cream market. Artisanal ice cream differs from traditional ice cream due to a stricter adherence to a specific production process and usage of ingredients. Usually, manufacturers in this industry pride themselves on offering niched and authentic products, with local ingredients and production methods. As a consequence, prices are often higher for artisanal ice cream compared to the traditional equivalent.

The global market is growing: between 2018 and 2025, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8%. Consumers value artisanal ice cream for its presentation, the quality of ingredients, and the wide range of exotic flavours. The market is dominated by North America which holds around 41% of total sales. However, in per capita consumption, New Zealand consumes the most ice cream in the world (28.4 liters per capita).

Global artisanal ice cream retailers are many and contrary to the overall ice cream market, there are no giants who dominate the industry. Instead, players are small, many, and very niched in their assortiment of flavours. 

In France, the overall ice cream market is growing. Artisanal players are benefitting from a growing interest in ice cream. In 2015, artisanal ice cream represented around 28% of the sales of the overall ice cream market. COVID-19 caused a sharp contraction in the market during the lockdown, caused by restrictions on movement and a decrease in the inflow of tourism. However, levels in August 2020 recovered very strongly and even surpassed those of 2019.

Similar to the global market, the market structure in France is fragmented. Moreover, there is often confusion on what the term "artisanal" actually means, who can use this expression, and what the difference compared to "home-made" is. For this reason, France created a certification in 2016, issued by CNGF, which provides a label to producers who follow a set of rules and guidelines. Going forward, it is indeed the ability of artisanal ice cream producers to distinguish their profession from that of the overall market which will impact sales.


1.2 The global market is growing

Artisanal ice cream sales World, ****-****, in $US billion Source: ****

The global artisanal ice cream market is expanding; between **** and ****, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of *.*%. Consumers value artisanal ice cream for its presentation, the content, and the wide range of exotic flavours. In particular, the usage of ...

1.3 Domestic market is expanding

Ice cream and sorbet production market turnover (***) France, ****-****, in € million Source: ****

The French ice cream market is growing amid a warmer climate. Between **** and ****, the market grew at a CAGR of *.**%. **** was a particularily strong year due to the good weather that year, the World Cup which took place, and ...

1.4 The impact of Covid-19 on the sector

Revenue index, manufacturing of ice cream and sorbet (***) France, **** & ****, in index value Source: ****

The line graph above shows the difference in the revenue of the manufacturing of the ice cream and sorbet market in France. It compares the first eight months of **** to those of **** to show the effects of COVID-** ...


2.1 Demand drivers in focus

This section looks at demand drivers for artisanal ice cream. The core focus is on macroeconomic indicators which impacts the ability to consume premium ice creams (***).

GDP development 

GDP per capita France, ****-****, in $US/capita Source: ****

As consumer become richer they also become more inclined to spend more money on ...

2.2 The French ice cream consumer

This section looks at preferences amongst France ice cream consumers. 

What is your favourite ice cream? France, ****, in % Source: ****

The most popular type of ice cream in **** in France was Italian style ice cream, which **% of repondents marked as their favourite. This type of ice cream has a higher proportion of ...

2.3 Demand Trends

Search interest "Glace Artisanale" France, ****-****, in index value Source: ****

The graph above shows the cyclicality of search interest for the term "Glace Artisanale" since ****. It represents the proportion of searches for the given key word in a specific region and for a specific period of time, compared to the time ...


3.1 Market Overview


The craft of producing artisan labelled ice cream pertains to a rather small group of professionals compared to the overall ice cream market. Indeed, Usine Nouvelle reports that **% of the overall ice-cream production and end-product in France is ensured by companies of Nestlé, Antilles-glaces (***). Alongside these agro-industrial giants, we find ...

3.2 The production process defines the artisan

Ice Cream's production step broken down into five steps

The industrial production of ice cream is based on essential steps. The production process is similar for sorbet, omitting the addition of milk in the initial mix

The various matters raw materials (***) are mixed and then subjected to a pressure of about ...

3.3 Distribution

Employees and companies in the ice cream and sorbet producing sector (***) France, ****-****, in units Source: ****

The ice cream industry in France is expanding when measured through the active number of firms. Between **** and ****, the number of firms have increased by **% to reach ***. In other words, the market has become more ...

3.4 Entretien avec Louis Metzger, fondateur et CEO de Crème


Bonjour et bienvenue dans vue d'ensemble, le podcast qui vous propose de décrypter en ** minutes les enjeux d'un marché. Je m'appelle Cantiane et je suis analyste chez Businesscoot, une start up spécialisée dans les études de marché. Aujourd'hui, on aborde le thème des glaces et on ...


4.1 Product Overview

Artisanal ice cream includes both traditional ice cream and sorbets.

Although the profession of master ice-cream maker meets strict criteria, the conditions of ice-cream making are not subject to any specifications. [***]

Artisanal ice-cream making requires an innvoative product offering, and the flavours often include elements of exotic fruit. Below is a ...

4.2 Price Analysis

LSA Conso states that in ****, the average consumer in France spent on average €*.** per ice cream purchase (***).

For artisanal ice cream in particular, the average basket of the average consumer is €**.** among the most loyal customers. The most important purchasing criteria are above all the price/quality ratio, and the quality ...

4.3 Labelling- separating the artisans from the rest

The "Glaces Artisanales de France" label

As this study has touched upon on several occasions, the term artisanal remains ambigious since it is often confused with "home-made", and imposes no direct requirements on producers in terms of ingredients or production process. However, in an attempt to create a homogenous term and ...


5.1 Regulation

Ice cream in general

The regulations in force for ice cream and sorbet establishments are the same as those for other general catering establishments. The rights and obligations of professionals in this field are summarized in a practical sheet drawn up by the Directorate General for Enterprises.

In terms of posting, ...


6.1 Segmentation

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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

The sports distribution market - France

Publicado en 19/09/2021 by Geoffroy Boucheteil

Interesting remarks on the impact of digitalization, major sporting events and consumer behaviors on market growth. The classification of the various distribution players allows us to see more clearly the various distribution channels

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Geoffroy, Thank you for your feedback and we are delighted that this study has given you a good overview of the market.

The sports distribution market - France

Publicado en 17/02/2021 by Pascal MONTALI

I congratulate the Businesscoot team for offering everyone accessible, useful and exploitable market research to lay the "foundations" of a strategy for setting up and/or developing a company, a brand, a product... without being drowned by data!

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Pascal, Thank you for your feedback.

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