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The pet market - United Kingdom

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The term domesticated animal refers to animals that are fed, managed, regulated (for reproduction) by humans. The opposite of domestic animal is the wild or ferocious animal. There are two categories of pets:

- Pet animals that are kept indoors 

- Farm or farm animals that are raised on farms to produce milk, meat, eggs, etc.

This study focuses only on the first category. In common parlance this term refers to dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and small birds.

The global pet industry has grown rapidly as a result of many more people adopting or buying animals as members of their household. The most prosperous markets are America and Europe, but Asia is also developing rapidly. The global pet care market has been valued at $150.67 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1 percent from 2022 to 2030.

It is estimated that for the next few years the pet adoption market will grow significantly for both dogs and cats but equally for fish and rabbits. Market trends are primarily a strong digitization of services, making it possible to adopt and buy additional services directly online from the various platforms. In addition, it is estimated that there is a more constant use of social media as a form of advertising.

1.2 Global Market

The global pet care market has been valued at $***.** billion in **** and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (***) of *.* percent from **** to ****. The growing trend toward humanization of pets and increased consumer spending in pet care categories are the main drivers of growth.  As a result, people ...

1.3 UK Market

 This statistic displays the value of the pet care market in the United Kingdom from **** to ****. Since ****, the UK pet care market value has increased, reaching *.* billion British pounds in ****. However, it decreased to *.* billion British pounds in ****, but grew again in **** reaching *.* billions of pounds.

Pet market value in the ...

1.4 Covid Impact

The pandemic has been a positive development for the pet food and pet care retailing market. Extended periods inside have driven a new found appreciation for pets and the UK pet care market, driving engagement and underlined an upscaling of consumer spending.

**% of UK pet owners agree that their pet ...


2.1 Pet ownership

The share of households owning a pet in the United Kingdom remained relatively stable between ****/** and ****/**, hovering around an estimated percentage of ** to ** percent. However, pet ownership levels peaked to an unprecedented high of ** percent in ****/**, likely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and increased time spent at home.

Pet ...

2.2 Consumer spending

Pet care is one of UK’s many thriving industries where consistent growth is happening year-on-year. The most recent figures published by the Office for National Statistics revealed that expenditure on pets and related products reached an annual value of *.** million British pounds in ****, representing a *** percent increase from the beginning ...

2.3 Trend: Pet Humanization

Belonging to the contemporary era and becoming increasingly popular is pet humanization, the tendency to regard one's pets as effective members of the family by caring for them as equals, 'dressing' them up as we do, even feeding them with products in many cases similar to or derived from those for ...

2.4 How owners acquired their pets

The most common places for people to get their dogs, cats and rabbits from have remained largely the same over the last ** years of PAW Report data. Dog owners were most likely to get their pets from a breeder (***).

However, there have been some changes within the data, particularly around the ...

2.5 Trend: Digitalization

Prospective pet owners use the internet both as a source of information and as a place to find their new pet. **% of owners looked on the internet before choosing their pet (***). 

**% of owners found their pet online, with a higher proportion of dog owners finding their pet this way (***).

This ...


3.1 Market Structure

Pet food was the category with the largest market value in the pet care industry in the United Kingdom (***), generating a market value of *.* billion British pounds in ****. Veterinary services had a market value of *.* billion pounds in that year. 

Value of the pet market in the United Kingdom (***), by category Uk, ...

3.2 Vet sevices market

In ****, vet services amounted to a total market value of *.* billion British pounds, an increase of *** million on the previous year (***). However, the period when market had its peak value was in **** when it was worth *.* billion punds.

Market value of vet services in the United Kingdom Uk, ****-****, in billions ...

3.3 Pet food market value in the United Kingdom

This statistic displays the value of the pet food market in the United Kingdom from **** to ****. The market has continuously grown since ****, reaching a new high of *.* billion British pounds in ****. 

Value of the pet food market in the United Kingdom UK, ****-****, in billions of pounds Source: ****


4.1 Average cost of owning a pet

Owning a dog cost an estimated *,*** British pounds a year in the UK as of January ****. Two weeks of boarding was estimated to cost *** British pounds per year, making up the largest share of total dog expenditure. 

Estimated annual cost of owning a dog in the UK, by expense type Uk, ...

4.2 Minimum cost of owning a pet

According to the results of an annual survey on pets and pet wellbeing in the UK, the estimated minimum monthly cost of pets varied between ** British pounds for rabbits and ** British pounds for dogs and cats in ****. 

Estimated minimum monthly cost of keeping pets UK, ****, in pounds Source: ****

Three-quarters (***) of pet ...

4.3 Consumer price index (CPI) of pets and related products and services

This statistic shows the Consumer Price Index (***) as an annual average from **** to ****, where the year **** equals ***. In ****, the annual average price index value of pets was measured at ***.*.

Consumer price index (***) of pets and related products and services UK, ****-****, based on ***=**** Source: ****

4.4 Top online stores in the Pet supplies segment in the UK is the online shop with the highest eCommerce net sales that is selling products in the Pet supplies e-commerce market in the UK, with a revenue of US$*** million in **** generated in the UK, followed by with US$*** million. Third place is taken by ...


5.1 Regulations

Animal Welfare Act ****

The Animal Welfare Act **** is the principal animal welfare legislation. Under the Animal Welfare Act ****, powers exist for secondary legislation and codes of practice to be made to promote the welfare of animals. The government is considering a number of specific issues including updating or bringing in new ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Pets at Home
  • VioVet
  • Zooplus UK
  • IVC Evidensia France
  • VetPartners
  • Pets Corner
  • Jollyes Retail Group
  • Kennelgate Pet Superstores

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Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)

The pet market - France

Publicado en 22/09/2022 by Marc Coussediere - Impex SAS

A study that accurately reflects the market and is very rich in information about the players in this sector.

Businesscoot Response:

Thank you Marc for your feedback. We are delighted to have lived up to your expectations! :D

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