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The costume jewelry market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the costume jewelry market

The category of "costume jewelry" does not have a strict definition accepted by all. Nevertheless, in this study, we will define "costume jewelry" as original jewelry serving as fashion accessories that differ from jewelry made with metals (gold and silver), diamonds and precious stones.

The materials used to make costume jewelry are extremely varied (base metals, glass, plastic, synthetic stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, ivory, leather, terracotta...).

Similarly, the offer of jewelry is extremely heterogeneous, offering very different price levels. This partly explains why costume jewelry attracts a wide consumer base where all age groups are represented.

The costume jewelry market is growing rapidly worldwide and will be worth tens of billions of dollars by 2020. The French market has been growing for a decade, with the exception of the year 2020 which saw the health crisis negatively impact the market.

Bought for oneself or as a gift, the costume jewelry market is also benefiting from the rise of online sales, a distribution channel that will post the best growth figures in France in 2021.

1.2 The global jewelry market is booming

The global jewelry market is healthy and is expected to remain so in the coming years. As shown in the chart below, the global jewelry market is worth $*** billion in **** and is expected to grow **.*% by **** to $*** billion.

Jewelry market value forecast World, ****-****, in billion dollars Source: ****

The outlook for ...

1.3 A growing French market for costume jewelry

The total value of the jewelry market in France is *.*** billion euros in ****. This value has been declining slightly since ****. A particularly significant decline is observable in ****, which is partly explained by the context of the health crisis that has resulted in several lockdowns and the closure of spaces welcoming the ...

1.4 A very favorable French trade balance

The UN Comtrade database provides access to export and import figures for all categories of manufactured products and raw materials. For the chart below, the category selected is "Articles of jewelry and their parts, of precious metals or of plating of precious metals" of code ****. The French trade balance in the ...


2.1 French consumption of jewelry items

The graph below shows the budget devoted to the purchase of a jewel. In **% of the cases, the jewel bought has a price lower than *** €. This is reflected in the average price of sales, which is ***€. However, there are important disparities according to the gender of the buyers. Indeed, while the ...

2.2 The demand for costume jewelry

The graph below shows the evolution of the index of actual final household consumption of costume jewelry. We can observe that this index has been on the rise since ****, reflecting the increase in the consumption of costume jewelry by the French.

Evolution of the price index for actual household consumption of ...

2.3 Seasonality of demand

The graph below shows the frequency of weekly searches on Google for the term "costume jewelry". We can see peaks between the end of November and the end of December, corresponding to the period before Christmas and the holiday season, showing that costume jewelry is a gift option to put under ...


3.1 Value chain for costume jewelry

Below is a simplified value chain of the costume jewelry sector:

Creation / Design of jewels : this step generally takes place in France, in the offices of the brands. The actors are quite varied for this step : fashion houses, jewelry designers, craftsmen... Manufacturing / assembly of the jewelry : the plans of what was ...

3.2 French production of costume jewelry

The production of costume jewelry is listed under the NAF code **.**Z "Manufacture of imitation jewelry and similar articles".

The number of companies in the field of costume jewelry production, as well as the total number of employees in this field, has grown slightly but steadily. Between **** and ****, the number of ...

3.3 The distribution channels are experiencing contrasting developments

The distribution channels for costume jewelry are multiple and have had mixed results in recent years:

City-based jewelers, the "historic" channel for jewelry, continue to experience a decline in sales that began several years ago. Their poor results follow the negative trend of all downtown retailers, who are experiencing a decline ...

3.4 Online trade growing but still very limited

Online sales are growing and will represent *% of the market by ****. However, there are still many obstacles to online sales really dominating the market - no customer advice, inability to try on jewelry, lack of trust. This is why most players have had to open stores to complement their online ...


4.1 A very large variety of products

It is difficult to give an exhaustive presentation of costume jewelry because of the diversity of products offered.

However, we can segment the products according to the classic categories used to segment a classic jewelry offer:

Jewelry Type

Earrings; Rings, bracelets ; Charms; Necklaces ; Pendants ; Piercings ; Pins ; Other.

Consumer Gender

Male; ...

4.2 Characteristics of the price of costume jewelry

The prices of costume jewelry have two main characteristics, especially compared to classic jewelry:

Lower price levels than more classic jewelry

We know that costume jewelry accounted for more than half of jewelry sales in France in volume in ****, for only just over **% in value (***). Thus, if the average price of ...

4.3 The arrival of luxury brands on the costume jewelry market

As the market for costume jewelry is very buoyant and profitable, luxury brands have been interested in it for the last few years and have started to offer ranges of this type of jewelry.

An emblematic example of this trend is the range of costume jewelry sold by Dior. Although much ...

4.4 The rise of the environmental issue

The importance of consuming in an ecological and responsible way has been growing for a few years now and the jewelry market is obviously no exception. Thus, in the last few years, many brands have emerged, exclusively present online, which present themselves as more ethical than their older competitors.

Ana ...


5.1 A supervised use of materials for the creation of jewelry

According to the Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes, (***).

Jewelry manufacturers must respect the rules of composition of jewelry and distributors must properly inform consumers. Professionals may not use misleading names concerning the properties of the products sold.

The artisanal ...

5.2 Tax on watches, jewelry, goldsmiths' and silversmiths' products

The HBJOAT (***) tax

HBJOAT is the acronym for "Horlogerie, bijouterie, joaillerie, orfèverie et arts de la table".

All companies that manufacture or retail watches, jewelry, goldsmiths and tableware (***) must pay a tax on these products.

Manufacturers of costume jewelry are exempt from this tax if they sell their products directly ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Pandora Group
  • Moa
  • Rand Diffusion - Bala Boosté
  • Maty
  • Ambre et Valentine (Jollia)
  • Agatha
  • JLN (Taratata)
  • Gas Bijoux
  • Thom Group (Smizze, Marc Orian, Histoire d'or)
  • Bershka
  • Promod
  • Jolie Demoiselle
  • 24sevres
  • Cécile et Jeanne
  • Di defi International (Emma & Chloe)
  • Christian Dior Couture
  • Cluse

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