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The luggage market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the luggage market

The luggage market includes all travel items and accessories. A number of criteria can be used to segment the market into several categories, among the most used:

- By size

- By price

- By type

The luggage market is a sub-segment of the leather goods and travel goods sectors. 

The global market is growing, largely driven by Asian markets. The world market, as in France, is concentrated around a few major players, specialists in luggage manufacturing or leaders in the luxury market. 

The French market is growing slightly and has a relatively dynamic foreign trade. With the arrival on the market of Asian products, at very competitive prices, major French luggage companies are now focusing on the high-end segment. Moreover, French consumers are also increasingly looking at the manufacturing conditions ("made in France") even if the price, for the low and mid-range segments, remains a major factor.

Exports represent a very important part of these companies' turnover, particularly for certain historical French luxury players who benefit from a very powerful brand image abroad, such as Louis Vuitton.

The luggage market is also based on the growing number of French travellers and solid distribution in specialised stores, even if the share of e-commerce is growing.

1.2 A growing global market driven by Asia

The graph below shows the geographical distribution of baggage sales worldwide In ****, the sale of baggage represented an amount of *.* billion in the European Union with an average annual growth rate expected to reach *.*% over the period **** - ****.  

The growth of the sector in the coming years should be driven in ...

1.3 The French market in slight growth

According to data collected by Euromonitor, the market for bags and luggage in France last year is estimated at *.* billion euros for a growth of *% in **** (***).

Source: ****

According to The Good Life In ****, Sébastien Valette (***)

Source: ****

The difference between the two turnover figures of Sébastien Valette and Euromonitor can ...

1.4 Les bons résultats français à l'exportation

Les imports et exports français en bagages sont difficiles à évaluer car le marché de la bagagerie recoupe d'autres marchés (***). Nous allons donc nous intéresser aux imports et aux exports de malles, valises et mallettes, réunis sous le numéro de tarif douanier ****.

  Importations françaises de ...


2.1 Profiles of French and foreign customers

French customers

In ****, **% of French people aged ** and over went on a leisure holiday, * points more than the previous year. On the other hand, the number of long-term stays concerned **% of French people, compared to **% the previous year. Nevertheless, the distance travelled by French tourists remains low since **% of them stayed ...

2.2 Commodities and average prices are stagnant

French people are increasingly buying on the Internet **% of them say they shop on the Internet (***). Unpleasant surprises when opening the order would divert **%.

The however, marketing and buying luggage on the Internet is becoming easier and easier . The brands' sites are multiplying American Tourister , Samsonite and Lancel to name but ...

2.3 The popularity of "made in France"

Made in France - or Made in France - has gained ground with the French in recent years. The quality and price of a product have lost their importance when buying it, with **% and **% of French people respectively in ****, much less than in ****. On the other hand the country of manufacture ...

2.4 Une demande de plus en plus haut de gamme

Les consommateurs sont à la recherche de qualité, ils privilégient les articles les plus facilement réparables et les plus durables. En effet, la vente d'un SAV (***) de qualité est un atout majeur pour les fabricants. Ainsi, le fabricant français Jump mise sur un SAV hors pair et envisage de ...


3.1 A relatively concentrated market

There are not many players on the market in France. We only count *** companies registered under NAF code **.**Z (***)

The offer is therefore and the market dominated by a few major players . We count on

of the luxury leather goods such as Lancel, which mainly offers luxury travel items and targets ...

3.2 Production often outsourced

The three fundamental aspects in the manufacture of luggage are:

lightness solidity the design

Major brands such as Samsonite or Delsey have about ten subcontractors in common in China, who manufacture suitcases for both brands as well as other brands

Some major brands delegate almost all manufacturing, such as Delsey, while ...

3.3 Distribution dominated by specialized channels

In the baggage manufacturing market in France, there are various distribution channels:

Specialist tours s: leather goods, baggage handlers, multi-brand baggage manufacturers Generalists : department stores, supermarket chains, etc Own or franchised stores Airport shops Online sale

As shown in the graph below, in the baggage and bags market in France in ...

3.4 Différentes voies de distribution

Chaque année, * millions de bagages sont vendus en France d'après Travel Destination. La majorité de ces ventes est réalisée en e-commerce et c'est le groupe américain Amazon qui domine largement ces ventes, avec plus de la moitié du chiffre d'affaires mondial de la bagagerie en ligne. ...


4.1 Different product categories

In the luggage market, there is a wide variety of products, from suitcases, backpacks, shoulder bags, towels, etc.

The suitcases

There are many formats: cabin suitcases from ** to ** cm high, medium suitcases from ** to ** cm high and XL suitcases from ** cm high. There are flexible cases and rigid cases and some ...

4.2 Des tendances variées

Des attentes variées, mais qui convergent :

Les attentes des consommateurs varient en fonction des pays. En effet, les Américains veulent des bagages de plus en plus résistants, les Chinois mettent l'accent sur la sécurité et le caractère inviolable de leurs valises, tandis que les Japonais privilégient ...

4.2 Seasonal and rising prices

Prices, whose evolution is reflected in changes in the consumer price index (***), increased steadily between **** and June ****

However, a monthly analysis reveals differences that should be noted. Prices of travel items increase at the end of the year, the holiday season, before falling sharply in January. Each new holiday season is ...


5.1 Baggage and air transport and "made in France"

Air transport

The rules imposed by airlines are important for baggage manufacturers as they must comply with them. Otherwise, customers will turn away from brands Air France offers a practical guide summarizing the characteristics that baggage must meet, whether in the hold or in the cabin.

Cabin luggage

Cabin baggage, which ...

5.2 Les sanctions liées à la contrefaçon

La règlementation française est très sévère en ce qui concerne la contrefaçon : la possession de contrefaçons est illégale et passible de sanctions douanières et pénales. Selon le code des douanes, ces sanctions peuvent comprendre :

la confiscation des marchandises contrefaites et des ...


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