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The spreads market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The chocolate spread market is one of France's leading food products, with almost 3 kilos consumed every second in France. The market study below focuses on the consumption of chocolate-based spreads, while the jam and marmalade segment is the subject of another specific study.

Often eaten for breakfast or a snack, the intense taste of these spreads can accompany other products: breads, brioches, pancakes, waffles, etc.

The market for spreads in France is growing, and has been valued at 554.6 million euros in 2020, having seen a particularly significant increase of 9.9% between 2019 and 2020 (8.7% in volume) thanks to the Covid-19 crisis and various confinements.

In a quasi-monopolistic market dominated by Nutella, the sector's leading company has had to contend with several headwinds that have led to the emergence of competitors. The underlying trend for consumers to prefer healthy, local products with a low environmental impact is therefore taking its toll on the group, which is facing a number of controversies.

The erosion of the leader's sales has led to the emergence of new brands with strong positioning. These include the Italian brand Pan di Stelle (without palm oil, synthetic flavoring or coloring) and Patamilka, owned by the American giant Mondelez. Several French companies, including Léa Nature with its Jardin BIO' product, have also entered this segment, which is opening up to new entrants.

1.2 World market for spreads

To get a better idea of the size of the global spread market, we can separate it into two different segments: chocolate spreads and peanut butter spreads.

Firstly, in ****, the global chocolate spread market was valued at US$*.** billion, with a compound annual growth rate (***) of *.**% during the period ****-****. This ...

1.3 French spreads market

The market for spreads in France (***), due in particular to the Covid-** crisis, which prompted people to spend more time at home and consume more food that could be bought in supermarkets. Thus, the CAGR for the ****-**** period was *.*%, which is promising for the future of this market in ...

1.4 Foreign trade in spreads

Foreign trade in spreads is very balanced, with close values for the country's exports and imports. However, between **** and ****, France saw an increase in exports (***), which explains the rise in the coverage rate from **.*% to ***.*%.

The main destinations for French spread exports are Belgium, the UK and Spain, with Belgium and ...

1.5 The impact of Covid-19 on the spread market

The graph below shows the proportion of searches for a given term in a given region over a given period of time, relative to the time when the term was most searched for (***). Thus, a value of ** means that the keyword has been used less frequently in the region concerned, and ...


2.1 Consumer profile and habits

In France, **% of French people consume spreads. [***].

As regards the profile of spread consumers, **% are women, compared with **% men. These consumers choose Nutella exclusively (***).

Breakdown of responses to "Do you usually consume spreads?" France, ****, in % Source: ****

The Kantar data below show how often the French had a sweet snack per week ...

2.2 Characteristics of spread consumption

Spreads are the ninth most popular junk food in France, with **% of French people claiming to consume them "often" or "from time to time". However, there's a big difference in terms of satisfaction derived from eating spreads, with only **% of French people experiencing pleasure after eating a spread.

Rate of consumption ...

2.3 Are the French leaning more towards organic?

As we saw earlier, spreads are a source of great shame for the French, and are considered "junk food".e as "junk food", there is a growing demand for "healthier" spreads, notably organic, vegetable, palm-oil-free, gluten-free or containing less sugar. However, Yougov's **** survey shows that **% of French people would not or ...


3.1 Chocolate spread production line

The production of chocolate spreads is a relatively long and complex process, spanning several months and often several countries if we take cocoa production into account. It is important to distinguish between the stages of cultivation, processing, spread manufacture and distribution. [***]

With crushing, roasting and grinding, the cocoa powder is extracted ...

3.2 Breakdown of players in the spreads market

The French spread market is dominated by the Italian brand Ferrero (***), which held *% of the market in ****, and the French brand, Lucien Georgelin, which had a market share of *.*%. Private labels also play an important role in the market, with a share of **.*% in ****, up *.*% on ****.

Distribution of spread market players France, ...


4.1 Spread typology and prices

The spreads market is characterized by a very varied typology:

Chocolate spreads Peanut butter spreads Spreads in well-known flavors (***)

These different spreads can also vary according to their concentration of sugar, palm oil, gluten, etc., so that there are a variety of vegan, organic, vegetable spreads, etc., as well as according ...

4.2 Market trends and innovations in spreads

The spread offer is marked by an increase in the importance of "bio", whose share in GMS (***) reached ** million euros in ****, up **% on ****, with a predominance of Jardin Bio in this segment, responsible for a value of **.* million euros in the sector. [***]

with this in mind, new spread releases in **** and ...


5.1 The main principles of food hygiene in France

All foodstuffs are subject to the general provisions of the French Consumer Code in terms of conformity (***).

Several regulations provide the legislative basis for food hygiene in France:

Regulation no. ***/**** on the general principles and requirements of food law[***] ; Regulation n°***/**** on the hygiene of foodstuffs[***]; Regulation n°***/**** , which lays down ...

5.2 Regulations governing palm oil in spreads

In ****, the French National Assembly adopted a "nutella tax" on palm oil, aimed at reducing the use of this oil in food products. The amount associated with this tax was set at €*** per tonne and increased by €** in ****, €** in **** and €** in ****, after much discussion about the surtax on this product, which ...


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Reviews (1)

The spreads market - France

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