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The backpack market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

A backpack is a bag that is carried on the back that holds the weight of its content on the shoulders through padded and adjustable straps, and sometimes also on the hips through a belt. The capacity of its volume is expressed in liters and ranges from half a dozen liters for racing bags to a hundred liters for trekking and mountain models.

Different types of backpacks are covered in our market analysis, including:

  • School backpacks;
  • Travel backpacks;
  • Sport backpacks;
  • Backpacks for everyday and urban use.

The global backpack market is growing, with a positive evolution forecast of more than 5% per year in the coming years, driven in particular by consumption in the Asia-Pacific region, whilst the American market is progressively weakening.

In Europe, the situation is more fragmented and versatile. In absence of a uniform image, European demand remains strongly linked to the purchasing habits of individual countries. In Italy, the long “24-ore” – a bag model similar to a briefcase - tradition is abandoning the scene to give space to increasingly innovative designs that meet the different needs of target consumers.

1.2 The global market is growing

The backpack market is part of the broader global bags and luggage market. The global bags and luggage market was estimated at $***.* billion in **** and was expected to grow to approximately $***.* billion by **** due to encouraging travel forecasts pre-Covid **. According to Samsonite, this growth was carried mainly by Asia Pacific and ...

1.3 The Italian market on the rise

According to Istat, the Ateco **** code n°**.** identifies the manufacture of luggage, bags and similar. More in detail, the code n°**.**.** includes the manufacture of the previously mentioned items in leather, cowhide, atrificial leather, and any other material, such as plastic, textile materials, vulcanic fibers, and paper. For simplicity purposes, we ...

1.4 International trade

Italy exports a greater value of backpacks than it imports. Indeed, its coverage rate – given by the ratio between exports and imports – is more than ***%. However, looking at the quantity of imports and exports, expressed in kilos, Italy imports more than it exports. This difference can be explained by looking at ...


2.1 Three client segments drive demand

The demand for backpacks is generated mainly by * segments:

Travelers; Students; Individuals practicing sports

Each one of these segments have different preferences and habits, which are reflected on the type and style of backpack they buy. Travelers are more inclined to buy a backpack with a bigger capacity and convevient compartments ...

2.2 Tourism on the rise pre-Covid-19

The demand for travel backpacks is higly linked to tourism and travel data, and it is highly variable depending on the period of the year. The graph below illustrates that the number of Italian outbound tourists is consistently higher during the summer months, always reaching a peak in August. On the ...

2.3 Students' demand for backpacks is robust

A major segment of the demand for backpacks are students. As a matter of fact, most students prefer to use a backpack instead of a bag to bring their books to school to avoid hurting their back and shoulders. 

In ****, there were a total of **.* million students in Italy. Of these ...

2.4 Italians are an active population

Italians are a relatively active population. According to Istat, in ****, more than ** million Italians practiced a sport and **,* million practiced some kind of physical activity. Combined, these individuals represent more than **% of the Italian population.

Among the most practiced sports, Italians prefer gymnastics, aerobics and fitness (***).

It is possible to observe ...

2.5 Consumer trends & habits

The recent trends in the backpack market can be assumed by looking at the bigger bags and luggage market. Several trends are shaping the Bags and Luggage market: 

Customization: Consumers are increasingly looking for experiences when they are buying and consuming products. They are looking for ways to customize their bags ...

2.6 Italians' purchasing habits

According to Zalando, **% of consumers ask for advice to family/friends, while **% get inspired online (***) and **% by television. Regarding purchasing channels, according to Deloitte, **% of customers prefer to buy in physical stores, and **% of them gets informed online before the purchase. Even if online shopping in Italy is below the European ...


3.1 A fragmented market

The Italian bags and luggage market is very fragmented, as there are many medium and small enterprises in the market. The number of companies in this market has remained fairly constant since ****, but with a sudden *.*% decrease after the **** crisis. However, the number of companies has slowly increased, surpassing pre-crisis levels ...

3.2 Production is mainly localised in Northern Italy

Italian production is organized mainly by industrial districts, which are agglomerates of companies, usually SMEs, located in a limited territory and dedicated to one or more phases of the production process. This tight geographical network of companies allows them beome highly specialized in a specific productive area and to cultivate and ...

3.3 Distribution Channels

Italians favourite distribution channels remain physical. As a matter of fact, when it comes to buying apparel and accessories, approximately **% of Italians have declared that they purchase in shopping chains and specialized shops. It is important to highlight, however, that **% of Italians have declared that they have bought these items online. ...

3.4 Price analysis & key players

Student backpacks

Travel backpacks

3.5 Covid-19

The Covid-** outbreak has caused important consequences on both the supply and the demand side. Italy was the first European country to register a high number of cases of Covid-** and consequently its overall economy hit a slowdown starting from February ****. 

In particular, the Covid-** pandemic impacted the bags and luggage ...


4.1 Offer overview

The supply side is composed of the different categories of backpacks, according to their main target:

Student backpack: meant for students to carry their books and belongings. They are equipped with padded adjustable handles and sometimes with belts that go aorund the waist to relieve fatigue on the back and avoid ...

4.2 The battle between traditional and wheel-equipped student backpacks

The price of student backpacks vary considerably depending on their characteristics, the education level of their target and the distribution level. Backpacks with wheels are consistently more expensive than traditional backpacks. This increase in price, which ranges from *.*% to **.*% depending to the backpack characteristics, can be explained by the fact that ...


5.1 Harmonized System of World Customs

The Harmonized System is a international classification of products . It allows participating countries to classify goods traded on a common basis for customs purposes. At the international level, the Harmonized System (***) for the classification of goods is a six-digit code system. [***] The HS contains approximately *,*** item/product descriptions that appear as ...

5.2 Existing Regulations

Imports and exports of bags and suitcases from China

For most backpacks, no specific standards are applicable when importing from China. However, the European REACH regulation (***), which came into force in ****, aims to identify, evaluate and control chemical substances manufactured, imported and placed on the European market. The various materials and ...


6.1 Segmentation

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The backpack market - France

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