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The pet market - Spain

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Companion animals are animals that accompany households for companionship, as opposed to working animals that are kept for profit. The main pets are: cats, dogs, but also fish, as well as some small reptiles and mammals. The pet market deals with accessories, hygiene and care products, but also pet food.

Globally, the pet market is growing rapidly. Not only is the number of pets increasing, but spending per pet is growing faster, reflecting owners' growing concern for their pets. Among the leading multinationals in the sector are Mars Petcare, Netslé Purina Petcare, J.M. Smucker and Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Spaniards had more than 28 million pets in 2019, and more than 40% of households had at least one pet. At the European level, Spain is 7th in the number of dogs (6.7 million), 10th in the number of cats (3.8 million) and 3rd in the number of birds (6.9 million). The covid-19 pandemic has not slowed this momentum, as many Spaniards are looking for larger living spaces close to big cities, which should continue to boost the sector. Sales are made in large food stores, but also in specialized stores such as Kiwoko.

1.2 The world market

The Global Market

The global companion animal market is estimated to reach a value of $*** billion by **** and is expected to grow at a CAGR of *% between **** and ****.[***] This gives us the following estimates:

Marché mondial des animaux de compagnie Monde, ****-****, en milliards de dollars Source: ****

The European market

In ...

1.3 The domestic market

In a country that already counted in **** twice as many pets compared to children under ** years old (***), the pet sector is quite dynamic in Spain. In ****, **% of Spanish households had at least one pet, with ** million pets in the whole country.

Data about pets in Spain Spain, ****, millions, %, thousands Source: ****

In ...

1.3 imports and exports

As for exports and imports, we will focus on dog and cat food because they represent the majority of the pet market turnover. Thus, the analysis of HS code number ****** "cat or dog food for retail" allows us to clarify the situation of Spanish foreign trade in this market.

The following ...


2.1 The profile of animal owners

As for the consumer, it was seen in Spain in **** that the total annual expenditure in euros was ****, of which **.**% (***) to accessories and toys.

Annual expenses of Spaniards Spain, ****, euros Source: ****

As for the origin of the pet, in ****, **% of people adopted their pets, while **% picked them up from the street. ...

2.2 Most requested animals

In Spain, in ****, a total of *,*** dogs, *,*** cats, *,*** birds, *** fish, *,*** small mammals and *,*** European terrariums were registered as pets in homes. These data reflect the diversity of pets that Spaniards choose to share their lives and enrich their experiences, although it can be seen that dogs are the favorite pets of ...

2.3 The demand for animal health care

According to a survey conducted in **** by Anicura, **.*% of Spaniards took their pets to the veterinarian only when necessary, while *.*% did so less than once a year. On the other hand, **.*% went * or * times a year and **.*% went * or * times a year. Some *.*% took their pets more than * times a year ...

2.4 the demand for feed in terms of animals

In ****, the total turnover of the cat and dog food market could be seen to reach *.*** billion euros. Dog products accounted for **.*% of sales and cat products for **.*%. In terms of product categories, dry food accounted for **.*%, wet food **.*% and snacks **.*%.

Turnover and segmentation in the pet food market by value Spain, ...


3.1 Animal feed in Spain

The evolution of the number of pet food manufacturing companies in Spain experienced a steady growth in recent years. Between **** and ****, there was an increase of **.**%, followed by an increase of **.**% in ****. In ****, growth was lower at *.**%, but **** saw a significant increase of **.**%. In summary, the pet food industry in Spain ...

3.2 Medicine and animals

The map below shows the territorial distribution of the animal health and nutrition market in ****. It can be seen that Catalonia and Castilla Y León were the two regions with the highest turnover in that year (***).

As for the veterinary structures in Spain in ****, a diverse distribution is observed in ...

3.3 Distribution

Food distribution and grooming salon

In ****, there were about *,*** pet stores in Spain, whether they were retailers, petshops, large chains, franchises or department stores. Also, it was estimated in that year **,*** dog grooming salons. [***]

Between the online and physical channel, after a **% growth between **** and **** the online channel represented *% of sales ...


4.1 Offer of animals

In Spain, there are *** legal pet breeders [***]. Every year, ***,*** pets are abandoned in the country, which may constitute the supply in terms of pets.

The graph below shows the prices to adopt a dog or a cat in Spain. These prices allow the shelters to have money to take care of ...

4.2 Prices

You can see in the graph below the evolution of the index base ***, ****, in terms of animal feed prices. Thus, in ****, the index decreased slightly to **.**, but in **** it increased to ***.**. Over the years, it has continued to increase, reaching ***.** in ****, ***.** in **** and ***.** in ****. An acceleration of price increases can then ...

4.3 the range of pet products

The offer of toys for pets is very wide. The table below, proposes to gather the most popular toys on amazon by customers in terms of dog toys.

Source: ****

4.4 Supply trends

An organic food. As for human beings, a wide range of organic products for animals is being developed in Spain. The Catalan company Husse offers for example ***% natural food for pets.

Popularity of pet subscriptions. Millennial pet owners in the United States are opting for closed and automated services, such as ...


5.1 Regarding animal protection

The law */****, of March **th, for the protection of the rights and welfare of animals, is a law whose objective is to develop a single system of census of pets in Spain at national level. Also, this new law adds obligations for pet owners. Finally, this law has as its main ...


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Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)

The pet market - France

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Étude qui reflète bien le marché et très riche en infos concernant les intervenants de ce secteur.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci Marc pour votre retour. Nous sommes ravis d'avoir été à la hauteur de vos attentes! :D

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