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The sportswear market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Sportswear is a category of apparel that initially covers clothing dedicated to individual or group sports practice and designed with features that enhance athletes' performance and provide comfort and technicality.

Increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the growing popularity of major sporting events are driving the growth of the market. However, over the past two decades, the use of these garments has increased and is no longer exclusively dedicated to sports activities.

The global sportswear market is very dynamic, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 10.4% between 2019 and 2025. Although the U.S. dominates the sportswear market, notably due to the presence of key manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas, Asia-Pacific is expected to register the highest CAGR (11%) between 2019 and 2025, due to improved living standards, low manufacturing costs, and rising income levels in this region.

The Italian sportswear market revenue decreased by 16% in 2020. However, forecasts indicate a CAGR of 4% through 2025. Nike and Adidas dominate the market. These two brands are also ubiquitous in the world of Italian soccer, a key element for brand image. 

The Covid 19 pandemic has strongly affected the sportswear market in Italy. Italian consumers preferred to remain cautious and prioritize products considered essential. On the other hand, the sportswear segment withstood the crisis better than the fashion industry, with a smaller decline in sales than the overall sector's performance. In addition, the e-commerce channel has grown during the crisis, and confinements and the rise of smart working have led to a growing interest in sportswear.

1.2 Global Market Analysis

The global sportswear market was valued at USD ***.** billion in ****, and it is expected to reach an amount of USD ***.** billion in ****, growing at a CAGR of **.*%. The graph below shows the increasing trend that the global market for sportswear is forecasted to witness during the period from **** to ****. 

Sportswear Market ...

1.3 The Italian Market

The Italian market for sportswear was valued at **.* million Euros in ****. The graph below shows the incredible upsurging trend witnessed by the market: in the period from **** to ****, the production value of the Italian sportswear market increased by almost ***%.

Sportswear Market - Production Value Italy, ****-****, in Million Euro. Source: ****

Thereafter, ...

1.4 Import and Export Analysis

In order to analyse the volumes of importation and exportation for the market under analysis, it is necessary to refer to HS Code **** - Track Suits, Swimwear, and Other Garments. The graph below shows a comparison between importation and exportations, as well as the trend experienced by the coverage rate, calculated ...

1.5 Covid-19 Impact

The effects of Covid-** on the sportswear market in Italy played an impact even on the most important players of the sector. Due to the first lockdown, the estimated year-end losses of Italian sports industry companies (***). Naturally, companies working in the sector made large investments to find a solution to the ...


2.1 Demand Overview

Considering the demand of sportswear in Italy, it is worth analysing the quantity of goods produced and sold in the country. The following graph shows the trend that such a demand has witnessed in the last * years.

Sportswear Market - Production Value Italy, ****-****, in Million Units. Source: ****

From the graph ...

2.2 Demand Drivers

Dealing with the demand drivers related to the sportswear market, it is of first importance to consider how many people do sports in their free time. According to a research paper released by Istat in ****, there are an estimated ** million people aged three and older who play one or more sports, ...

2.3 New Trends in Demand

Consumers are the main driver of business growth and the demand for sustainable and ethically manufactured products is growing among the younger generations.

Regarding Generation Z and Millennials - to say, people born from ****s to **** - **% of them are sensitive to sustainable issues, including packaging, environmental issues and sustainable lifestyles. ...


3.1 Structure and Dynamics of the Market

In order to understand the structure as well as the most relevant dynamics of the Italian sportswear market, it is necessary to rely on the data related to ATECO **.**.* - Manufacture of Sportswear. In particular, analyzing the trend in the number of entities specialized in the sector operating in the Italian ...

3.2 Value Chain


The value chain reported above shows how the distribution of sportswear products in the Italian market. In particular, it allows identifying the importance of e-commerce and online channels, which were mainly developed at the explosion of the pandemic - as explained in section *.*.

3.3 Main Players

The following graph shows the proportion of the market owned by each of the main companies operating in the Italian sector of sportswear according to their market share.

Sportswear Market - Main Players Italy, ****, in %. Source: ****

From the pie chart above, we can see how the most important brands in the ...


4.1 Typology of the Offer

Dealing with the Italian sportswear market, it is possible to list the following categories of products that are supplied within it:

Pants; Tracksuits; Jackets; T-shirts; Fleece Lining; Sweatshirt; Windbreaks and Softshells; Coats; Raincoats; Polo shirts; Shirts; Vests; Jerseys.

4.2 Pricing

In order to assess the consumer price index for the sportswear market, it is necessary to consider the broader category associated with ECOICOP **** - Garments, which also encompasses all the products traded in the market of our interest. The graph below shows the evolution in the trend of the consumer price ...

4.3 New Trends in the Offer

According to a research paper released by PWC, as tools like digital sizing, consumer collaboration platforms and augmented reality are introduced and begin to converge, companies and brands should:

Offer a unique and distinct experience to those who are less digitally inclined; Forge new strategic partnerships across the industry; Formulate a ...


5.1 Regulatory Framework

Dealing with sportswear and the regulation applicable to the subject, it is necessary to introduce and understand the law regulating the labelling process for textile products. The labelling and presentation of textile products is regulated by EU Regulation no. ****/****. In particular, the term "textile products" refers to all products which, in ...


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Reviews (2)

The sportswear market - France

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The sportswear market - France

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