the organic textile market

Update 15/10/2019


1.1 Presentation and market definition

Organic or organic textile is a textile made from organically grown fibres These are woven and then ennobled by a process using a limited number of harmful or polluting substances. The the most commonly used traditional organic fibres are cotton, wool, flax and hemp from agriculture and organic livestock

The three main activities of the organic textile industry are yarn production, fabric production and fabric processing (dyeing...).

The organic textile market is constantly growing and seems to have a bright future ahead of it due to the awareness of consumers and professionals of the dangers of "conventional" textiles for health and their impacts on the environment. This market is young but very dynamic as evidenced by the increasing number of hectares of land under organic farming in the world.

The main uses of organic textiles are clothing, technical textiles and other textiles (household linen, tarpaulins and other textile surfaces...). The distribution of organic textiles differs little from the conventional textile model.


There are many market players:

  • Producers of organic raw materials from agriculture or livestock.
  • Producers of plant and animal fibres used to create textiles.
  • Craftsmen and industrialists processing textiles (weaving, assembling and finishing textiles.
  • Companies using textiles as semi-finished products.
  • Distributors and traders selling assembled textiles (ready-to-wear, haberdashery).
  • Product regulatory and certification bodies.


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