the handbag market

Update 17/10/2019


1.1 Market definition and presentation

A handbag is a fashion accessory to store everyday objects (wallet, keys...). It is a consumer product, intended mainly for women. However, some models are available for men, usually in the form of saddlebags. Many characteristics are taken into account when a consumer buys a bag. Its practicality, but also its aesthetics and the brand, remain particularly important.

The handbag market is highly diversified with different:

  • Ranges or brands : luxury, high-end, low-end...
  • Shapes or sizes : tote bag, clutch bag, small bag....
  • Materials : leather, synthetic, fabric or recycled material

In France, the handbag industry (manufacturers and distributors) is in very good health. Sales are increasing but competition is intensifying between an ever-increasing number of players. Traditional manufacturers such as LVMH now have to deal with private labels, for example. New distribution channels are also emerging, creating new opportunities for the sector.



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