the frozen food market


1.1 Definition and presentation

Deep-freezing is a food preservation technique that consists of rapid cooling of the food to low temperatures. The technique has given its name to deep-frozen foods, a term used to refer to the set of foods that are preserved by this method. Frozen food is therefore a sub-segment of the wider food market.

The frozen food market can be broken down by product, the most common being fruit, vegetables, ready-to-eat dishes, meat and fish.

In Italy, the food market has experienced a negative trend in recent years, driven mainly by the cut in food spending and the changes in the culinary habits of Italians. The different meaning of out of home eating is believed to continue to impact the market as a whole. Frozen foods, on the other hand, have experienced a stable evolution, influenced in particular by the growing frenetic lifestyle and preferences for practicality and speed in cooking. The Italian market is, however, highly concentrated and sees the predominance of a few brands and an intense domination of a single distribution channel. In addition, it is believed that two other forces will consequently impact the market on both the supply and demand sides. On the one hand, the stringent regulations regarding frozen products and, on the other hand, the growing interest of consumers for the environment.

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