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The plastic packaging market - France

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1.1 Overview of the plastic packaging market

Plastic packaging is ubiquitous in the retail sector, and is used to display, preserve and transport consumer products such as cosmetics, food products (fruit and vegetables, meat, etc.) and cleaning products.

As with cardboard packaging, which is expanding mainly thanks to e-commerce, plastic packaging has also become indispensable, thanks to its versatility, which enables us to produce packaging of varying rigidity, transparency and complexity.

In 2021, French plastic packaging manufacturers finally returned to growth in the second quarter.

The cosmetics packaging segment posted the strongest growth. The fact that the majority of manufacturers are reporting a jump or stabilization in their activity is unexpected (but we'll explain why later in the study), given that the pandemic caused a sharp decline in the cosmetics market, and in make-up in particular. The trend now seems to be reversing, as the prospect of further confinements recedes.

Two-thirds of plastic medical and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers reported stable business in the second quarter of 2021 compared with the previous quarter. 29% of players saw their business increase, and only 4% reported a decrease. After exploding during the health crisis, demand for medical and pharmaceutical packaging finally appears to be stabilizing.

Manufacturers of plastic food packaging, for their part, reported more stable business than in other segments. in fact, 62% of them feel that their business has remained stable compared with the first quarter of 2021, compared with 31% who report an increase. Only 7% are experiencing a slowdown in business.

However, the sector is relatively fragile in France, given the presence of German, Italian and Spanish plastic packaging manufacturers. Over the past 10 years, this has led to a significant concentration of players in the sector, with a dozen or so major groups now controlling most of the market.

However, new growth drivers exist for smaller players, as French consumer habits are tending to evolve towards greater consideration of eco-design for packaging. With European environmental regulations, this is a major challenge for a sector that absolutely must develop more environmentally-friendly plastic packaging.

This market study includes an interview with a market expert: Sébastien Wolff, Managing Director of Reborn

1.2 The global plastic packaging market: estimates point to strong growth in the sector

The size of the global plastic packaging market

The global plastic packaging market size was valued at $***.* billion in **** and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (***) of *. *% from **** to ****.[***]

Evolution of the global plastic packaging market size World, ****-****, in billions of US dollars Source: ****

By ****, the ...

1.3 A recovering French market

The French plastic packaging market is particularly dependent on the outlook for the following customer segments:

Cosmetics Food industry Cleaning products

Food industry products are particularly important, accounting for **.*% of packaging sales. [***]

Market growth is much lower in France than in Europe, averaging just *.*% per year over the period **** - ****.[***]

plastic ...

1.4 Foreign trade

International trade in plastic packaging France, ****, millions of euros Source: ****

Thanks to the graph above, we can notice several things. Firstly, in ****, exports were up In fact, between **** and ****, French imports of plastic packaging rose by **.**%, from *.** billion euros in **** to *.** billion euros in ****.

Exports rose by **.**%. From *.** billion euros in ...

1.5 The impact of the Covid-19 crisis

However, the Covid-** crisis has benefited some plastic packaging companies, which have seen their business increase since March ****. This is particularly the case for manufacturers of packaging for food distributors, with over **% of companies experiencing an increase in activity of over **%. [***]

While a certain cyclicality seems inherent to the market (***).

The ...


2.1 French consumer preferences

European demand for plastic packaging

Packaging is the leading sector for plastic demand in Europe, accounting for **.*% of total plastic demand.

Plastic demand, by sector Europe, ****, as % of total demand Source: ****

Note that the share of plastic demand associated with the packaging sector has fallen slightly compared to **** (***). The construction sector ...

2.2 Consumers increasingly sensitive to eco-friendly packaging

Every year, French retailers invest *.* million euros in making plastic packaging more environmentally friendly. These investments reflect the importance that these distributors must attach to these issues today, as consumer concerns evolve, directly or indirectly influencing their purchasing habits. [***]

However, retailers are finding it difficult to change their practices, as **% of ...

2.3 Deposits: the future of plastic packaging?

In view of the environmental problems posed by today's use of disposable packaging, deposits are often seen as a solution. It's a solution that appeals to many consumers:

"Would you be in favor of introducing a deposit system in France?" France, ****, in Source: ****

The vast majority of respondents (***) would be ...


3.1 Market organization and dynamics

The plastic packaging manufacturing sector is made up of a multitude of players, each with a clearly defined role. Manufacturers are generally responsible for the design and manufacture of packaging, in line with the specifications set by their customers. [***]

The packaging thus produced is then shipped to customers, who use it ...

3.2 A wide range of production methods

Average annual production of plastic packaging rose slightly over the period **** - ****, by an average of *.*% each year. However, it fell between **** and ****, demonstrating the uncertainties weighing on the sector even before the crisis of ****.

In ****, production began to rise again, and this has continued into **** , although the pre-pandemic level has ...

3.3 Interview with Sebastien Wolff, Excelrise CEO

Cantiane: Hello and welcome to Vue d'ensemble, the podcast that gives you a **-minute insight into the challenges facing a market. My name is Cantiane and I'm an analyst at Businesscoot, a start-up specializing in market research. Today, we're going to talk about the plastic packaging market, and to do so, ...


4.1 A wide range of plastic packaging products

Plastic packaging can take a variety of forms, the main ones being[***] :

flexible films ; formed sheets ; hollow bodies (***) ; foams; compact molded shapes.

The following table lists the prices of six plastic food paper products[***]:

4.2 Price trends

The graph below clearly illustrates the inflation experienced in France, and more broadly in Europe, since the start of the war in Ukraine, and the consequence of very low interest rates during the crisis.Since July ****, the index has been rising steadily, reaching a record high in March ****. However, according to ...


5.1 Regulatory environment for plastic packaging

Given that plastic packaging is used for the presentation and preservation of many consumer products, it is subject to relatively strict regulations to avoid any risk to the consumer.

According to EC regulation n°****/****, plastic packaging must not present a health risk or alter the composition of foodstuffs (***). [***]

All products that ...

5.2 Unfavorable regulatory trends for plastics

Between **** and ****, a number of laws were passed at national and European level, which constrain manufacturers of plastic packaging in several ways:

The EGALIM law, passed in **** and coming into force in ****, prohibits the provision of cutlery, glass lids, ice cream pots and other disposable products, except those that are compostable ...

5.3 The AGEC law (Anti-waste for a circular economy)

Promulgated in early ****, the so-called AGEC law aims to transform consumption patterns to combat waste, reduce waste production and impact on biodiversity. In concrete terms, it comprises over *** articles, structured around * themes:

getting rid of disposable plastic ; better informing consumers ; combating waste and promoting solidarity-based re-use; acting against programmed obsolescence; better ...


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Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)

The plastic packaging market - France

Publicado en 06/01/2022 by Quentin Baldet - DCI Normandie

Good value for money, sufficient to have a general idea of a market, with the main indicators and trend lines.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Quentin, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that the study was up to your expectations. We hope you will give us a 5/5 next time ;)

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