the luggage market


1.1 Definition and presentation

The luggage market includes all travel items and accessories. A number of criteria can be used to segment the market into several categories, among the most used:

- By size

- By price

- By type

Worldwide, the top five markets in terms of market value continue to show positive developments, and the sector remains strongly correlated to purchasing motivations, mainly for leisure or business trips.

In Italy, the luggage manufacturing industry continues to be dominated by the luxury segment, with exports growing strongly.

The increase in national travel and the growing tourism in Italy are variables that are expected to positively influence the future trends of the luggage market. The progressive transformation of travel, both for business and pleasure, due to demographic and social changes, is able to impact the preferences of consumers and consequently the final choice of purchase. The industry is therefore experiencing a period of strong innovation, dictated on the one hand by the growing incidence of low-cost airlines - and their respective "luggage policies" - and on the other hand by the search for more comfortable and versatile models by consumers.

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