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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Recreational fishing is an activity that is practised outdoors, on the shore, on the sea, or inland on open waters, such as lakes or rivers. It is an activity quite distinct from commercial fishing, since it is practised only by individuals who are forbidden to resell their catch, and refers to the practice for sporting or recreational reasons.

The recreational fishing market therefore refers to the equipment and services that enable the practice of non-commercial fishing and therefore includes fishing equipment, fishing licences, guides, transport, accommodation and the boats that make fishing possible.

France is one of the main markets for recreational fishing in Europe, benefiting from an important maritime interface in the North, West and South of the country, coupled with numerous freshwater aquatic areas. The moderate growth of the market reflects the interest of the French in this activity, which combines sporting and technical requirements with the proximity of nature.

The last few years have been marked by the development of new structures (Station Pêche, Parcours Pêche...), which are supposed to facilitate access to new amateurs, whose expenses support various sectors (fishing equipment, catering, fishing clothes...).

One of the major challenges of the sector remains the pressure on fish resources caused by the overexploitation of certain species, which encourages the development of more eco-responsible leisure fishing.

1.2 An activity mainly practiced in the North of Europe

The global Recreational Fishing Equipment market size was valued at USD **.** billion in **** and is expected to reach USD **.** million by **** growing at a CAGR of *% from **** to ****. This is a segment of the recreational fishing market that includes other products and services (***) but reflects the positive market dynamics globally. However, ...

1.3 Sustained market growth

Recreational fishing is operated by about *** sites that either offer a catching activity for a fee on a fishing route or sell part of their production to recreational pond owners who wish to put fish in them. [***]

Recreational fishing continues to excite several hundred thousand people each year, thanks to aquatic ...


2.1 Profile of Recreational Anglers

In ****, all cards suffered a decrease of - *.**%, ranging from -*.**% for the discovery card - ** years to -*.**% for the women's card. The main factor explaining this decrease is the weather. However, the graph below illustrates a structural decrease in the number of fishing cards issued. One of the main ...

2.2 Different fishing methods

There are many ways of fishing: on foot, on the shore, on a boat or underwater, which are more or less popular depending on the region and the period. Fishing on foot, the easiest since it consists "only" of collecting shellfish and crustaceans, is also the most popular among recreational fishermen: ...

2.3 Fishermen's expenditures

Expenditure by recreational anglers varies greatly depending on whether they own a boat. The average expenditure on equipment is €**.*, but also varies according to the type of angler:

€***.* on average for non-exclusive anglers €**.* on average for exclusive anglers

Most of the expenditure is on gear, lures and baits, and marine ...

2.4 The development of eco-responsible fishing

With the French increasingly concerned about environmental issues (***), the development of an eco-responsible fishery has been a priority of the State for a decade now. [***]

The development of eco-responsible recreational fishing has been achieved through the creation of a charter for eco-responsible recreational fishing, indicating minimum sizes that can be fished. ...


3.1 Market players and the importance of associative structures

The fishing market is structured by the presence of private and public actors, the latter trying to regulate fishing activities as much as possible in order to limit the negative consequences on the environment.

In France, in ****, there were ** fishing stations. They offer fishing workshops organized to discover fishing or to ...

3.2 The main recreational fishing areas

The map below illustrates the distribution of recreational fishermen on the French territory and shows their concentration on the west coast and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Number of fishermen by department

France, ****

Source: ****

The vast majority of sea anglers restrict themselves in the number of sea fronts on which they fish, ...


4.1 A range of products and services are available to recreational anglers

Many products and services are sold in fishing shops, sport shops or on the internet, which are necessary for fishing (***).

Recent years have seen a significant development of additional services for fishermen (***), such as Pescalis, the leading fishing base in Europe, which offers "fishing holidays" to tourists.

These services are in ...

4.2 Prices vary greatly depending on the product

The equipment can be relatively expensive depending on the brand and the complexity of the product. A sport fishing rod is often more expensive than a normal fishing rod, for example. On the whole, consumables are regularly sold in packages at prices below €**. [***]

Source: ****

The main costs of recreational fishermen are ...

4.3 Development of fisheries tourism

Tourism in the fisheries sector represents a new growth area for the sector, which is seeking to attract French and foreign tourists via the theme of fishing. For example, Atout France claims that it is important for the development of water sports, pleasure boating and recreational fishing that the municipalities set ...


5.1 Recreational fishing at sea

Recreational sea fishing is subject to certain rules concerning the number of catches, the gear that can be used, etc. A distinction must be made between sport fishing (***) and recreational sea fishing. [***]

The products of the fishery are intended only for the consumption of the fisherman and his family and therefore ...

5.2 Recreational freshwater fishing

Freshwater fishing concerns open waters, i.e. rivers, streams, canals, lakes and ponds. In order to fish in fresh water, the fisherman must hold a fishing licence valid for the area where he is fishing. It is not compulsory only on *st Sunday in June (***). [***]

Several cards are offered depending on ...


6.1 Segmentation of actors

  • Rapala VMC
  • Fonderie Lemer
  • Daiwa France
  • Daiwa France
  • FPPMA du Finistère
  • Pescalis

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